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Link performing a sneakstrike on a Bokoblin


How to Perform

Sneak up behind an enemy


Dealing 8× the damage


The Sneakstrike is a special attacking move performed by Link in Breath of the Wild. It can be performed by sneaking up behind an enemy, usually one who is asleep and lying on the floor. As Link draws near, the sneakstrike prompt will appear on the screen and when pressed, Link will hit the enemy with a melee weapon. The attack will do 8× the normal damage with whatever weapon Link has equipped, and it can be multiplicatively damaging by wearing armor with attack bonuses, and by consuming attack-enhancing elixirs and meals.

If Link makes too much noise as he approaches the enemy, it may awake and turn its attention towards Link, preventing him from performing the sneakstrike. The best way to sneak up on enemies is to crouch down and slowly make your way over. Alternatively, if Link is wearing Sheik's Mask, or any of the items that are part of the Stealth Set or Phantom Ganon Set, he will gain the Stealth Up ability, allowing Link to move more freely while making much less noise. This will allow Link to sneak up on enemies more easily, making it capable to perform sneakstrikes.

Sneakstrikes are highly effective during stealth missions at the Yiga Clan Hideout, as Yiga Blademasters can be single-hit killed with any weapon by performing the move, regardless of the weapon's damage. However, if noticed, said Blademasters can also kill Link with a single strike.