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"A mushroom that spreads a cloud of fine spores when a stimulus is applied. The bitter powder makes them inedible."

— In-game description

Puffshroom is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Puffshrooms can be found growing wild in the Depths or purchased from Bargainer Statues for 16 Poes each.

They can be thrown at enemies or - using the Fuse ability - combined with a Shield, arrow or weapon. When it bursts from being struck or hitting something, it creates a large cloud of smoke, blinding the enemy. This allows Link to be able to swipe away with his sword, or even sneak behind the enemy to hit it with a Sneakstrike.

Link can use a puffshroom to distract Hagie, allowing Mattison to sneak down to the Hudson Construction Site to see her father, Hudson as part of the Mattison's Independence quest.