Breach of Demise

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Breach of Demise

The Breach of Demise is a location in Breath of the Wild and a stage in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. It is a valley located just southeast of the Ridgeland Tower and directly west of the Carok Bridge.

Breath of the Wild

The Breach of Demise There are a trio of large skulls within the breach where there are enemy bases. This includes some Blue Bokoblin and the more dangerous Black Bokoblin. There are some Keese in the skull to the west, where there is also a treasure chest in the ground that contains a Silver Rupee.

Along the pathway, Link will encounter the Zalta Wa Shrine, located just east of the fork in the road.

Nearby Shrines


Nearby Korok Seeds

Stand on the seed platform found on the large cliff southwest of here (jutting out from the eastern cliff face), and then race to the ring before the time runs out.

The seed platform is to the southwest, on the same side of the canyon. Race to the ring.

Age of Calamity


Chapter 1
Chapter EX