Mount Rhoam

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Mount Rhoam is a location in Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom, located just north of the Tabantha Bridge Stable and just west of the Thundra Plateau.

Breath of the Wild

At the southwest part of Mount Rhoam, there is a Bokoblin camp with a number of Blue Bokoblin and Black Bokoblin. After defeating all the enemies in the camp, Link can open the treasure chest to get a Knight's Claymore. Another treasure chest can be found just west of the mountain at a much lower elevation. Use a bomb to blowup the cracked boulders and open the treasure chest to get a Purple Rupee.

At the peak of the mountain, Link can lift a rock to find a Korok. Just north of the peak, there is a small pond with a waterfall. At the top of the waterfall there is a small rock and Link can lift it to find a Korok Seed. In the pond below there are some Hyrule Bass swimming around, as well as some Hot-Footed Frogs in the surrounding area. At the bottom of the pond there is a treasure chest that holds a Knight's Shield. At the southwest part of the pond, there is a wooden treasure chest floating around that contains five Shock Arrows.

To the north is a camp called the Footrace Check-In, where a Hylian called Konba will challenge Link to a footrace to the peak of Mount Rhoam.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Under a rock.

Pick up the rock.

Under a rock.

Pick up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

Mount Rhoam can be found just west of the Thundra Plateau and northeast of the Tabantha Bridge Stable. It is gradually inclining until it reaches its peak. There is a small pond located just north of the peak of the mountain.

Makurukis Shrine

Main article: Makurukis Shrine

Makurukis Shrine can be found at the southwest end of Mount Rhoam, overlooking the Tabantha Bridge Stable. The shrine serves a combat training shrine for archery. Simply shoot the three constructs with an arrow to defeat them and then open the chest to get a Strong Construct Bow.

Hudson Sign

Addison can be seen holding up a Hudson Sign at the very peak of Mount Rhoam. Near the peak of the mountain, there are three large Boulders. Link can use Ultrahand to grab one and place it in front of the sign. After Addison release the sign, it will stand up straight. Addison will then secure the sign, before then rewarding Link with a Red Rupee, Hasty Mushroom Rice Balls, and a Puffshroom.

Korok Seeds

  • In the pond just north of the peak of the mountain, there is a cricle of lilypads. Leap off the higher ledge and dive into the circle to get the Korok Seed.
  • Southwest of the peak of Mount Rhoam, there are two overlapping circles of rocks which are visible on the map. One of the rocks is misplaced. Place it in the proper location to complete the puzzle and get the Korok Seed.



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