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The Kayra Mah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials found in Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: A Brother's Roast

Main article: A Brother's Roast

Talk to Bladon who resides in a small hut in the north-west part of Goron City to start the quest.

Head to the Gorko Tunnel southeast of Goron City and talk to Gonguron, Bladon's brother, who is too fatigued to continue digging. Bladon will also run over and see his brother's condition. Bladon will then request you to get the next objective, one rock roast. Bring it from the bottom of Gortram Cliff to refill Gonguron's energy. He will continue digging to shortly break the rock wall and reveal the shrine.

Greedy Hill

There's not much of a puzzle here; just run up the ramp and dodge stuff (use Stasis on the big boulders to give you time to avoid them, if needed). There will be many rupees falling down the slope as well to bribe the player into risking getting hit by boulders. While it might be a useful way to get rupees, its also very dangerous. Near the beginning of the ramp, on the right, is an alcove with a chest (Ruby). Once you make it to the top, turn around and on a ledge to the right (left as you're climbing the ramp) is the second chest (Bomb Arrow x5). Now head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.