Forest of Spirits

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The Forest of Spirits is a location on the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Forest of Spirits is a dense woods with many Apple trees and various plants. There is a variety of wildlife found throughout the forest, including the Woodland Boar, which can be a great source of food early in the game. Towards the center of the forest just east of Hopper Pond, a clearing can be found where Link will encounter a Stone Talus. The forest encompasses the Hopper Pond, located at the west.

Points of Interest

  • During the early portion of the game, the Old Man can be found hunting within the forest during the daytime. He will teach Link how to crouch down, so that he is not easily spotted. At nighttime the Old Man makes his way over to a nearby Cooking Pot and will teach Link how to Cook.
  • There is a Bokoblin Camp at the north end of the Forest. If Link clears all of the Red Bokoblin, a treasure chest will appear containing an Opal Gem.
  • At the west end of the forest, there is a clearing where Link will encounter a Stone Talus. Defeating him will result in Link acquiring some Amber, Opal, and perhaps some Flint. At the west end of the clearing, Link will find a Rusty Broadsword on the floor.
  • Southwest of the Forest, there is a set of boulders against a wall that conceal a treasure chest. Inside, Link will find an Amber Gem.
  • Southwest of the Forest is the Shrine of Resurrection, where Link begins his quest, located in a cave much higher up on the higher ledge. After completing the four Divine Beasts, Link can return here to begin The Champions' Ballad downloadable content.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock at the top of the rock structure.

Climb to the top of this land structure and pick up the solitary rock.

Clear the leaves, then pick up the rock.

Under this tree clear the leaves and pick up the rock. The leaves can be cleared by use of flames (i.e. Fire Arrows), Bombs, or metal one-handed weapons, such as the Traveler's Sword.

Follow the flower trail through the giant hollow log.

Go to the giant decayed tree trunk that is laying on its side and follow the flowers.

Use Magnesis to lift the ball on the chain into the hole of the tree trunk.

Just north of the forest is a tree trunk that has a chain going into the water and a hole in it. Lift the ball out of the water and place it in the hole.

Lift the rock found underneath two larger rocks.

Just north of the forest are two big rocks leaning against each other. Right under them is a smaller rock that you must pick up.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Forest of Spirits is a dense forest, found at the north end of the Great Plateau.

At the north end of the forest, there is a treasure partially buried underground. Use Ultrahand to pull it up to get a Royal Broadsword. In the swamp at the northeast end of the forest, there is a treasure chest on a tree stump. Link can use the Paraglider to reach the chest, which contains three Bomb Flowers.

In the center of the forest, there is a Traveler, standing near a Cooking Pot, talking about Grilled Bananas. Once Link speaks with him, he will reveal himself to be a Yiga Footsoldier.

At the west end of the Forest of Spirits, near the Hopper Pond, Link will encounter a Battle Talus, with four Blue Bokoblin on top. Once defeated, Link can open up the treasure chest to get a Ruby.

Korok Seeds

  • At the south end of the forest, there is a small cave with a pair of Hylian Shrooms. Use Ascend on the ceiling to travel through the tree stump and get the Korok Seed.
  • At the center of the forest, climb up the small hill to broken tree log, along with a cork hanging out of a tree stump. Attach the tree log onto the cork and drop it off the ledge. The weight will pop the cork out of the tree stump.
  • There is a massive overturned log in the center of the forest. Just to the north of it, there is a higher elevation with a pinwheel on top. Stand by the pinwheel and shoot the three balloons to get the Korok Seed.



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