Welcome to our Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough. This walkthrough will cover everything in the game from Heart Containers to all of those side-quests. Strategies of every enemy and boss will also be covered with a link to the specific guide for more info on them if needed. Follow this guide all the way to complete the game.

Primary Walkthrough

More Guides and Information

Chapter 1 – Mercay Island

Chapter 2 – Temple of Fire

Chapter 3 – Ocean King Part II

Chapter 4 – Temple of Wind

Chapter 5 – Ocean King Part III

Chapter 6 – Temple of Courage

Chapter 7 – Ghost Ship

Chapter 8 – Ocean King Part IV

Chapter 9 – Goron Temple

Chapter 10 – Temple of Ice

Chapter 11 – Ocean King Part V

Chapter 12 – Mutoh’s Temple

Chapter 13 – Ocean King Part VI

To supplement our main walkthrough, we have individual detailed guides for some of the quests and collectibles found in the game, as well as some more general information.