Brightbloom Seed

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Brightbloom Seed
Brightbloom Seed - TotK icon.png
Icon from Tears of the Kingdom




Green-rupee.png 8


Green-rupee.png 2

Obtained from

Grow universally in caves & wells
Dropped by Little Frox


Strike, throw or fuse to arrows to light up a dark area (Depths, dark caves, Simosiwak Shrine)
Upgrade Miner's Set to ★ & ★★

Dye Color

Light Yellow



Brightbloom Seed is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A seed that's often found in caves or wells. When struck, it will take root and bloom, giving off faint light from a small flower."

— In-game description

Link can toss a Brightbloom Seed on the ground and strike it to illuminate the surrounding area. This is particularly useful in dark caves, including the Pondside Cave on the Great Sky Island. Larger Giant Brightbloom Seeds are also found and can illuminate a much larger area.