Carok Bridge Well

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Carok Bridge Well is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of 58 Wells that can be found on the Surface.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Well can be found just east of the Carok Bridge. There are some Spicy Peppers just outside of the well. Link will find some Brightcaps, Brightbloom Seeds, and several Fortified Pumpkins inside. On the wooden box a Note on the Table can be found from Aurie Taamu[1].

Bugs and Materials



  1. "Chef Aurie Taamu, Master of Cuisine", This well proved more comfortable than I expected. Not too hot, not too cold...Cozy, really. For a well. I had no need for heat-resistant chilly ingredients or cold-resistant warm ones. I cooked for pleasure instead of survival. For a time, I considered tilling the soil in here, living off the land until the end of my days. But times have changed. The Upheaval formed a myriad of new caves. Consider my curiosity piqued. Unexplored lands are a veritable buffed of cooking materials, and I, Aurie Taamu, intend to dig in! If you seek fortune, keep moving.