Ja Baij Shrine

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Ja Baij Shrine

Ja Baij Shrine, also known as the Bomb Trial, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.

Early on in Link's quest, he will raise the Great Plateau Tower and shortly after that, the Old Man will seek Link out. The Old Man tells Link that in order to leave the Great Plateau, Link must first acquire the Paraglider. Link will need to collect a Spirit Orb from each of the four Shrines in the Great Plateau, and can complete the first four shrines in any desired order.

The Ja Baij Shrine is located at the Eastern Abbey directly east from the Temple of Time.


Bomb Trial

At the nearby pedestal, acquire the Remote Bomb Rune. This is actually two runes, a spherical bomb and a cubical one.

Blow up the blocks in front of you.

Turn right and blow up those blocks for a treasure chest for a Traveler's Claymore.

Turn back around and head the other way and blow up those blocks to continue.

Blow up the blocks on the other side of the moving platform (multiple methods are available) and continue. The apparent intended method is to use a cubic comb so it won't roll off the moving platform.

In the next area, use the launcher on the far left to launch yourself to the treasure chest for an Amber.

Return, and then use a spherical bomb in the launcher on the far right to detonate blocks across the way.

Climb the ladder and head to the altar to finish this Shrine and obtain a Spirit Orb.