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Mayachin Shrine



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Mayachin Shrine, also known as A Fixed Device, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The shrine is located within the Exchange Ruins, just north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

A Fixed Device

  • Run forward and ride the moving platform around to get to the main part of the shrine.
  • Up ahead there is a yellow crystal pillar. When struck it controls the device on the ground. The trick here is realizing that this is the same device as the one rotating at the start of the shrine.
  • On the ground below, there are some sticks, as well as some stakes that are on the ground. Grab a Stick and use Ultrahand to attach it to one of the stakes that is in the ground, creating an even longer stick. This is made even easier if Link attaches both sticks to the stake.
  • Now grab this long item with Ultrahand and stick it into the device that is in the center of the room. The stake portion needs to be pushed into the brown part of the device. Now, when Link strikes the yellow pillar, it acts as a Baseball Bat.
  • Climb back up and step on the floor switch, which creates a large target on the wall. Make sure everything else is out of the way and wait for the ball to drop down. When it is in position, slash at the orange crystal to hit the ball. Time it so the ball is launched at the large orange target. Note, depending on how you attached the stick with the stake, it may break off. Just try it again until it is completely secure.
  • After hitting the first target, a second target appears on the right side. There is a hanging platform that has a stake in the ground behind it. Use Ultrahand to grab that stake and move it out of the way, so that the platform is allowed to move.
  • Time the strike and the ball will hit through the platform and the edge of it will hit the target, opening the nearby door. Open the chest for an Energizing Elixir and then head to the other side to the Altar to get the Light of Blessing.

Alternative Strategy

  • Instead of dealing with the ball and the sticks, Link can simply pull out an Arrow and attach a Bomb Flower to it. Hit the switches with a Bomb Arrow to set off the targets.
  • Link can also use a cannon shield to achieve the same goal.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Mayachin Shrine