Upland Lindor

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Upland Lindor

The Upland Lindor is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Upland Lindor is a higher elevation region, located just north of Mount Rhoam and the Thundra Plateau. The Upland includes the Footrace Check-In. The area gradually slops upward, heading east to Lindor's Brow. There are constantly large swarms of Keese that will attack Link.

The area will be extremely difficult to reach from the Thundra Plateau to the south if one hasn't cleared the Trial of Thunder, as it would involve trying to climb up the mountain under constant rain. Clearing the trial will stop the rain and provide access to the Toh Yahsa Shrine.

The base game's closest shrine to the area is Maag No'rah Shrine, but going to Upland Lindor from there involves climbing to Lindor's Brow, which may be impractical due to the fact that the area close to the shrine is very susceptible to rain. Otherwise, the closest shrine is the DLC-exclusive Shira Gomar Shrine, located just northwest.

There is a variety of wildlife along the upland, including a bunch of Horses at the lower elevation. As Link leads higher up, there are several Mountain Bucks and Mountain Doe that will appear. There are also a bunch of Cold Darners in the area.

At the far east side of the Upland Lindor, east of Lindor's Brow, there is a treasure chest stuck in the ground. Link can pull it out with Magnesis and open it to get a Silver Rupee.

High-Tier Horses

Main article: High-Tier Horses

[[File:Upland lindor horse route.PNG|thumb|350px|Horse route between Upland Lindor and the Tabantha Stable Upland Lindor, alongside the Taobab Grassland, is one of the locations where some of the best horses in the game can be found. These horses commonly have solid dark colors, not lighter than light brown. Upland Lindor, unlike the Taobab Grassland, has less horses and may spawn mid-tier horses more often. However, it poses considerably less risk of the horse being killed than the Grassland, as there's little to no enemies en route.

Horses with 5★ Stamina, Strength or Speed can be found there, but some special considerations must be taken:

  • These horses can be registered at the Tabantha Stable.
  • 5★ Stamina and 5★ Strength horses have the same amount of spurs (5).
  • 5★ Speed horses have very low strength (2★), so they can be killed easily. Also, they only have 3 spurs, so they share that with mid-tier horses.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Complete the circle of rocks. the rock is hidden behind some bushes southwest of the circle.

Complete the rock circle.

At ground level, blow up the cracked boulders then lift the small rock hidden behind them.

Blow up the boulders, pick up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

Upland Lindor is an elevated location, with its peak behind at Lindor's Brow to the east. It has a steady downward slope as it heads westward. Just southwest of the Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, there is an enemy camp with some Bokoblin. Once defeated, Link can open the chest to get a Lizal Blade.

At the north end of the area in the flatter region, an enemy Lynel can be found. A large Hinox can be found at the far northwest edge of the region.

Closer to the Runakit Shrine, Link will encounter Calisa, a Gerudo fighter who is being attacked by a Bokoblin. If Link helps defeat the Bokoblin, she will reward Link with a Hasty Simmered Fruit.

Runakit Shrine

Main article: Runakit Shrine

The Runakit Shrine can be found on in the region. Titled Built to Carry, the shrine requires Link to use various ramps and building supplies to get an Orb over to a hole near the altar. A single chest can be found in the shrine which contains a Construct Bow.

Korok Seeds

  • Just north of the Runakit Shrine, there is a large rock structure that Lik can climb up. At the top, step on the tree stump and quickly make your way to the yellow circle to the northwest to get the Korok Seed.
  • Just east of the Runakit Shrine, on a lower ledge, there is a block puzzle. Turn the blocks and place them into the larger block structure so the object is completely symmetric.



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