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Old Man

The Old Man is a character from Breath of the Wild. When Link first exists the Shrine of Resurrection after he awakens from his 100-year slumber, the Old Man is the first character that he encounters. Throughout Link's journey on the Great Plateau, the Old Man serves as a guide, teaching Link the basic mechanics of combat, cooking, and surviving his surroundings.

The Old Man has lived alone on the Great Plateau for quite a long time and comments that it is rather unusual to see any people nearby.[1][2] He explains that the Great Plateau is the birthplace of Hyrule and the nearby Temple of Time was once a place of sacred ceremonies, before the decline of the kingdom, 100 years ago. [3][4]

The Old Man appears on several occasions, as Link progresses through the Great Plateau. After he uncovers the Great Plateau Tower, he flies down on a Paraglider to talk about the towers and Calamity Ganon.[5][6]

The Old Man will task Link with finding the treasure from inside the Shrine that has appeared. In exchange, he will give Link the Paraglider, allowing Link to safely leave the Great Plateau.[7][8] This triggers the main quest, titled The Isolated Plateau.

After Link has completed the four shrines on the Great Plateau, the Old Man will appear once again, this time he tasks Link with one more mission and that is to meet him at the Temple of Time.[9] After Link arrives at the Temple of Time, he can receive a blessing from the Goddess Statue, at which point the Old Man will appear on top of the Temple, informing Link to meet him on top of the Temple.[10]

When Link arrives at the top of the Temple, the Old Man reveals himself to be King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule. [11] He only remained on the Great Plateau in Spirit Form, assuming a temporary form to not confuse Link.[12]

Old Man Locations

Prior to acquiring the Paraglider, the Old Man can be found in a number of locations at all times, performing rudimentary tasks, designed to give the player a basic understanding of the game mechanics.

  • Outside the Shrine of Resurrection. The Old Man can be found by the campfire located between the Shrine of Resurrection and the Temple of Time. Here he sits by a campfire, giving Link advice on how to utilize campfires. [13]
  • In Forest of Spirits, located west of the Great Plateau Tower and southwest of the Oman Au Shrine. During the daytime, he can be seen trying to hunt down some prey and will teach Link how to crouch down and sneak up on animals.[14][15][16] At nighttime or when he's tired, the Old Man will teach Link how to light a Cooking Pot, and also how to mix certain ingredients.[17][18]
  • At the peak of Mount Hylia, southwest of the River of the Dead. This area is cold and if Link has yet to acquire the Warm Doublet, he should cook some Spicy Peppers to make some Spicy Sautéed Peppers, which will give Link some low-level cold resistance. If Link speaks with the Old Man here before getting the Warm Doublet, the Old Man will award him with the Armor. The Old Man talks about the cold of the mountains, especially as night sets in.[19] The Old Man also encourages Link to use his scope to plot out any Shrines, due to this vantage being great for overseeing the entire Great Plateau.[20]
  • At the Woodcutter's House, south of the Temple of Time. During the daytime, the Old Man can be seen chopping down some wood. He teaches Link that an Axe is the most effective weapon when cutting down a tree and that it makes for good Firewood. The Old Man also teaches Link that he must face the direction in which he wants the tree to fall in.[21] At nighttime, the man can be seen sitting near the Woodcutter's House, next to the campfire. Here you can chat with him about cooking, where he'll provide some tips about mixing certain ingredients. He advises Link never to mix bugs and lizards with heartier ingredients or grains and vegetables.[22] He does hint that certain ingredients have special properties when mixed with a normal fish, which can result in temporarily boosting stamina, or warming Link up.[23]

At the Woodcutter's House, Link will find the Old Man's Diary, which hints about a special recipe for Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry. The Old Man remembers that it contains Raw Meat and Spicy Pepper, but has forgotten the final ingredient. His diary states that if somebody knew the missing ingredient, he would award them with the Warm Doublet.[24] This missing ingredient is the seafood part of the recipe, which is Hyrule Bass, which can be found in the water near the Temple of Time. After cooking the meal, Link can show it to the Old Man, who will reward Link by giving him the Warm Doublet.[25]



  1. Oho, ho! Well met, stranger! It's rather unusual to see another soul in these parts. - Old Man
  2. Me? I'll spare you my life story. I'm just an old fool who has lived here, alone for quite some time now. - Old Man
  3. Answering a question with a question. That is fair enough. As I cannot imagine our meeting to be a simple coincidence... I shall tell you. This is the Great Plateau. According to legend, this is the birthplace of the entire king of Hyrule. - Old Man
  4. That temple there... Long ago, it was the site of many sacred ceremonies. Ever since the decline of the kingdom 100 years ago, it has sat abandoned, in a state of decay. Yet another forgotten entity. A mere ghost of its former self... - Old Man
  5. My, my... It would seem we have quite the enigma here. This tower and others just like it have erupted across the land, one after another. It is almost as though...a long-dormant power has awoken quite suddenly. - Old Man
  6. I assume you caught sight of that atrocity enshrouding the castle. That...is Calamity Ganon. One hundred years ago, that vile entity brought the kingdom of Hyrule to ruin. It appeared suddenly and destroyed everything in its path. So many innocent lives were lost in its wake. For a century, the very symbol of our kingdom, Hyrule Castle, has managed to contain that evil. But just barely. There it festers, building its strength for the moment it will unleash its blight upon the land once again. It would appear that moment is fast approaching... - Old Man
  7. Here, on this isolated plateau, we are surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, with no way down. If you were to try to jump off, well... no death could be more certain. Or more foolish. Of course, if you had a paraglider like mine, that would be quite another story. - Old Man
  8. Do you see that structure there? The one shining with a strange light? It began glowing at the exact moment those towers rose up from the ground. I would think such a place might house some sort of treasure, wouldn't you? Treasure for the paraglider. A fair exchange, I believe. - Old Man
  9. With this, you have now acquired all of the Spirit Orbs from the shrines on this plateau. Oho ho! Extraordinary! That means...it is finally time. Link, it is finally time for me to tell you everything. But first... Imagine an X on your map, with the four shrines as the end points. Find the spot where those lines intersect. I shall wait for you there. - Old Man
  10. The blessing of the Goddess has made you that much more resilient, I see... Here I am... Get up here-quickly! - Old Man
  11. Well done there, young one! Now, then... The Time has come to show you who I truly am. I was King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule. I was... the last leader of Hyrule. A kingdom which no longer exists. - Old Man
  12. The Great Calamity was merciless... It devastated everything in its path, lo, a century ago. It was then that my life was taken away from me. And since that time, here I have remained in spirit form. I did not think it was wise to overwhelm you while your memory was still fragile. So rather than that, I thought it best to assume a temporary form. Forgive me. - King Rhoam
  13. Oh... I was just feeling a chill. A warm fire can do wonders for a weary soul. A campfire is a wonderful place to pass the time. Staring into these flames, it's easy to lose track of the hours... Bah! Please ignore my ramblings. Feel free to relax here for as long as you'd like. - Old Man
  14. Can you not see that I'm hunting here? You'll scare off my prey like that. At least crouch down a bit. - Old Man
  15. Quiet, please. I'm still hunting. - Old Man
  16. First, crouch down and approach your prey quietly to ensure you will not be noticed. When you're close enough that detection is nearly imminent...dray your bow and let your arrow fly! Aim thoughtfully, and you should be able to take down your prey with a single arrow. - Old Man
  17. Say, courageous one... Are you hungry? If so, please feel free to use my cooking pot to whip up a snack. If you need to start a fire, just light your torch on that campfire over there. - Old Man
  18. Simply open your inventory, grab hold of your ingredients, and toss them in! Try to consider how the ingredients will complement one another. If you play your cards right, you may even end up with a dish that can help protect you from extreme cold. It's all about being creative and trying different things. Oho ho! - Old Man
  19. The fierce cold atop these mountains take quite a toll as the night sets in. - Old Man
  20. This may be the best place to get a full view of the entire plateau. Use your scope to look for shines. When you locate one, place a pin on your map as a marker. - Old Man
  21. I thought this tree here might make for some good firewood. However...getting a tree to fall exactly where you want it to is quite an art. The trick is to turn your hips so that they face where you want the tree to land. It's best to use an axe when felling trees. A sword works in a pinch, but you'll end up ruining the blade. - Old Man
  22. The idea is to mix heartier ingredients, like fish and meat, with things like grains and vegetables. Spices and herbs help too, naturally. However... Do not accidentally add in things like bugs and lizards. Let's just say...they are not compatible. In fact, they are quite foul. - Old Man
  23. Certain ingredients have special effects, such as temporarily warming you up or increasing your stamina. If you use them when cooking, even a normal dish will be elevated to one with a special effect. Do note that combining bugs or lizards with monster parts may yield some unexpected results. In fact, that's how you make elixirs! - Old Man
  24. On this desolate plateau, the only pleasure that brings me comfort is cooking. And today, I outdid myself! Truly, I created the perfect dish. I call it... spicy meat and seafood fry. This recipe not only restores health, but it also keeps me warm, even when traveling in the snowy mountains. With this dish on my side, I no longer have need of that itchy warm doublet. I do not know how I allowed this to happen, but it seems I forgot to write down a very important recipe. I know it contained raw meat and spicy pepper. However... I simply cannot remember what else I used! My age is catching up to me. Sadly, on this lonely plateau, I have only my own knowledge and memory to rely on. Still... If I did find someone who knew the missing ingredient, I would happily reward them with my warm doublet. However, it seems unlikely that such a miraculous wish will even be fulfilled. - The Old Man's Diary
  25. Wait... Is that... That looks just like my signature perfect dish, spicy meat and seafood fry! But how did you-?! Well, I suppose that is not important. Can I trouble you to share the recipe? Ah, of course! Hyrule bass! How could I have forgotten? Well done! Now, please allow me to reward your culinary efforts with this warm doublet. With that, you will be able to resist the bite of colder environments. As for me, I know a great spicy meat and seafood fry recipe, so I can do without that warm doublet. - Old Man