Aquame Lake

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Aquame Lake is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Aquame Lake is a body of water surrounding the Coliseum Ruins, just north of the Great Plateau. Water from the Regencia River flows southward, with one of its distributaries ending up at the Aquame Lake. The Aquame Bridge extends over the Aquame Lake, right along the main path leading to the Coliseum Ruins.

Within the Lake, Link will find some Hearty Bass, Hyrule Bass, and some Staminoka Bass. There are also some enemy Water Octoroks that are found throughout the lake.

Just west of the Aquame Bridge, there is a treasure chest underwater. Use Magnesis to pull it up to find an Opal gem.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand on the stump, and shoot the flying acorns.

Stand on the stump with the pinwheel and turn around to shoot the acorns flying above the trees.

Race from the tree surrounded by Malice goo and climb up to the rock point.

There is a lone tree surrounded by corruption. Climb up the tree to find the seed platform. Fly across the corruption to the rock across the way and touch the countdown circle before it ends.

Complete the rock triangle.

Grab the rock nearby to complete the geometric triangle formation.

Tears of the Kingdom

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