Welcome to our Phantom Hourglass Site Walkthrough. This walkthrough will cover everything in the game from Heart Containers to all of those side-quests. Strategies of every enemy and boss will also be covered with a link to the specific guide for more info on them if needed. Follow this guide all the way to complete the game.

Primary Walkthrough

Chapter 1 – Mercay Island

Chapter 2 – Temple of Fire

Chapter 3 – Ocean King Part II

Chapter 4 – Temple of Wind

Chapter 5 – Ocean King Part III

Chapter 6 – Temple of Courage

Chapter 7 – Ghost Ship

Chapter 8 – Ocean King Part IV

Chapter 9 – Goron Temple

Chapter 10 – Temple of Ice

Chapter 11 – Ocean King Part V

Chapter 12 – Mutoh’s Temple

Chapter 13 – Ocean King Part VI

More Guides and Information