10.1 Navigating the Passage

Although Link defeats both Veran and Onox, a scene reveals the Flame of Despair being lit thanks to Twinrova’s efforts. The power of the Triforce begins to light up in Link’s left hand, filling his health to the max, followed by Din and Nayru appearing to offer some encouraging words as Link is teleported to the Room of Rites, the base where Twinrova is holding Princess Zelda captive.

Link appears in the first area atop an altar which holds a portal leading back to the Maku Tree. It is highly recommended that if you do not have a Magic Potion, at least the L-2 Sword, and a helpful Magic Ring to either boost Link’s defense or attack (the best of which are the Red Ring and the Blue Ring), that you take the portal back to the mainland and seek out these items. From the altar, walk down the steps and head up one screen. The next several rooms present a very simple recurring puzzle in finding which room to go to next. Simply head to the room in which the eyes of the purple statues are not focused on once they settle.

After six successful passes, a chime will indicate Link has passed the trial and reached the hall to where Zelda is being held captive. Head up one screen and walk up the altar towards Zelda, to which a strange magic will teleport Link into a large, open room with Twinrova.

10.2 Koume and Kotake

After some words from Twinrova, a scene will show Zelda lying on the altar from before, the Flames of Sorrow, Destruction, and Despair turning a vivid blue indicating that the final step of their plan has begun. When the scene transitions back to the room with Twinrova, the battle will begin.

As they fly around the room, Koume and Kotake will periodically shoot an elemental orb at Link. Try using the Roc’s Feather or Cape to avoid these attacks, as well as jumping out of the way from Twinrova themselves. Being hit by one of these orbs will take a whole heart from Link’s health, while contact damage will take half (assuming a defense boosting ring is not being worn).

Using Link’s sword, the orbs must be knocked away and make contact with the opposite witch to damage Twinrova. As their movement is random, as is which orb will be shot at Link, this first phase can often be the most difficult to overcome. Twinrova does share health, however, and will be defeated after only three successful hits. A good strategy, if you’re having trouble, would be to stand in either the bottom-left or right corner of the room and aim your shots as the witches pass by. While standing in these spots, neither witch will fly into Link, eliminating the threat of contact damage with the bosses.

10.3 Twinrova

When Koume and Kotake are defeated, they will combine into one being, simply known by their collective name of Twinrova, for the second phase of the battle. Twinrova will assume either a fire or ice form, alternating each time she is damaged or enough time in one form has passed.

In her ice form, Twinrova will spawn spiked blocks of ice and send them sliding across a slippery, frozen floor. These blocks cannot be destroyed so they must be avoided, all while Twinrova moves about the room often stopping to shoot an ice orb towards Link (her ice orb can be destroyed with the sword, however). While in her fire form, Twinrova has two attacks which she will pick at random, all while moving about a room that now has various lava pools scattered about the floor. One attack sees Twinrova spawn four unique Fire Keese around her before sending them towards Link. Her other attack involves simply shooting a small flame Link’s way which is easy to avoid. However, the fireball will ricochet off whichever wall it makes contact with as three small orbs.

Strategically, the Roc’s Feather/Cape and Sword combo is once again recommended as it allows you to maintain control over Link’s movement, attempting to move in for an attack, while also jumping to avoid Twinrova’s own attacks. In either form, Link must strike Twinrova with his sword (four stikes or two spin attacks with the L-2 Noble Sword, four spin attacks with the L-1 Wooden Sword) until she appears to be splitting apart. At this point, pull out the Seed Shooter or Slingshot equipped with Mystery Seeds and shoot Twinrova to damage her. During her fire form, Twinrova’s Fire Keese can be defeated with the sword to gain more health or seeds, although what they drop is random, making this method of regaining health somewhat unreliable. A good strategy might be to simply avoid attacking Twinrova altogether during her fire form because of possible knock-back into the lava pools, as well as leaving the opportunity to focus on the Fire Keese for what chance they have of dropping recovery hearts.

When the second form of Twinrova is defeated, their dark ritual to revive Ganon will be halted. Seemingly lacking the energy to complete the ritual, Zelda will be saved from sacrifice, but Twinrova will instead offer their own body as a vessel for the Evil King to return. A scene will reveal what appears to be Ganon’s essence being absorbed into Twinrova, followed by Ganon’s fateful resurrection.

10.4 Ganon

Likely due to the ritual not being completed as planned, the resurrected Ganon will be crazed and mindless, driven only by the desire to destroy. This will only make him much more dangerous, and arguably more difficult, than any other iteration of Ganon before.

Ganon has a total of five attacks coupled with the ability to disappear and teleport around the room. One attack has Ganon simply strike at Link with his trident, a move that is easily avoidable as his stance while reforming gives Ganon’s intentions away. A second attack sees Ganon summon four orbs from his trident that will fly in opposite directions, each splitting into three smaller orbs as they scatter. His third attack involves Ganon shooting large orbs from his mouth towards Link.

In his fourth attack, Ganon will jump into the air and crash onto the floor, creating a quake that will stun Link if he is not in the air at the moment of impact. Make sure you have the Roc’s Cape/Feather ready for this move and jump at the very instance Ganon lands, but be aware that he will still fire a powerful blast Link’s way regardless of his first move’s success. The fifth attack is usually only used later in the battle and sees Ganon turn the room into a swirling blue series of waves as he attempts to walk around and shoot orbs at Link. During this attack, all of the directional controls will be reversed, making it very easy to take massive damage as nowhere else in the game does this kind of thing happen to prepare you for such a task. It is most useful to simply avoid Ganon as much as possible here, using the Roc’s Feather/Cape to avoid his blasts, until the threat surpasses.

Even with the L-2 Noble Sword, it will take a spin attack to damage Ganon, but he can be damaged with a simple strike if Link has acquired the legendary L-3 Master Sword. It is often best to keep a spin attack charged in anticipation to hit Ganon after he launches one of his attacks, during which he is vulnerable for a moment before teleporting again. After enough damage is done to Ganon, the Evil King will be defeated, putting an end to Twinrova’s ultimate plans once and for all.

With Ganon destroyed, head up the staircase in the lower-right corner of the room. Link will be at the altar where Zelda is being held. Walk up and try to speak with Princess Zelda, who will wake from her slumber and thank Link for restoring peace to the world once again. Soon after, Twinrova’s castle will begin to crumble around Link and Zelda, to which the Maku Tree will teleport them safely back to its area.

Din, Nayru, and Impa will all be waiting to welcome back and congratulate Link for his efforts. After a sweet gesture to hero from the Princess herself, the credits will roll as scenes reveal peace returning to Link’s closest companions. Din will return to the forest to dance amongst the animals, Nayru and Ralph will be shown walking through a town filled with playful children, the three animal companions, Moosh, Dimitri, and Ricky, will go back to enjoying their own adventures, and Princess Zelda will be shown gazing into the night sky from a balcony at Hyrule Castle.

A final scene shows Link sailing away from Hyrule once again towards his next grand adventure. Once the final scene has passed, a new secret password known as the Hero’s Secret will be granted to the player. With this secret, you can begin Link’s adventure anew in either Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons. When used to start a first quest in the game which the second quest was just completed, you can play the games in the opposite order and also use ring secrets to carry over all obtained rings thus far. This will make it possible to eventually obtain every Magic Ring between both games and achieve true 100% completion.