Royal Ancient Lab Ruins

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The Royal Ancient Lab Ruins is a location found in Breath of the Wild, in the Ridgeland Tower region.

Breath of the Wild

As its name suggests, it is the remains of the Royal Ancient Lab where Purah and Robbie worked before the Great Calamity. The ruins are a fairly wide open, desolate area. Warm Darners can be found flying around, and the short grass that grows in the area hides some Restless Crickets and Hightail Lizards.

There is not much in terms of vegetation or animal life, with just a lone Armoranth growing to the north, and the occasional Grassland Fox or Blue-Winged Heron that appear. Some Blue ChuChu also make an appearance near the center of the ruins.

A yellow flower can be found at the north end of the ruins. If Link collects it, more flowers begin to appear, heading southward, than eastward. If Link collects them all, he will acquire a Korok Seed.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Follow the flower trail that starts in the north section of the ruins.

Follow the flower trail that starts in the north side of this area.