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Major Characters

Link-MM-Model.png LinkAfter defeating Ganondorf at the end of Ocarina of Time and becoming the Hero of Time, Link was sent back seven years by Princess Zelda in order to relive the time he had lost when he was sealed in the Sacred Realm. After being sent back, he decides to leave Hyrule with his trusty steed, Epona, in search of a friend that he parted ways with after saving Hyrule.

As he is searching for his friend (possibly Navi, from Ocarina of Time), he gets ambushed by two fairies, Tatl and Tael, and has his horse and the Ocarina of Time stolen from him by a mysterious imp wearing a strange mask, the Skull Kid. He follows the Skull Kid and in his pursuit falls down a hole and finds himself transformed into a Deku Scrub by the imp using the powers of the mask he is wearing.

With the help of the fairy Tatl, Link is able to find his way to Clock Town and finds that there is a moon lingering quite close to it and that it will fall in three days. At midnight on the night of the third day, Link discovers that the Skull Kid is the one behind the Moon's inevitable fall. He is able to get back his Ocarina and with it's recovery, uses it to travel back in time to three days before. Once he is able to revert to his previous state, Link finds himself on another quest to stop the moon from falling onto Termina before time is up.
Deku-Link-Model.png Deku LinkBelieved to be the spirit of the Deku Butler's son, this is the form that Skull Kid turns Link into after he follows him to Termina. Link is stuck in this form during the entire three day cycle the first time around and is unable to revert back until he learns the Song of Healing from the Happy Mask Salesman after he recovers his Ocarina from Skull Kid and travels back in time. After regaining his true form, the Deku Butler's spirit is put into a mask which Link can then use to change into a Deku anytime he puts it on.

As a Deku, Link is susceptible to fire and can't swim. He can hop on the water's surface, but can only do so for a limited time (five times). He can fly as well by utilizing the Deku Flowers. Once he burrows into them, he can launch himself up and fly for a short while. He can also drop Deku Nuts onto unsuspecting enemies below. And lastly, he can use magic by shooting a bubble which can damage enemies and burst objects.Link's Ocarina takes on the form of pipes when he is a Deku.
Goron-Link-Model.png Goron LinkComprised of the spirit of the great Goron warrior, Darmani, Goron Link is the strongest one physically out of Link's forms. Link obtains the ability to change into this form after he reaches Snowhead for the first time and climbs a cliff that leads to the grave of Darmani. After soothing Darmani's regrets with the Song of Healing, his essence becomes the Goron's Mask.

When donning the Goron's Mask, Link is impervious to lava and can drown in water due to his girth. He can utilize magic by rolling into a ball and bringing out spikes which can destroy obstacles in his way and damage enemies. He can use his strength to damage his enemies as well use it to carry a Powder Keg. Another attack of his which uses his strength is the Goron Pound which is quite useful when hitting hardened switches. Link's Ocarina takes on the form of drums when he is in this transformation.
Zora-Link-Model.png Zora LinkCreated from the spirit of the Zora guitarist, Mikau, this is another form that Link can change into during the game when he dons the Zora's Mask. He gets this mask after finding Mikau injured in the waters of Great Bay, brings him to shore, and soothes his spirit with the Song of Healing which effectively forms his essence into the Zora's Mask.

In this form, Link is vulnerable to fire and ice and his speed in water is increased dramatically. He can utilize the Zora's natural ability to breathe underwater and can walk on the ground underneath the water in order to attack. Using his fins, he can attack enemies with a mixture of punches and kicks as well as use them as boomerang-like weapons. With magic, he can create an electrical forcefield that can damage enemies as well as defend him.
Happy-Mask-Salesman-Model.png Happy Mask SalesmanA mysterious character who appeared in Ocarina of Time as an entrepreneur of a mask shop. After Link encounters the Skull Kid and chases after him, the salesman follows him and reveals himself to the Hero before he is about to leave the Clock Tower. He tells Link that he knows of a way to return him to his true form and that he will need his Ocarina in order to do it. He then strikes up a deal with Link: he'll help him return to his original self if Link can gain back his Ocarina and retrieve the mask that the Skull Kid possesses. But there's a catch to the deal: Link must get these things before three days are over because the Salesman states that he is a busy man and will be leaving at that time.

When Link returns with his Ocarina in his possession, the Salesman teaches the Song of Healing which heals him from his deku state and creates the Deku Mask. The song becomes instrumental later on during Link's quest. Once the Salesman realizes that Link does not have the Majora's Mask in his possession, he gets angry and proceeds to tell him the background behind the mask which helps Link realize the direness of the situation. He believes that Link can still get Majora's Mask back from the Skull Kid even though he failed the first time. He reappears at the end of the game retrieving the powerless mask and disappears with it after saying some parting words to Link.

The Happy Mask Salesman is somewhat of a disturbing character in that he is perpetually smiling(except for one small instance), has sudden mood swings, and seems to change his position without having to move. He appears to also have the ability to travel to parallel worlds as evidenced by him being in Hyrule in Ocarina of Time and then later in Termina.
Majoras-Mask-Model.png Majora's MaskAccording to the Happy Mask Salesman, Majora's Mask was once used as a tool by a tribe in their hexing rituals. Believing that the mask could one day cause catastrophic events, the tribe sealed it forever in shadow in order to prevent anyone from using it for evil purposes. It remained in the shadows until it was found by the Happy Mask Salesman and was in his possession until the Skull Kid attacked him and stole the mask.

After being taken by him, the mask began to possess the Skull Kid's mind and made him to horrible things. Towards the end of the game, it's revealed the Majora's Mask only used Skull Kid as a puppet for its own purposes after Link calls the Four Giants to stop the moon. It entices Link to go inside of the once again falling moon in order to fight. After the mask is defeated, the Happy Mask Salesman regains possession over the object and disappears with it.
Skull-Kid-Model.png Skull KidA mischievous little imp who ambushes Link at the beginning of the game. The Skull Kid used to be friends with the Four Giants until they left to go to protect Termina while in their sleep. He became angry at their leaving and began to pull pranks on people.

He was also once a member of the Bombers until they kicked him out due to his pranks. Sometime after this, he met Tatl and Tael as he was getting shelter from a storm. They soon became friends. He then came in contact with the Happy Mask Salesman and attacked him, stealing Majora's Mask from him. After obtaining the mask, the Skull Kid became possessed by the mask's power and began to take his pranks to the next level which ultimately lead to the moon slowly descending upon Termina.
Tatl-Model.png TatlTatl is a friend of Skull Kid's and the older sister of Tael. She was separated from the two when trying to stop Link, as a Deku, from attempting to follow them after being transformed. After she helps him to get to Clock Town and retrieve back his Ocarina, she finds herself helping Link in his new quest to save Termina.

Unlike Navi from Ocarina of Time, Tatl has an attitude and does not give enough information about the enemies that Link encounters. Tatl also cares a lot for her brother and is worried about him when she gets separated from him at the beginning of the game. After she sees the Skull Kid hurting Tael for telling them how to stop him, she realizes the gravity of the situation and knows that she must stop him.

Minor Characters

Anju-Model.png AnjuTermina's counterpart of the Cucco Lady from Ocarina of Time, Anju is the inn keeper at the Stock Pot Inn. Her best friend is Cremia from Romani Ranch, and her fiance is Kafei, son of Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma. They were going to get married on the day of the Carnival of Time, but Kafei disappeared a month before the game begins. Anju is a nervous woman who constantly apologizes and is a terrible cook. She also tends to do things at the last minute, which Kafei mentions in his diary when wondering if Anju had finished making her wedding mask, the Moon Mask. The inn used to be a cafeteria, but after Anju's father Tortus died they started renting out rooms and it became an inn. She lives in the inn with her mother and grandmother. A major sidequest of the game involves reuniting Anju with Kafei.

During the 1st Day, the Postman delivers a letter directly to Anju from Kafei, but he won't tell her where he got it or who sent it in order to keep Kafei's secret. If Link speaks to her afterward he can steal a reservation by someone with the same name as him, but if he speaks to her while wearing Kafei's Mask then she asks him to meet her that night in the kitchen; she has a clue that will help Link find him. When Link meets with her she explains that Kafei was the one who sent her the letter, commenting that it's strange to receive a letter from a missing person. She asks Link to take her letter to Kafei and deliver it to a postbox, and when it is delivered he should be able to meet Kafei. Anju asks Link to tell Kafei that she is waiting for him, and to tell her how he looks.

If Link has already taken the reservation, then on the Night of the 2nd Day, he can listen through the rundown wall and hear Anju and her mother arguing. Anju's mother wants them to go to the ranch, saying Cremia, Anju's best friend, will take care of them. Anju wonders if the rumor about Kafei running off to be with Cremia is true, to which her mother suggests that it's for the best for both of them, and for Anju too since she'd be unhappy just like her if she married a man who runs off just before the wedding. Anju insists that in his letter Kafei promised to come back, but her mother scoffs saying there'd be nothing to come back to and they should just try to survive and let everything else come after. Anju then thanks her mother. When Link gives her a pendant he got from Kafei that holds special meaning for them, she resolves to stay despite her mother's insisting.

On the 3rd Day Anju waits for Kafei, and if Link helps Kafei he returns that night at the start of the Carnival. Even though Kafei is cursed with a child's body, Anju recognizes him from when they were young and first agreed to get married. She welcomes him home and the two lovers have their reunion. They exchange their wedding masks and become a married couple, with Link and Tatl as their witnesses. Anju and Kafei give Link the combined mask, the Couple's Mask, and say they will await morning together. During the credits, Anju and Kafei have their wedding ceremony.

If Link does not initiate the Anju & Kafei sidequest, Link can find Anju by the Laundry Pool on the 2nd Day. If Link speaks to her, she will put on Kafei's Mask to show him Kafei's face and ask if he's seen him, then reveal that she's scared to meet Kafei, worried to find out if she's the reason he wanted to disappear. She doubts if she should wait for Kafei.
Anjus-Mother-Model.png Anju's MotherThe mother to the Stock Pot Inn Innkeeper, Anju, and daughter-in-law to Anju's Grandmother. She is middle-aged and has a rounded appearance. She is protective of her daughter and hates that her daughter's fiance, Kafei, has left without saying a word to Anju. This is evident in how she responds to Link wearing Kafei's Mask when speaking to her. She will become visibly angry and raise a fist at Link, telling him to not speak to her with "that unpleasant mask" on. She believes that the reason behind his disappearance is because he has run off with Cremia whom notably has a crush on the blue-haired man and as Anju's Mother surmises that she will need financial support for running the ranch through Kafei's mother, Madame Aroma. Another reason behind her anger towards Kafei's disappearance maybe be due to her own husband disappearance. She believed that he would return and waited for him, but found that he wasn't coming back. She believes that because of this she passed down her naivety to her daughter.

Anju's Mother doesn't appear very often in the game. In the instances when she does appear it is usually on the second day standing at the desk at Stock Pot Inn (if Anju didn't meet Link with Kafei's mask during the afternoon of the First Day). She also appears in a secret cutscene which is accessible during a certain point in time in which she discusses Kafei's disappearance with Anju. Later on, she, her mother-in-law, and Anju (depending on whether or not she received the Pendant of Memories) seek shelter at Romani Ranch on the night of the third day. Her last appearance is after Link stops the moon from falling and defeats Majora's Mask. She is seen standing along with the others who are attending Kafei's and Anju's wedding. It is unknown if she still harbors the same anger towards her new son-in-law or if she has forgiven him for leaving his daughter for a long amount of time.
Anjus-Grandmother-Model.png Anju's GrandmotherAnju's Grandmother, or Granny as she calls herself in her diary, is the Terminian counterpart to the Granny who owns the Potion Shop in Ocarina of Time. Another trait that connects her to her counterpart is the tiger emblem that is present on the back of her wheelchair. It is thought to symbolize the pet tiger her counterpart has in Ocarina of Time.

She is Anju's grandmother and the mother-in-law to Anju's Mother. She is the mother to Anju's father, Tortus, and will sometimes mistake Link or even her own granddaughter for being him due to her memory possibly deteriorating. She also once taught Mayor Dotour as evidenced by her calling Link Dotour when he is wearing Kafei's Mask. She lives in the bedroom directly underneath Anju and her daughter-in-law's room and as shown in a diary entry, that she fakes her senility so that she won't have to eat any of the food Anju makes her; the reason behind this is that she finds it bad or unhealthy to eat.

Granny loves to read stories and will read some stories to Link. These stories are so long that they cause Link to fall asleep in the middle of them and never get to hear their endings. This problem is solved though by obtaining the All-Night's Mask which allows Link to stay up and listen to the stories in their entirety. Link can listen to her stories on both the first and second day. On the third day, Granny won't allow it by saying that it's late and that she'll tell him a story tomorrow. Even when she is found at Romani Ranch on the night of the third day, she still says the same thing. As a reward for lasting throughout both of the tales, Granny gives Link two pieces of heart, one for each story. Doing this will also complete her section in the Bombers' Notebook.
Aveil-Model.png AveilLeader of the Gerudo Pirates, and the Terminian counterpart of the Gerudo left in charge in Ocarina of Time. Like all pirates, she seeks treasure and wealth by stealing it. Her room is full of many treasures that she has stolen, including one of the Zora Eggs and the Hookshot. She is lied to by the Skull Kid and told that the Zora Eggs laid by Lulu will help them get past the dragon cloud floating over Great Bay, and also that the Great Bay Temple holds a great treasure. All of her efforts from then on are concentrated on getting that treasure. Her pirates steal the Zora Eggs from Lulu's room in Zora Hall before she has the opportunity to take them to the Marine Research Laboratory. However, several of the eggs were taken when the pirates were attacked by Deep Pythons near Pinnacle Rock. Furious at this failure, Aveil is found yelling at her subordinate and ordering her to find the rest of the eggs before it's too late. When Link shot a beehive in Aveil's chamber in the Pirates' Fortress, the bees chased Aveil and the other pirates outside so Link could retrieve the Hookshot that she stole from the Fisherman and one of the eggs.
Banker-Model.png BankerThe Terminian counterpart of a man in Ocarina of Time who buys bottled items. The Banker runs the Clock Town Bank in West Clock Town, sitting on a desk in front of the vault. He is very enthusiastic, patting the ground constantly and exclaiming when large amounts of money are deposited. He seems to be a strong advocate of banking, criticizing people for not depositing rupees and constantly suggesting that people spend their money wisely.

When Link meets the Banker during the events of Majora's Mask, he tells Link about a special deal he's doing for a limited time to promote depositing in which people will receive gifts depending on how many rupees they desposit, awarding Link several items for depositing large amounts of rupees throughout the game. He stamps Link with his special, invisible ink to remember him, somehow recognizing Link and the amount he has deposited even after multiple trips through time. The Banker also charges Link for night-time withdrawals, but does award him interest when he collects large amounts of rupees.
Beaver-Brothers.png Beaver BrothersThese are two strange creatures who swim around their home, the Waterfall Rapids, located at the top of the waterfall that feeds into Great Bay. Mikau tried to race them for an Empty Bottle that he could use to retrieve the Zora Eggs, but failed. When Link later comes wearing the Zora Mask, the orange-colored little brother recognizes him as Mikau and gladly accepts another challenge. The following race involves following the Beaver through the water and swimming through rings. When the little brother loses, he calls his yellow-colored big brother. Since the Beaver Brothers consider Empty Bottles to be a valuable treasure, he will not let Link have one just because he beat his little brother. Link races the elder of the two in a more difficult challenge with more rings, but ultimately wins the Empty Bottle, while the Beaver Brothers admit they underestimated Link. He can then race them a third time in a race with a shorter time limit. When he wins they desperately want him to leave them alone, so they give him a Heart Piece and hope that it's over.
Biggoron-Majoras-Mask.png BiggoronBiggoron is the Terminian counterpart of the goron of the same name and size, Biggoron, the maker of the Biggoron Sword from Ocarina of Time. In this game, he is the guard of the Snowhead Temple who has strangely disappeared and his fellow gorons do not know where he is.

He first appears at the foot of Snowhead Temple, although at the time Link does not know that it's him, using his breath to create big gusts of wind. Due to some type of curse, he is invisible and can only be seen with the Lens of Truth. It is possible that because of these two things that he is more than likely the culprit behind Darmani's death.

After using the Lens of Truth to see through Biggoron's invisibility, Link, in the form of a Goron, uses the Drums of Sleep to play the Goron's Lullaby. This causes Biggoron to go to sleep and fall into the gorge below. After defeating Goht and returning to the foot of Snowhead Temple, Biggoron is seen standing in the gorge irritated and tells Link that he can't remember what happened, but that he went to figure out why the village was frozen by going to the temple. This gives a seed to the idea that Skull Kid possibly placed him under a spell to prevent people from getting to Snowhead Temple to defeat Goht.
Bomb-Shop-Owner-Model.png Bomb Shop OwnerTerminian counterpart to the Bombchu Proprietor in Ocarina of Time, the Bomb Shop owner is the proprietor of bombs in Termina. He is polite to his customers and is very affectionate and acts childish to his mother, calling her "mommy" when talking to her. He also appears to be very smart as evidenced by the diagrams and notes written in the corner of the shop that demonstrate using a bomb-propelled rocket to go to the moon. Although it is has not been confirmed that these are his ideas, but since they're in his store, it would more than likely so. The rocket shown in the diagrams has already been constructed and sits in the left side of the shop. It is unknown if it has been used yet.

He sells bombs, bombchus, and bomb bags in his store. If Link recovers the items stolen by Sakon from his mother around midnight on the First Day, they will sell a bigger bomb bag which allows Link to carry more bombs.
Bombers-Model.png BombersFully known as "The Bombers Secret Society of Justice", the Bombers are a group of children, led by Jim, who are dedicated to making people happy. In order to become a member of this gang, Deku Link has to play a game of hide-and-seek with five of the members. After finding all five of them, Deku Link is given a password so that he can enter the gang's hideout and go through the secret pathway to get to the astronomer. Once Link becomes human again, and uses the password to sneak into the hideout, Jim finds him and is impressed by him finding out how to get in without having to learn the password through hide-and-seek. Alternatively, Link can also go and play hide-and-seek with the Bombers again in order to become a full member. Jim gives him a Bombers' Notebook which inside has twenty spaces for twenty different people that Link is assigned to make happy.

Kafei, the mayor's son, was once a member of the Bombers' gang when he was young. The Skull Kid was also a member before he got kicked out due to the pranks he was pulling.

The Bombers' also have a section in the Bombers' Notebook. It is the first one and is automatically filled once Link obtains the journal. Also if Link were to forget the password for the hideout, he can consult the yellow '!' Bomber's section of the journal and find out the password to get in.
Skull-Keeta-Model.png Captain KeetaCaptain Keeta, otherwise known as Skull Keeta by his army and Igos du Ikana, was and is currently the leader of the Ikana army. In the past he helped to defend Ikana Kingdom during the war and his since died and went into a deep slumber and has been unable to move on due to the doors of the Stone Tower Temple being thrust open.

Later on, Link discovers Captain Keeta in his slumber next to Dampé's home in the Ikana Graveyard. Link plays the Sonata of Awakening and wakens him causing him to break the walls around him and proceed to walk away from Link. Link must chase after him and fight him in order to prevent him from reaching the end of the path. While fending off the StalChildren, members of his army in their undead form, that he summons, Link must makes sure that he does not get hit by the walls of flame that shoot out to stop his progress. Link can stun Captain Keeta with an arrow which will allow him to slice at him with his sword. After hitting him with the sword a few times, Skull Keeta will proceed to jump up into the air and try to slam down onto Link. Link can avoid this by watching for a shadow to appear on the ground after Skull Keeta has jumped and moving out of the way before he makes contact with ground. After a couple more hits, Skull Keeta finally gives up and admits his defeat. He tells Link who he once was and that he has been waiting for someone to come and wake him due to his failure at winning a battle for his kingdom. He asks Link to take the mask he gives him, which is found directly behind him surrounded by flames (Link can reach this by means of the Hookshot or by climbing onto the ledge of the wall and jumping across), and to tell his men that the war is over, only then can he move on. Link salutes him which grants Skull Keeta permission to move on knowing that Link will take care of his request.
Captain-Viscen-Model.png Captain ViscenCaptain Viscen is the leader of the Clock Town guards. He is also thought to be the Terminian counterpart to the group of Hylian soldiers that are present in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time.

He is found in the Mayor's Office in Clock Town having a heated debate with Mutoh, head of the Clock Town Carnival Committee. He wishes to have the citizens of Clock Town evacuate the city before the moon falls. Mutoh thinks otherwise by saying that the Carnival of Time should go on.

If Link does not intervene in the debate, Captain Viscen will lose his argument due to Mutoh threatening to bring Mayor Dotour's wife into it. Should Link intervene by means of wearing the Couple's Mask, the argument will cease due to the Mayor deciding to give the people the choice of whether or not to evacuate the city. Captain Viscen still seems agitated at the decision since he wanted for all of the people of Clock Town to be given the order to evacuate.
Cremia-Model.png CremiaEldest of the two Romani Ranch sisters, Cremia became the owner of Romani Ranch after her father's death. She strives to take care of the ranch and the Romani-bred cows, who make the ranch's trademark, Chateau Romani. Although she finds this difficult to do due to a couple of certain someones as well as mischievous Skull Kid who are trying to sabotage her chances of being successful.

She cares for her little sister, Romani, and is worried about her due to her recent obsession with "them", ghosts that supposedly come after the cows every year before the Carnival of Time. She thinks that Romani is lying, but does not realize that she is indeed telling the truth.

She is also good friends with Anju, the innkeeper at Stock Pot Inn, and secretly has feelings towards her friend's fiance, Kafei. This makes it harder for her to come to town due to the knowledge that they will be married soon. With the friendship she has with Anju, she allows her and her family to come and seek shelter at the ranch from the moon's impending fall. She knows that there is no way to escape the moon's crash and that none of them will live to see the morning.
Dampé2.png DampéThe Terminian counterpart to the Kakariko Village gravekeeper of the same name, Dampé has the same role in this game as he did in Ocarina of Time except this time around it's for the Ikana Graveyard in Termina. He has a scary appearance, but he says that although he looks that way he isn't a "bad person". He is different from his Hylian counterpart in his reaction to the undead and ghosts. His Hylian form seems to be unafraid of those things by going out for a couple of hours after sunset and plays a mini-game with people where he digs at dirt patches in the graveyard to see if there is something buried in them. His Terminian incarnation is different in that he is afraid of ghosts and the undead and does not like being out at night since that is the time when they are out and about. An example of his fear of the undead is shown if Link talks to him while he is in the graveyard with the Captain's Mask on. He will freak out at the mask's appearance and proceed to run to his house, locking the door behind him. He walks very slowly around the graveyard as it takes a day for him to complete this, but yet when he is terrified, he runs faster than Link rolls in his goron form. He also mentions that he doesn't give up and that he'll keep on asking a person something until they say yes (which is how, he says, he courted his current wife).

As for Dampé's family, he used to visit the graveyard with his father. Where he is at now is unknown as he is never seen in the game. He also seems to have a wife whom is never seen in the game either. By how he mentions his wife, by saying his current wife, may mean that he may have had another wife in the past.

Link can find Dampé trudging around the graveyard during the daytime on each day during the three-day time span. He isn't found during the night time as he is inside his home. On the Second Day, he pays Link 30 rupees to get rid of some Bad Bats in the graveyard that he doesn't like. During the night of the Final Day, unlike the previous two nights, Link can find Dampé underneath a grave, searching for treasure. Link discovers this when using the Captain's Hat to order some StalChildren to open the grave that he is in. When he finds the gravekeeper, Dampé tells him that he is unable to see to find the treasure because of there not being a light source since he dropped his torch. Utilizing the light that Tatl gives off and with some help from Link, Dampé is able to get through the room that he is in that is filled with Wallmasters. The two continue to help him by telling him which sand pits to dig in that is found in the area. Some of the sand pits have blue flames hiding in them and once three of them are dug up, it reveals a Big Poe which, upon it's appearance, terrifies Dampé, causing him to run back home. Link does battle with the Big Poe and upon it's defeat, he receives a Bottle. When Link leaves the room, he finds that it is connected to Dampé's house and finds the gravekeeper hiding underneath his bed in fear of the ghost.
Darmani-Model.png DarmaniDarmani III was a Goron hero who loved to race in the Goron races and who tragically died trying to find and defeat the one who was causing the devasting winter that was harming his people. On his way there, he was unfortunately blown off of the narrow pathway leading to Snowhead Temple by the invisible Biggoron and fell to his death. After he died, his ghost lingered on in Goron Village because of the sadness and regret he was feeling by not being able to help his people. He encountered Kaepora Gaebora who told him that someone with powerful magic would be able to help him.

Sometime afterward, he saw Link as he was crossing a gorge using the Lens of Truth that he had just found. Using the item, Link could see Darmani's spirit and the goron hero realized that this was the person that Kaepora Gaebora was referring to. He told Link to follow him and he led the young Hero to his grave where spoke to him of how he died and that he regretted that it happened. He asked Link to use his magic to either bring him alive or ease his sorrows. Answering his request, Link played for him the Song of Healing which released Darmani's regrets and allowed him to move on in peace. In exchange for helping him to move on, Link was able to obtain the Goron's Mask which allowed him to use Darmani's abilities and change into a Goron when he put it on.
Deku-Butler-Model.png Deku ButlerThe Deku Butler is the butler to the Royal Family of the Deku Kingdom that is found in the Southern Swamp at the foot of Woodfall. He is very proper and polite and is at one point in time called "neat and tidy" by the Happy Mask Salesman when Link shows him the mask that was previously owned by him. He is able to keep his cool a lot better than the Deku King when the Deku Princess goes missing and it is automatically assumed by the king that it was the monkey's fault. He is the only one in the Deku Palace that somewhat believes the monkey's claims of the princess being in trouble.

The Deku Butler has a son that has been missing for some time. He misses his son and wonders where he is and wishes that his son would contact him telling him of his location. He comments on one occasion to Link that he reminds him of his son and that he used to race competitively with him. At the end of the game it appears that the butler left the Deku Kingdom to search for him and effectively found him as the twisted tree that Talt commented about in the beginning of the game. He is shown in the credits mourning his son's death at the foot of the tree.

After Link defeats Odolwa, rescues the princess, and successfully brings her back home, he rewards Link at the request of the King. He meets Link at the Deku Shrine found to the right of the Palace after exiting it. Inside, he leads Link to the reward by going through a maze with the hero trying to catch up to the butler before the doors close on him and effectively trap him inside the labyrinth. Once he and Link reach the end of the labyrinth, he gives Link the reward which is the Mask of Scents. After giving him the mask, he summons a portal to allow Link to return to the entrance of the Deku Shrine.
Deku-Butlers-Son.png Deku Butler's SonThis person is the son of the butler to the Deku Royal Family and lived in the palace with his father. He has been missing for some time and no one knows where his current location is. His father greatly misses him and is worried about his well-being. He and his father had a close relationship as the two enjoyed racing competitively with each other in the maze-like Deku Shrine.

Link never truly interacts with his character but it is believed by some that the twisted tree that Tatl comments about in the beginning of the game to be his deceased form. It is thought that at some point in time he left the Deku Palace and came into contact with the Skull Kid some time after he left. The Skull Kid killed him (for what reason is unknown) which left the remains of his body as a twisted tree. His spirit that remained after his death and was then used by Skull Kid to transform Link into a Deku Scrub.

After his father meets Link in his Deku form and sees how it resembles his son, it more than likely prompted him to search for him and during the ending credits it shows that he did indeed find his son and was devastated to see that he was no longer among the living.
Deku-King-MM.png Deku KingThe Deku King is the ruler of the Deku Kingdom and the father of the Deku Princess. With a crown of Deku Leaves and a large, dried-up Deku Nut as his scepter, the Deku King is a rash and overprotective ruler. He also tends to over-react to situations, especially when it concerns a certain daughter of his.

When his daughter disappeared, he immediately pinned the blame for her disappearance on the monkey who was last with her. The Deku King does not listen to the monkey's pleas about her disappearance not being his fault but that it was Odolwa, the boss of Woodfall Temple, who kidnapped her when they were attempting to learn what was behind the poisoning of the water. After the monkey teaches Link the Sonata of Awakening, it confirms the Deku King's suspicions that the monkey was behind the kidnapping since the song is considered sacred to the Dekus. He orders the guards to lower the monkey repeatedly into a pot of boiling water as punishment and has Link thrown out of the palace.

He continues his punishment against the monkey and still believes that he is the cause for his daughter missing until Link finds her being held in a cell in a secret area located in the back of Woodfall Temple. Once she learns of her father's actions towards the monkey, she has Link take her home immediately via a bottle. He releases her from the bottle in front of her father once they are in his presence. Upon seeing his daughter safe he is relieved but he immediately finds himself being scolded by the Deku Princess due to the things he did to the monkey in his hastiness. She orders the guards to free the monkey and afterwards the Deku King apologizes to him for his rash behavior to which the monkey forgives him in return.

He is later seen during the end credits with his daughter, the monkey, and a few Deku Palace guards.
Deku-Princess.png Deku PrincessThe Deku Princess has two outstanding characteristics about her. The first, she falls into the only female Deku character ever depicted. The second, she can fit into a bottle. The Deku Princess is the intelligent daughter of the king who is able to control the kingdom much better than her father.

The Deku Princess' disappearance is the reason for much of the conflict in the Southern Swamp. Before the three day cycle begins, the Deku Princess was captured near Woodfall Temple. Her father, the Deku King, hastily blames a monkey, and arrests and prepares to punish him. After three of the monkey's friends pay Link a visit after healing Koume, it becomes Link's tasks to free the captured monkey from the clutches of the Deku King. Link can do this by infiltrating the Deku Palace, and infiltrating the Monkey's prison cell. The monkey then tells Link that the Deku Princess was captured when she was investigating Woodfall Temple. He will then give Link the Sonata of Awakening to give Link access to the temple, with the mission of rescuing the Deku Princess.

After Link beats Odolwa, the boss room warp will appear, and lead him to a previously-inaccessible room on the second floor. Directly behind Link, something will rustle, and in a cut scene he will turn around. If Link cuts the grass curtain off of the doorway, he will enter to find...the Deku Princess! The Deku Princess is relieved that she is saved, and asks about her monkey friend. When she finds out that her friend is about to receive capital punshiment from her own dad, she grows and furious, and asks Link to take her home right away. At first, it would seem if Link doesn't have any sort of way to transport a princess back to her palace. But, as it turns out, the Deku Princess can fit (snugly) into Link's bottle. The Deku Princess will insist that you hurry before she is crushed by the small frame of the inner bottle.

Once Link returns to the Deku Palace, the Deku Princess will tell Link to let her out. When Link lets her loose, she appears unharmed, and the Deku King is ecstatic to see his daughter unharmed. But the feelings are not mutual. The first thing the Deku Princess does after her release is attack her father, jumping up and down on his midsection. She demands the guards to release the monkey immediately, as well. For the trouble, Link will be given an opportunity to obtain the Mask of Scents down to the right of Deku Palace.
Don Gero Mask.png Don GeroDon Gero is a character who never appears in the game, but is only referenced. He is the legendary conductor of the Frog Choir and is heavily respected by its members. The Choir waits for him and jumps on his command to perform. None of the Frog Choir members have seen Don Gero for a long time, however. What happened to him is unknown.

A Goron gives Link the Don Gero's Mask in exchange for Rock Sirloin. This Goron can be found in the Mountain Village on a ledge, shivering from the cold and wearing Don Gero's Mask. Somehow he got himself stuck on a ledge where the waterfall is frozen, and is freezing to death from the cold. Starving, he says he wants to eat one more time before he dies, something tough and hard to chew. When Link brings him the Rock Sirloin and throws it up on the cliff, he happily devours it. In gratitude, he gives Link Don Gero's Mask, telling him if he wears it no one would think twice if he were to direct the Frog Choir. His fate is uncertain, as he was certain he would freeze to death and yet Link frees the mountain from an abnormal Winter and restores Spring after finding him and he isn't seen anywhere afterwards. The mask is said to look exactly like Don Gero, which Link uses to convince the Frog Choir to come back to a thawed Mountain Village to perform. But since Don Gero never appears, not much is known about him. He may be a very large frog, as one of the Frog Choir members says to Link as he wears the masks and believes he is Don Gero that he has "lost a little weight". The Goron is often confused with Don Gero himself, but Don Gero is in fact another one of the unseen characters in Termina.
Epona-Model.png EponaThe trusted steed of Link, Epona and Link are old friends who are traveling around trying to search for Link's friend. They are ambushed by Skull Kid and his two fairies and once Link regains consciousness, Skull Kid takes off on Epona with Link hanging onto Skull Kid's leg as they're going. After Link loses his grip and Skull Kid runs off with Epona into a hollowed log, she isn't seen until later on in the game at Romani Ranch.

Epona is essential to getting further in the game unlike in OoT where she was optional. She's needed to get over obstacles in order to access Great Bay and Ikana Canyon so Link can get further in his quest.
Evan-Model.png EvanThe leader, songwriter, and pianist of the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's. He is sensitive about other band members doing his job of writing songs, as he repeatedly gets upset at Mikau and Japas for doing songwriting on their own. He seems to be highly respected by the band, as they seem to follow his advice and orders outside of band activities as well; Lulu and Mikau especially. Tijo seems to also unquestioningly listen to him, although Japas is known to write songs behind Evan's back. Mikau does this along with Japas, however, so it more than likely doesn't mean much.

When the band's singer, Lulu, lays some mysterious eggs and loses her voice, she immediately goes to Evan for advice. He advises her to take the eggs to the Marine Research Laboratory to have them checked, but they are stolen by the Gerudo Pirates. He then tells Mikau to recover the eggs, saying he has to because he has the blood of Zora heroes. He also informs Mikau of how to find an Empty Bottle. His knowledge of both that and Mikau's lineage suggests he is very well-knowledged. He keeps the predicament secret from the rest of the band, aside from their manager Toto, so as not to destroy their hopes of playing at the Carnival of Time.

If Link, disguised as Mikau, completed the jam session with Japas he can present the song to Evan. Evan immediately gets upset about them not being happy with his songs, accusing them of writing songs behind his back and saying that it's his job to write them. He will only accept the song if Link plays it to him in a form other than his Zora one, and he immediately takes credit for it. The song is later played during the band's rehearsal and again in the Milk Bar during the Carnival of Time. One of the other Zoras says it sounds a lot different from his usual songs.

When Evan is visited in his room, he plays the Game Over theme from the original Legend of Zelda on his piano.
Fisherman-Model.png FishermanThe Terminian counterpart of the Hyrule Market Treasure Chest Game Owner. He is a man living in a hut on the Great Bay Coast. He claims to be the greatest fisherman, even better than the Zoras, but is now having trouble catching fish because the water has become warm. The Fisherman used to own the Hookshot which he used to snatch fish right out of the water. He also claims the Hookshot is a legendary treasure, but that it was stolen from him by the Gerudo Pirates. He owns a picture of one of the pirate women, but is dissatisfied with its quality. He seems very interested in the women, and asks Link to bring him a good pictograph of one of the pirates in exchange for the rare seahorse he caught.

After Link returns the seas to normal by defeating Gyorg, the Fisherman decides to start up a new business for tourists called the Fisherman's Jumping Game. Located in a different area of the Great Bay Coast than his hut, the game takes place on a series of tiny islands only reachable by boat and Hookshot. The mini-game involves jumping to each island when its torch lights. When Link wins the game, the Fisherman complains about making the game too easy, saying he was trying to save up for a big ship and now might go bankrupt.
Flat-Medium.png FlatThe Terminian version of the Flat from Ocarina of Time. This version of Flat was a servant of the Ikana Royal Family in life, when he and his older brother Sharp composed many songs for them. After selling his soul to the devil, Sharp locked Flat up in a grave where the songs connected to the Royal Family are kept. He remains in the grave until Link enters it and frees Flat. Flat then teaches Link the Song of Storms, a song he composed that will set his brother's soul free, as it blows away curses. He makes his final request of Link, asking him to play the song for his brother and cleanse his soul. Flat's final words to Link are "And if you ever meet my brother, I'd like you to inform him... The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger! ...I have made my request."
Majoras-Mask-Giants.jpg Four GiantsThe guardian gods and creators of Termina. Long before the story of Majora's Mask, the people all lived together, and the Giants lived with them as they protected them. On the day of the harvest festival (later known as the Carnival of Time) where the people wore masks of the Giants to honor them, the Four Giants told the people that they shall continue to protect the people from their slumber. They then departed from the location where the Clock Tower would later be built, each walking 100 steps in each of the compass directions, where they slept. They told the people that if they had need of them, to loudly call and declare their plight, so that their voice may carry to the sleeping giants.

One day every year, atop the Clock Tower during the Carnival of Time, and ancient song is sung in a ceremony to call the gods. Whether this is a tribute to the Giants or the way the people actually called for their help is unclear.

One person was very shocked and sad that the Giants had chosen to sleep. That person was a little imp, the Skull Kid, who had been friends with the giants since before they created the four worlds. Feeling neglected, the Skull Kid was angry and repeatedly wronged the people. Eventually they were overcome and called out to the Giants. They awoke and confronted the Skull Kid, roaring out, warning him that if he does not stop hurting the people they will destroy him. The Skull Kid left, sad that he had lost his old friends.

During the events of Majora's Mask, the Four Giants have been sealed away by the Skull Kid to prevent them from trying to stop him. They each were each sealed within a mask, worn by four monsters guarding the Woodfall, Snowhead, Great Bay, and Stone Tower Temples. Upon confronting the Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower, Tael tells Link about the four locations, saying "The four who are there...Bring them here..."

After freeing the first Giant in Woodfall, Link is taught the Oath to Order (likely the song sung for the Giants atop the Clock Tower), and the Giant tells Link to call them. Without knowing the true nature of the Giants, Link frees the other three, gradually learning about their true nature as protective gods and then receiving a request to help their friend, the Skull Kid. Finally they Giants tell them they should forgive the Skull Kid before once more telling Link to call them.

Atop the Clock Tower after midnight on the Third Day, Link plays the Oath to Order, causing the Four Giants to let out their cries and then appear to stop the moon from colliding with Termina. Once Majora's Mask discards the Skull Kid and enters the moon, the Four Giants are no longer enough to stop it but manage to hold it off until Link is victorious against Majora.

After the battle is over the Four Giants tell the liberated Skull Kid that they never forgot about him, that they always considered him their friend. Afterwards, the Four Giants cry out the Oath to Order as they return to sleep in the four regions once more.
Frog-Majoras-Mask.png Frog ChoirThe Terminian counterpart of the Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors from Ocarina of Time. A famous choir of frogs who hail from Snowhead where they perform on lilypads on a pond in the Mountain Village, although they fled when the Northern Mountain was caught in a blizzard emanating from Snowhead Temple. The Frog Choir has five members aside from their legendary conductor Don Gero whom they greatly respect.

Once the snow in the Mountain Village has been thawed, the lead singer of the choir can be found, who says that their performance is about to begin, but since the other members are not in Snowhead they don't know about it. Another member lives in the Southern Swamp, while still another can be found at the Laundry Pool in Clock Town. The final two have been transformed into Gekkos, and they each reside in one of two dungeons as mini-bosses, the Woodfall Temple and the Great Bay Temple.

Once Link acquires the Don Gero's Mask, the Frog Choir think he is Don Gero himself, whom they've been separated from for a long time, and he can then gather them (including the ones in the Temples, once he has defeated them and freed them from their Gekko forms) in the Mountain Village, where the choir performs. Afterwards Link is awarded with a Piece of Heart.
Gabora-Model.png GaboraOne of the two blacksmiths living in the only house in the Mountain Village, the Mountain Smithy. Gabora is a large man who yells out in nonsensical grunts that only his partner Zubora can understand. Zubora claims that Gabora is "all brawn and about as smart as a Deku Stick", although Gabora has shown to be able to think of things that Zubora does not, so whether this is true or not is unclear. Gabora doesn't seem to mind being ordered around by Zubora, even though Zubora is often very insulting and rude. Gabora also seems to be the only one who does any actual blacksmith work.

When the Northern Mountain is frozen over by the blizzard from Snowhead, their hearth is frozen so the blacksmiths are unable to do any work. It is Gabora who thinks of using hot water to thaw the hearth, but Zubora ignores him and once again insults his intelligence. Link is the one who melts the ice on the hearth, allowing the two men to work on his sword. Gabora is immediately ordered to make Link coffee, but later works on Link's sword alone while Zubora lays back drinking coffee, taking credit for his work.

During the ending credits, Gabora can be seen in the Milk Bar, indicating him and Zubora attended the Carnival of Time.
Gorman-Model.png GormanPartially Termina's counterpart of Ingo from Ocarina of Time, along with the two Gorman Brothers. Gorman is the leader of the Gorman Troupe, a traveling group of performers scheduled to perform at the Carnival of Time. The two Gorman Brothers at the Gorman Track on Milk Road are comprised of both his younger and older brothers. Gorman is more civilized than his two criminal brothers and seems to be more kind-hearted than them as well, although he is still rude most of the time when Link talks to him, calling him a bother and saying he's busy. Later on, Gorman is nice to Link though and he always speaks with respect to figures of authority or people he is doing business with.

The Gorman Troupe was scheduled to perform with the Zora band, the Indigo-Go's, at the Carnival of Time, but when Gorman meets with Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife and person in charge of Carnival activities, he finds out that the band canceled due to their lead singer losing their voice. Gorman fails tell the members of the troupe that their act has been canceled until the night of the second day, when he informs them of that fact and also tells them they will be leaving the next day. Before then, he can be found drinking at the Milk Bar, lamenting about his decision to quit farm life and join show business. He claims he is only the despised second son of his family. He could never handle horses like his older brother and couldn't care for them like his younger brother. He says it was all for nothing.

When Link gets on stage in the Milk Bar and plays the Ballad of the Windfish with the help of Toto, the band manager of the Indigo-Go's, Gorman at first boos the performance. But once the song is completed, Gorman is brought to tears as he remembers that it was him first hearing the older generation of Indigo-Go's play that song that motivated him to join show business so he could meet the singer. Gorman then becomes cheerful and gives Link the Circus Leader's Mask as he apologizes for booing him.

During the ending credits, the Indigo-Go's is playing at the Milk Bar, as is the Gorman Troupe. Gorman himself can be seen watching the Indigo-Go's perform from behind the counter.
Gorman Brothers.png Gorman BrothersAlong with the character known simply as Gorman, the Gorman Brothers function as Termina's counterpart of Ingo from Ocarina of Time. The Gorman Brothers are the oldest and youngest brothers, while the man known only as Gorman is the middle brother, and they operate the Gorman Track on Milk Road. They are malicious, dishonest, and criminal, unlike their brother. The intend to take over the milk business any way they can, including stealing from and spreading lies about Romani Ranch further down Milk Road. The two brothers may be responsible for blocking the road to Romani Ranch with a large boulder, although it is possible that the Skull Kid was responsible for this.

The Gorman Brothers are very rude, especially to those who show up at the Gorman Track without a horse. In one example of their consistent effort to ruin Romani Ranch, they even suggest stealing a horse from the ranch, claiming they wouldn't even notice. They will also sell milk, claiming it's not watered down like the milk from the ranch.

If certain requirements are met and Link accompanies Cremia, the owner of Romani Ranch, on her milk delivery to Clock Town on the Night of the Second Day, they will find the road blocked, most likely by the Gorman Brothers. Forced to take a detour through the Gorman Track, Cremia warns Link to be ready and sure enough they are attacked by the Gorman Brothers on horseback, although they are disguised by the Garo's Masks they wear and thus not recognized by either Link or Cremia. They attempt to break the milk bottles carried in Cremia's cart, but are fended off by Link.

If Link brings Epona to the Gorman Track, the Gorman Brothers will make fun of the size of his horse and confidently challenge him to a race for cheap, promising something good as a prize. If he fails they mock him, but if he wins they become frustrated and challenge him to a second race. If he wins this one, they are reluctant to give Link the Garo's Mask but have no choice. They make him promise not to tell anyone where he got it, as it is proof that they are the bandits who attacked Cremia.

When Link talks to the Gorman Brothers while wearing the Circus Leader's Mask he gets from Gorman, they become sad and get sentimental over their middle brother, realizing that he's gone into show business and is having a tough time. They then beg Link to take the mask off, saying they can't get sappy about that kind of stuff.

According to Gorman, he is the "despised" middle brother, possibly indicating the Gorman Brothers disliked him, although he was upset as he said this. Gorman also said that his older brother was better at handling horses and his younger brother better at caring for them.
Goron-Elder-Model.png Goron ElderThe Goron Elder is the leader of the Gorons who live in Goron Village located in the Snowhead area. He is an older Goron and has a son who can be found in the Goron Shrine in the village crying due to him missing his father greatly. After realizing that the only thing that can calm the crying Goron down is his father, Link goes to try and find him. He finally finds the Elder encased in a giant snow boulder and covered in ice. Depending on which day Link finds him he can be found either near the entrance to Goron Village on Day 1, near the ramp in the Spectacle Rock(the area in Snowhead where two hills are surrounded by water) area on Day 2, and on the Third Day next to the Owl Statue in Mountain Village. By the way his location changes this shows that he is headed to Snowhead, possibly to find out the cause of the snow covering the area and to probably try and stop it. When Link obtains some Hot Spring Water (found either in the cave where Darmani's Grave is or in the hole that has ice over it on one of the islands in the Spectacle Rock area) and uses it on the ice surrounding the Elder, he unfreezes and is shocked to find Darmani (Goron Link) in front of him. He convinces himself that Goron Link is an illusion that is being created by Snowhead's magic and proceeds to walk away from him.

Upon hearing from Goron Link that his son is upset and is missing him, he attempts to teach him the Goron's Lullaby but he finds himself unable to remember all the notes to the song. He then teaches Goron Link the six notes of the song that he does remember. Upon playing those notes to his son, the young Goron teaches Goron Link the rest of it. After the Elder has taught the song to Goron Link he will begin to walk again obviously intent on reaching his destination. He will become frozen again shortly afterwards and there is nothing that Link can do to prevent it from occurring as it will keep happening. It will only stop once Link has defeated the boss from Snowhead and restored spring to the area. After Link has beaten Snowhead Temple he will find the Elder in the Goron Shrine surrounded by fellow Gorons. He will then announce that since he is getting old it is time for him to choose a successor. He tells Goron Link that he has chosen him (thinking he is Darmani) to be his successor. He believes that everyone will be happy with Darmani being the patriarch of Goron Village.
Goron-Elders-Son-2.png Goron Elder's SonInside the Throne Room of Goron Shrine, an infant-sized goron in a cloth diaper sits on the throne. Day and night, he bawls his eyes out, filling the entire shrine with his wails. Because of this noise, all the gorons in Goron Shrine have been driven to the point of exhaustion from the shrieks of a crying baby goron. They plug their ears with their fingers and jump up and down, desperately trying to block out the noise.

When Link speaks to the goron elder's son, Link finds out that he is crying over three things: the extreme cold, his fatigue, and the fact that has father has now gone missing. In order to help the infant, and indirectly the rest of the gorons, Link must find and unfreeze the Goron Elder in the pathway between Mountain Village and Goron Village. When the Goron Elder is unfrozen, he will try to teach you the Goron Lullaby, but in the end he forgets the second part, and can only teach Link the first part. When Link (with the goron mask on) plays the first part of the Goron Lullaby in front of the elder's son, he will recognize the song immediately. He will then stand up, and help Link finish the song by teaching Link the second part of the lullaby. After Link plays it correctly, the goron elder's son becomes sleepy, and stops crying. He finally curls up and falls asleep right on the throne. In a moment of relief, all the gorons will curl up and begin to catch up on their much needed rest. He will sleep for as long as Snowhead Temple is left untouched.

After Link clears Snowhead Temple, the goron elder's son can be found next to the entrance to the Goron Racetrack. He waits outside the boulder, because this year, the Goron Elder sent his son to run the races in his stead. To destroy the boulder, Link can go to Medigoron in Goron Village to learn how to use Powder Kegs. The initiation to be able to gain a powder keg license is to bring a keg from Medigoron's house to the the Goron Racetrack's entrance. As soon as the track is open, the elder's son will walk in and begin the races. Goron Link can enter the race by talking to the son. If Link wins the race, he will give him a bottle of gold dust. The goron elder's son is key in the journey to Snowhead, and his attatchment to Darmani is a melancholy reminder of the consequences of Link walking around with the Goron Mask equipped.
Great Fairy MM.png Great FairyFive Great Fairies inhabit the land of Termina, spread equally across the world. However, Skull Kid has divided these great fairies into a large amount of smaller fairies. While the majority of the fairies have kept their residence in the Fairy Fountains, some have strayed from the fountain and have trapped themselves in either a temple or random corners of Clock Town.

It is Tatl who first suggests seeking out the Great Fairy, thinking that the Great Fairy will be able to stop Skull Kid dead in his tracks. But as Link first enters the fountain in North Clock Town, Tatl finds a Great Fairy shattered into a group of smaller fairies. The smaller fairies beg Link to go find the only fairy missing from the mass. Link can find this fairy flying over the Laundry pool during the day, or in East Clock Town at night. Once Link brings back the fairy, all the smaller fairies will spin and form into the Great Fairy of Magic, the fairy Link is likely to have the most interaction with. As a gift, Link will get the ability to blow bubbles and shoot them as projectiles. After the first three days, if Link restores the Great Fairy of Magic again, she will give Link the Great Fairy's mask. When Link wears the mask in a dungeon, If there is a fairy in the room, its hair will shimmer. Also, any Fairy released from a bubble or in the air will float over to Link while he wears the mask.

If Link gathers 15 fairies from one dungeon, he will be able to rescue the Great Fairies from other parts of the world. The Great Fairy of Power lives in a cave on the rim of Woodfall, and will teach Link a supercharged spin attack. The Great Fairy of Wisdom lives in a cave below the entrance to Snowhead Temple, and will double the length of Link's magic meter if released. In Great Bay, The Great Fairy of Courage lives a number of ledges away from the seashore near Zora Cape, and will give Link the power of double life. Finally, the Great Fairy of Kindness lives in Ikana, is gives the Great Fairy's Sword to anyone who manages to gather all the fairies from Stone Tower Temple. The hair color of the Great Fairies will correspond to the color of their smaller fairy forms.
Grog-Model.png GrogBack again with his mohawk and his love for cuccos, Grog returns in Majora's Mask. He can be found all three days inside the Cucco Shack at Romani Ranch. Grog is a quiet type, and the only thing he really seems concerned about is his Cuccos.

When Link meets Grog, he will talk to Link about the falling moon. Overall, Grog doesn't have any regrets, for he never was very invested in anything. However, the only regret he has was never being able to see his latest batch of Cuccos grow into roosters.

Link can help Grog's Cuccos reach maturity before the moon fall by using the Bremen Mask. If Link puts the mask on and holds B, he will pull out his ocarina, and begin playing. Along with his music, the Bremen Mask will allow Link to march. In order to grow the Cuccos, Link must march past each and every little cucco chick, lining them up behind him single file. Once Link finds all 10 cucco chicks, the chicks will grow into roosters one by one. Grog will feel complete seeing his little cucco chicks grow into adults, and will reward Link the Bunny Hood for his help.

Grog's only entry into the Bombers' Notebook is receiving the Bunny Hood, which is attainable at any time. The notebook describes Grog as a "cucco-lover".
Guru-Guru.png Guru-GuruOn the first or second night, Link can go to the Laundry Pool to meet Guru-Guru. Guru-Guru is a middle-aged man with brown hair and a blue shirt and a giant Organ Grinder contraption sitting in his lap. He has come to Clock Town along with the Gorman Troupe, and spends his time alone. He usually is a very cheerful man, playing his organ music and smiling. But, he is prone to fits of anger, and can become very upset over certain things. His Organ Grinder plays the Song of Storms, but Link must look elsewhere to be able to play the songs.

When Link speaks to Guru-Guru, Guru-Guru will tell Link the story of his last musical outfit. Before the three day cycle began, Guru-Guru was in a musical troupe made up completely of animals. According to him, the reason that he could join was 'Because a human is an animal too, my boy!' In the troupe, Guru-Guru became very jealous of the leader, a dog. He felt that since humans were the smartest animal, he should be the leader. After a while, Guru-Guru stole his mask, the source of the Troupe Leader's power.

Guru-Guru's tale ends as a confession of his crime, the theft of the Bremen Mask from the dog leader. With his conscience clear, Guru-Guru will reward you with the mask. The gift of this mask is the only event Guru-Guru has for his entry in the Bombers' Notebook, and the event can be completed anytime.

The tale he tells is a reference to the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale about the Town musicians of Bremen. The story is based on a musical troupe of animals. Guru-Guru can also be found in the rented room for the performers in the Stock Pot Inn, but he cannot tell his story at this time. Guru Guru is also a character in Ocarina of Time, and shrouded in mystery as he was before.
Honey-and-Darling.png Honey and DarlingHoney and Darling make a comeback from Ocarina of Time, but this time they actually have a role to play. The lovey-dovey king and queen of PDA now own a shop in Clock Town, called, the Honey and Darling Shop. Inside the shop, Honey and Darling hold each other on top of a pedestal in the center of the room. They are always holding hands, and looking into each other's eyes. They act pompous towards Link, and overall don't treat him very well. They are the video game representation of that overly-obnoxious couple that everyone finds eventually.

Fortunately, Link is able to crush their spirits, by getting a perfect score on each if their games three days in a row. In order to play, Link must speak to them and pay 10 rupees. On the first day, their game is Bombchu Bowling. The second day, it is Bomb Basketball, and the third is basically just archery target practice. The first and second days, the Honey and Darling will reward Link with 50 rupees. If Link ends up beating the out entirely on the last day, they will give him a piece of heart. With their game cleared, the two will begin to doubt their happiness. However, if Link wants to upset them without going through all the trouble, he can come in on the Third Day and play the archery game. Instead of aiming for the targets, Link should aim for the Honey and Darling themselves. If hit, they will yell out at him, and if hit too many times, will cancel the game. Sometimes, losing 10 rupees is worth getting out some pent up frustration, and the home of the Honey and Darling is the place to do it.
Igos-Du-Ikana.png Igos du IkanaIgos du Ikana is the undead king of Ikana. His throne room is in Ikana Castle, in the room farthest to the north. At all times during the 3 day cycle he sits waiting, with two guards by his side.

Igos is the tragic king of Ikana. Long before the events of the game, Ikana was a great nation, a bastion of military prowess and prosperity. Little is known about Ikana's history, but at some point Ikana went to war with another nation. The war was long and bloody, and at the end of the war, Ikana was destroyed beyond repair, and Igos du Ikana locked himself in his castle.

When Link enters the throne room of Igos, he will tell Link that he has trespassed on a cursed land, and sends his guards to attack. Using light from the windows (use a fire arrow to burn the shades), Link can stun, and eventually kill his henchmen. After his guards fall, Igos rises from his throne and draws his sword.

At this point, Igos is an enemy which Link must defeat in order to exit the room and continue with the game. Igos can be stunned if he Link shines light on him while he is preparing an attack. After he is stunned, slash him with the sword until he comes to. Igos has to special attacks which his servants lacked. One, he can breathe ice, and freeze Link if he gets too close. Two, he has the ability to decapitate himself and have his head chase you around the room. In order to avoid this one, Link should run continuously around the room, avoiding sharp turns or stopping. A couple of good hits and Igos should be down in a handful of minutes.

Once Igos goes down, his servants will start to bicker and fight as floating heads. Igos intervenes, and questions if that fighting attitude was what ruined Ikana in the first place. Being released from his curse, he thanks Link, and begs him to vanquish the evil inside Stone Tower. Igos teaches Link the Elegy of Emptiness to help him climb Stone Tower.

Igos appears in the credits wavering with his servants. Also, if Link wears the Captain's Hat before Igos attacks, Igos will get confused for a moment, before realizing that he is being tricked. His servants also have a comedic reaction to the Bremen's Mask.
Lulu.png The Indigo-Go'sThe Indigo-Go's is the hip and happening band straight from the Zora Cape. The band consists of 5 members, four living. When Link finds Mikau, the guitarist in the band, he is weak and about to die. Link eases his soul and transforms him into the Zora Mask, thus giving himself the identity of Mikau.

So if you have already acquired the Zora Mask, congratulations! You are now part of the Indigo-Go's. The other members of the band are Lulu, Tijo, Evan, and Japas. Japas is the bass player with a cool surfer attitude and a yearning for a jam session. Evan leads the band, plays the keyboard, and when Link meets him, is having a difficult time coming up with new material. Tijo plays the drums, and also shares a room with Mikau. And most importantly, Lulu is the lead singer, and the loss of her eggs and her voice are large aspects of the plot in Great Bay.

Possibly the most surprising of all, the band has not only managed to stay together for one generation, but two. The band presently is the second incarnation of the Indigo-Go's. Also, the girl known now as Lulu is the daughter of the original Lulu.

The band is scheduled to play for the Festival of Time. But, before Link arrives in Termina, Lulu's eggs were stolen. With her eggs missing, she mysteriously begins to lose her voice as well. The band left without a voice, Toto, the band's manager, makes a trip to Clock Town to cancel for the festival of Time. The reason that the Great Bay Temple must be cleared is to restore Lulu's voice, and thus allow the Indigo-Go's to play the Festival of Time.
Japas-Model.png JapasJapas is the long-haired, laid-back bassist of the Indigo-Go's. He spends his time in his room in Zora Cape playing his bass. The only time he leaves his room is to perform with the Indigo-Go's, after the Gyorg has been killed and the completion of the Great Bay temple. The fins on his head imitate long straight hair, adding to the rock star personality he gives off. There is also sheet music spread all across the room, which adds to the image.

When Link has the Zora Mask on, Japas will mistake Link for Mikau, the Zora Guitarist who was the source of the mask. Under the impression that he's talking to his old bandmate and friend, Japas will ask Link to jam. In order to complete the jam session with Japas, Link must look for Japas' diary, where he has written the notes down which he is expecting to hear. When the correct notes are played, Link and Japas will go on to continue jamming. Zoras will crowd around the door to hear Link and Japas play the jam session. After the jam session is played, Japas suggests that you play it for Evan. However, he'll also tell Link that Evan is too headstrong to allow any of the other bandmates to contribute.

In order to reap the reward for the jam session, Link must go to Evan's room and play him the jam session. However, if Link has the Zora Mask on, Evan will not use the melody on account of his stubbornness. If Link plays it, Evan will decide to use the song and give you a Piece of Heart for your troubles, although all Link did was copy the notes that Japas already had written down. But Japas wouldn't have a problem with it, he's pretty chill.
Jim.png JimJim is the leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. He is one of two members who have a unique bandana color, his being red. Jim can be found in North Clock Town practicing with his blowgun by attempting to pop a balloon, refusing to talk to Link unless Link can pop the balloon himself. When Link pops the balloon as a Deku, Jim compliments his skills, then offers to tell Link the code to the Bombers' hideout if he can pass his test. Jim then calls the Bombers and they play a game of hide and seek with Link. When Link finds all of the kids, Jim tells him he did pretty good for a Deku Scrub, and if he was human he could make him a full member of the Bombers. Still interested in having Link join, he asked the other Bombers but they are unanimously against a Deku Scrub joining. Jim explains that they once let a someone join who wasn't human (the Skull Kid) but they regretted it. He tells Link he's sorry, but gives him the code to the hideout instead.

If Link plays their game again after going back in time and becoming a human, then Jim does let him join and explains what the Bombers are all about to him, awarding him a Bombers' Notebook. If Link instead remembers the password and enters their hideout without getting the password from Jim, then Jim will come up to him as he leaves the hideout. He wonders how Link got inside without taking his test for the code, then assumes Link must have figured out the code somehow, and commends him. Impressed with Link, he gives him a Bombers' Notebook anyway and makes him a full member, saying he's a replacement for the Skull Kid who's been breaking their rules. He then says to Tatl to tell the Skull Kid he's "outta here" because he's caused enough trouble. Once Link has acquired the Bombers' Notebook and become a member, he doesn't speak to Jim again.
Kaepora-Gaebora.png Kaepora GaeboraLike his Hyrulean counterpart, Kaepora Gaebora is a giant owl that appears at several points to give Link advice and guide him on his journey. He has no explanation or backstory, unlike the Kaepora Gaebora from Hyrule. The Owl Statues throughout Termina that look like Kaepora Gaebora were left by him to aid one with the power to change Termina's destiny. Kaepora Gaebora seems strangely aware of Termina's impending fate and is actively seeking someone who can change that fate.

He first appears in the Southern Swamp when Link is on his way to Woodfall Temple, recognizing Link as a fairy child, a rare sight, and asks what business he has in the poisoned swamp. He tells Link he wouldn't blame him if he turned back, and suggests that Link head back to town. During this encounter he informs Link that Woodfall has lost its guardian deity, one of the Four Giants, but that it was destined to fade anyway as was the rest of the land. He tells Link that if he has courage enough to press on in the face of destiny, then he will teach him the Song of Soaring, allowing Link to transport to any of his Owl Statues. He tells Link that from the moment he first plays the song, Link and him will become eternal friends, transcending time and place. Kaepora Gaebora then flies off.

He later reappears in Goron Village. After greeting Link, he tells him he may have the strength to change Termina's destiny like he expected. He warns Link that the trials ahead will only become more challenging, also requesting of Link to watch over the Gorons. The land of the Gorons is doomed to be smothered in snow and ice, and become a land where nothing can survive. Kaepora Gaebora tells Link that without courage and determination he will succumb to the extreme conditions, but if he has both then it is another story. He asks Link if he intends to press on, responding to his answer of yes by saying that perhaps he does have the strength to change the fate of the mountain after all. The owl then leads Link across a chasm to the Lens of Truth. Once Link makes it there, Kaepora Gaebora is assured of Link's resolve. His final advice to Link is that from here on out he should not be fooled by appearances and instead rely on his feelings. Kaepora Gaebora then flies off, never appearing again.
Kafei-Model.png KafeiOnce a member of the Bombers Gang when he was a child, Kafei is the son of the mayor of Clock Town and is engaged to the inkeeper at the Stock Pot Inn, Anju. Their wedding is supposed to take place during the Carnival of Time where they both shall exchange their masks; his the Sun Mask, and hers the Moon Mask. But sadly, a series of unfortunate events strikes Kafei during the month before their wedding which caused him to disappear from his beloved and made her worry about his whereabouts. The reason for his disappearance is due to the Skull Kid changing him into a child and as he was going to the Great Fairy to see if she could cure him of that curse, he had his Sun's Mask stolen from him by a "prancing man with a grinning face", Sakon. Because of his promise to Anju that he would greet her with his wedding mask, he felt that he shouldn't see her until he retrieved back his mask although he knew that she was worried about him.

As such he stayed in hiding in the room behind the Curiosity Shop, waiting for the thief to appear so that he could follow him to his hideout. Using a Keaton Mask, which was given to him as a gift by the Curiosity Shop owner as a child, as a disguise, Kafei is able to go out in public for a short time without anyone knowing it was him. Link first sees Kafei, although at the time he didn't know who he truly was, on the first day at 6 am depositing a letter in a mailbox near the Laundry Pool. Later on, this letter is delivered to Anju by the mailman who refuses to tell her where he got it from. After Link shows Anju that he too is searching for Kafei, by means of Kafei's Mask, she tells him to met her at the Inn at during the night where she gives him a letter to deliver to Kafei. After following the mailman to the Laundry Pool, he's finally able to meet Kafei in person and hears his sad tale. He gives the Pendant of Memories to Link and tells him to give it to Anju in order to let her know that he is still keeping their promise to be married on the Carnival of Time.

On the night of the second day, Kafei finally sees the thief at the Curiosity Shop trying to sell some stolen goods to the owner. He follows Sakon back to his hideout in Ikana Canyon and waits for for him to return since he can't open the door. When Sakon returns and opens the door to his hideout, Link and Kafei run in after him before the door closes. When going after his mask, Kafei accidentally presses a button that causes the security system to activate, which leads to the two having to work together in order for Kafei to recover his mask before it falls into a hole. After recovering the mask, Kafei runs back to town where Anju is waiting for him to return. With only a few minutes left until the moon falls onto them, Kafei and Anju finally reunite, exchanging their masks and officially becoming a couple. In the end credits, it's seen that Kafei has returned to his true form and is finally marrying Anju.
Kamaro.png KamaroLate at night (12am-6am), Kamaro can be found on top one of the mushroom-shaped rock structures in Northern Termina Field. He perches on the mushroom-rock with the small circle of stones on top. Kamaro is a bleached-white figure, who can be constantly found dancing when he appears. He has sage-green hair, and a pair of purple undies, but by far his most recognizable feature is the fact that he is constantly dancing.

There is a reason Kamaro is white, he has been dead for a long time. When Link speaks to him, Kamaro will lament about his failure to spread his dance to the world. Kamaro speaks completely in verse, but after every cryptic line of his dialogue follows a translation. It was Kamaro's plan to bring his dance to the entire world, and achieve world harmony. But, with his untimely passing, he now only regrets never being able to pass on his dance.

Now this is where Link comes in. Like many of the lost spirits in the game, Kamaro can he healed with the Song of Healing. After Link plays the song, Kamaro tells Link that he must spread Kamaro's dance across the world, teaching all Kamaro's posthumous moves. Or, in the words of the game's translation translations, 'Make it into a popular dance craze!'. Kamaro will then give you Kamaro's Mask, and tell you that he's counting on you. With his wishes passed on, Kamaro will burn up and give you his mask.

Kamaro's mask is a flesh-colored piece of cloth, with a figure of Kamaro's head sitting on top. When wearing the mask, the B button changes from your sword to 'Dance'. Pressing B, Link can do the dance Kamaro did before his spirit was healed. Aside from being one of the oddest-looking masks in the game, Kamaro's mask gives Link the ability to obtain a heart piece from the Rosa sisters.

Kamaro's entry into the Bombers' Notebook describes him as charismatic, and a lover of moonlight. Healing Kamaro's soul is the only activity required for complete his section of the notebook.
Keaton-Model.png KeatonKeaton is the yellow fox creature that was the basis for the Keaton Mask. The Keaton fox stands about as high as human Link, and has black-tipped tails that float up and down. In order to find the Keaton fox, Link needs to obtain the mask which was inspired by the Keaton itself. While wearing the Keaton mask, Link can slash at the circular patches of moving bushes found in North Clock Town, Milk Road, and Mountain Village (Spring). After all the bushes decompose, the leaves will gather in the circle, and the Keaton will appear. Along with him, his own theme plays, a creepy use of traditional Japanese instruments.

The fox continues on to quiz Link on various game-related questions. Many connect to relationships between characters, amount of items in clock town, etc. If Link answers three questions correctly, the Keaton will reward Link with a Piece of Heart. Once Link and the Keaton finish their conversation, the Keaton will disappear again. The Keaton fox is based on the Kitsune, a mythological Japanese creature.
Kotake.png KotakeKotake is the witch who runs the Southern Swamp Potion Shop. She is always open, and can sell Link red and green potions during the daytime. She is the cheery old witch who has a tendency to fall asleep on the job. Her potion shop lies east of the Southern Swamp tourist center, where her sister works.

Link must speak to Kotake in order to save her sister, Koume, from inside the Mystery Woods. Before he can do so, he must find Koume at the end of the Woods of Mystery. Otherwise, Kotake won't find out that her sister is missing. Kotake will give Link his first bottle, full of red potion. If Link brings this bottle back to Koume, she will thank him, and head back to the tourist center. If Link does not save Koume before nightfall, Kotake will temporarily leave the shop to find her sister.

After Link receives the Mask of Scents, Link can help out Kotake with her potion-making. With the Mask of Scents, Link can find the Magic Mushrooms which Kotake has been searching for. When Link gives her the mushrooms, she will whip up a batch of a previously-unavailable potion; blue potion. For his effort, she will give Link a bottle full of the first batch.

Kotake, along with her sister, Koume, made an earlier appearance in Ocarina of Time. Kotake was an Ice Witch who guarded the Spirit Temple with her fiery sister, Koume. Kotake and Koume seems to be the only two characters which have changed from enemies to friends between the two games.
Koume.png KoumeBefore Link arrives to Termina, Koume, the kindly old witch of the swamp has the misfortune of running into Skull Kid. With her power sapped, she is trapped inside of the Woods of Mystery, and in need of Link's help. To find her, Link must enter the Woods of Mystery in Southern Swamp, behind her sister's potion shop.

Link can find Koume by following the monkey at the beginning of the woods. He will lead Link through the passages of the Woods of Mystery, and bring him to Koume, along with a group of his monkey friends. When Link speaks to Koume, she'll beg Link for something to restore her energy. In order to help her, Link must exit the Woods of Mystery and enter Kotake's potion shop. When Kotake, the identical twin sister of Koume, finds out about her sister's plight for help she will tell Link to go save her. She will also give Link a bottle full of red potion to do the job. If Link navigates the forest again, he can give the potion to Koume, restoring her energy.

Restored and replenished, Koume will thank you and fly back to her job running the Southern Swamp Boat Cruise. For helping her, Koume will give Link his first ride on the house. Also, Koume will give Link the Pictograph for free, because of the pictograph contest also working out of the Swamp Tourist Center. Her cruise leads to Deku Palace, and is the only way to navigate the poison swamp. After his first ride, Koume will make Link pay 10 rupees for each subsequent ride. After Woodfall Temple is cleared, and the waters of the swamp are cleared along with it, Koume will offer Link something more than a tour. For 10 rupees, Link can play a game in which Link can pelt Koume with arrows while on the boat cruise. In the game, Koume will follow along in front of the Swamp tour boat, and hold a target right below her. If Link can hit the target 25 times before Koume returns to the tourist center, She will give him a piece of heart. But be careful, Koume doesn't take kindly to being shot, and she will cancel the game prematurely if Link hits her too many times. But this number is pretty high, so firing the bow as many times as possible is still Link's best bet to win. From the old lady in need of help to allowing Link to shoot his bow near her, Koume is one of those 360 degree characters. For more information of Koume, read up on her twin sister, Kotake.
Link the goron.png Link the Goron (Majora's Mask)No matter what you name your character for Majora's Mask, the game can guarantee that there will be another character with the same name. He is Link-goro, the poor goron who just wanted to have a warm place to sleep. He wears a backpack, a hat, and a bow-tie, and has presumably come to Clock Town on business.

Link-goro has a reservation at the Stock Pot Inn, which he will claim after 4pm on the first day. However, if Link talks to Anju at the reception desk between 2pm and 4pm, she will give the room which was supposed to be for Link-goro to regular Link. If Link does so, Link-goro will come at 4pm, and try to claim his room. Anju, confused, will deny Link-goro, and he will have to spend the night outside. This confusion results out of Link-goro's speech pattern, which force him to say "-goro" after every sentence.

The first night, Link-goro can be found sleeping in the awning in front of the Stock Pot Inn (aww). If Link speaks to him, he will accurately predict rain in the morning. Poor, poor, Link-goro.
Lulu.png LuluLulu is the lead singer for the legendary all Zora band The Indigo-Go's. She can be found on the outside ledge of Zora Cape, near the Owl Stone. Lulu wears a blue dress, and is unable to speak to Link or anyone else... for now.

Lulu has lost her voice under tragic circumstances. Before the three day cycle, Lulu had given birth to seven Zora eggs, fathered by Mikau, the guitarist from the Indigo-Go's. With the birth of her eggs, Evan, the bandleader, suggested sending her eggs to the Marine Laboratory near the coast for safe keeping. These eggs were captured by the Gerudo pirates en route to the laboratory. The Gerudo, tricked by Skull Kid into believing the eggs were the key to gaining access to the Great Bay Temple, stole all 7 eggs, but only were able to bring four back to the base. With all her eggs kidnapped, Lulu falls into a depression, and the loss of her voice ensues.

In order for Link to help Lulu, he must first retrieve all 7 of her eggs. Link can find the first four in Gerudo Fortress, and the last three are underwater at Pinnacle Rock being guarded by gigantic eels. Lulu's eggs fit into bottles, and can be released safely into the giant tank in the Marine Research Lab. When all seven eggs are found, the eggs will hatch, and teach Link the New Wave Bossa Nova. But, although the eggs are safe, Lulu will still be unable to sing. Link must defeat Gyorg, and clear the Great Bay Temple in order to bring Lulu's voice back.

The reason for Lulu's loss of voice is directly tied to the Great Bay Temple. Lulu seems to be in a lineage of guardians of the Temple, and their fates are intertwined. Also a guardian of the Great Bay Temple, Lulu's mom, also named Lulu, was previously the guardian, along with the previous singer for the Indigo-Go's. When Link wears the Zora Mask, Lulu will see him as Mikau, her lover and fellow musician.
Madame-Aroma.png Madame AromaMadame Aroma is the wife of Mayor Dotour and the mother of Kafei. Married into town politics, she is the head of the committee working on the Festival of Time carnival, as well as post-mistress of Clock Town. She is too busy organizing the Festival to look for her son, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The loss of her son has taken a toll on her work, and she is struggling to keep up from the stress of her missing son.

Madame Aroma first asks for Link's help due to a misunderstanding. When Link speaks to Aroma after 10 AM on the first and second day, she will mistake Link for a private investigator she hired, and ask him to find Kafei. To help with the job, she will give Link Kafei's Mask which is useful for asking others about the whereabouts of Kafei. In order to use the mask properly, Link must speak to Anju wearing the mask on the first day. She will make an appointment to discuss the location of Kafei in private.

If Link follows the Anju/Kafei quest chain properly, Kafei will write one final letter to his mother. But instead of seeking Link out, Kafei will leave the parcel with his friend, the Curiosity Shop Owner. Link can talk to the Owner of the Curiosity Shop between 12 and 6 on the Final Day to get the letter, and see to it that it gets delivered.

Link can deliver the Delivery to Mama both directly, and indirectly. Link can find Madame Aroma waiting for the apocalypse to come in the Milk Bar on the final night. If Link gives her the letter, she will thank Link for giving her the fate of her son, and give Link a bottle full of Chateau Romani. On the other hand, Link can give the delivery to the Postman on the final night, and he will deliver it to her the exact same way Link could have. When he delivers the letter, Madame Aroma, the post-mistress, will release the Postman from his duty, and he will give Link his hat before fleeing. Madame Aroma is stretched thin between her festival duties and her missing son. More so, Madame Aroma is conflicted at heart, planning the Festival which will never happen if the Moon isn't stopped.
BeanSalesman.png Bean SellerTermina's counterpart to the Bean Seller from Ocarina of Time. He does nearly the same thing as his parallel; selling Magic Beans and eating beans. His Hyrulean self ate beans even after the Magic Beans were sold out, so it is likely that the beans he is seen eating are not the same as those he sells. This strange man makes his home in a secret grotto in the Deku Palace, and his presence is probably unknown to the Deku Royal Family. He says he doesn't get much business, likely due to his location. When they first meet, he gives Link a free Magic Bean pod, but from then on he sells them for 10 Rupees each.
Mamamu-Yan.png Mamamu YanMamamu Yan is a doggy enthusiast who has taken her passion to the extreme. Link can find her at her racetrack in the southern end of Romani Ranch. Mamamu Yan runs an adorable version of a dog racing track, with Mini Schnauzers (Like the one in South Clock Town). However, the cuteness of her dogs does not stop Mamamu Yan from taking bets, a gamble in which Link can earn a Piece of Heart.

In order to place a bet, Link must physically pick up the dog he is betting on, and bring him to Mamamu Yan. Then, Link can place a bet on his choice. If Link's dog comes in first place, Link gets triple his bet. Second place doubles the bet, and at third to fifth, you break even. If Link is able to earn 150 rupees from the race, Mamamu Yan will add in the bonus prize of a Piece of Heart. However, the best dog isn't always an easy find.

Without the Mask of Truth, it's almost impossible. The Mask of Truth, the mask with the power to hear animal's thoughts comes in handy for gambling. When Link lifts a dog above his head while wearing the Mask of Truth, he will be able to hear how the dog is feeling. The more confident the dog is in himself, the more likely of winning. With this mask, Link can always find a dog who will be able to place in at least fifth, if he finds the most confident dogs. While her doggy racetrack is a little seedy at times, Mamamu Yan manages to pull off dog racing as an adorable game that Link can get a heart piece from.
Man-From-Curiousity-Shop.png Man from Curiosity ShopThe owner of the shadiest shop in town, the man who runs the Curiosity Shop's only concern is making money. His store, the Curiosity Shop, is situated in West Clock Town, and only opens after 10 pm, and stays open until 6 am. The way he makes his business is by buying stolen items, and selling them at a higher price. He gets these items from various locations, be it Sakon, the smiling thief, or his nefarious bird. He is by no means a fair man, but he is able to help Link in many various ways. However, he has one personal friend whom he will take care of no matter what. That person is Kafei, the missing son of Mayor Dotour and Madame Aroma.

The Curiosity Shop Owner is intertwined in the events concerning the Anju and Kafei quest chain, and he is a great friend of Kafei. He keeps Kafei hidden in the back room of his shop, with the entrance hidden in the back of the Laundry Pool. Kafei writes his letters to Anju from here and Kafei reveals his identity to Link in this back room. After Kafei reveals himself, he will head for Ikana. On the final day, from 12pm to 6pm, Link can return to the curiosity shop back room to find the shop owner waiting. The Curiosity Shop owner serves as Kafei's messenger, giving Link a letter Kafei wrote to his mother, and the Keaton Mask, a gift to Link for his help in reuniting the couple.

Alternatively, If Link saves the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop, the only event that can disrupt the Anju Kafei quest chain, he will be able to get another Mask from the Curiosity Shop Owner. On the final night, after 12, The All-Night Mask will be on sale until doomsday. The price is steep at 500 rupees, and it is inaccessible to anyone without the Giant's Wallet. Although he is kind of a scum bag overall, the Curiosity Shop owner has his own part to play as well as the masks that he gives to Link.
Man-From-Trading-Post.png Man from Trading PostThe smiling face behind a store filled with semi-useless products is the man from the trading post that runs the store during daytime hours. He is a polite and well-mannered young man. Link can buy a variety of items from him, most of which can be found from cutting grass, pots, etc. He has come to terms with the limited selection of the store and even admits it to Link at times. Before Link interacts with him he can be found constantly scratching his back, cursed by an impossible itch. The trading post man works from 6am to 9pm, and is covered by a part-time employee afterward.

The man from the trading post will respond differently to whichever mask Link is wearing, be it a transformation mask or a regular mask. Most of the time, he will complement Link's appearance. The trading post man's appearance on the other hand, is strangely familiar to the Owner of the Curiosity Shop. Even the same soundbite is used for his voice. However, this is never proven, and left open for interpretation. It's just another mystery in a game chock full of the unknown.
Marine-Researcher.png ProfessorThe Professor spends all his time in his lab, off the coast of Great Bay. There, he has multiple experiments he keeps his eyes on, and overall just is focused on the marine ecosystem of Great Bay. He is also given the duty of containing and caring for Lulu's eggs, a job made difficult by the disappearance of them.

One of his prime concerns is the retrieval of Lulu's eggs. Link must empty all of the eggs into one of his holding tanks, and it is left to the researcher to figure out their ailment. After all 7 are collected, these eggs hatch, and develop into zora tadpoles. These tadpoles then float to specific depths, to give the appearance of musical notes on a staff. The researcher is astonished by this development, and asks Link what it could possibly mean. Not much else is explained about the researcher, just that he is a crazy old guy who is really interested in water and what lives in it.
Mayor-Dotour-Model.png Mayor DotourAs the leader of a doomed town, Mayor Dotour spends much of the entire three day rotation making one decision. Mayor Dotour has the burden of deciding whether to evacuate Clock Town, or to continue preparing for the Festival of Time. He can be found in Town Hall in East Clock town, in his office. Inside his office, a heated argument takes place whether or not to evacuate. On one side of the table, Mutoh, the chief carpenter argues that the Festival must go as scheduled. On the other side, Viscen and his soldiers urge the mayor to evacuate.

If Link does not intervene, Dotour will be pressured into continuing on schedule with the carnival. He is pressured into this decision by Mutoh, when he threatens to tell Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife. However, at any time before the final evening, if Link walks into the office wearing the Couple's Mask, the mayor's stress will be relieved and he will decide that the decision to evacuate or not is a choice left to each individual person. He will reward Link a Piece of Heart for easing his woes.

Mayor Dotour has a strong presence in Clock Town besides his occupation. He is the father of Kafei, and the husband of Madame Aroma. On top of the pressing issue of the falling moon, Mayor Dotour must also worry about the disappearance of his son. If Link speaks to him wearing Kafei's Mask after the argument is resolved, he will tell Link to try the Curiosity Shop. Besides his family connections, Anju's Grandmother, while rambling on will speak of Dotour as if she was once his schoolteacher long ago.

Mayor Dotour has an entry into the Bombers' Notebook, and the only event he has is the Piece of Heart obtained while wearing the Couple's Mask.
Medigoron-Model.png MedigoronThe 2nd largest goron, Medigoron sells Powder Kegs out of his cave in Goron Village. However, the endless winter has put him out of business, due to a giant block of ice covering the entrance to his cave. Inside, he will wait until spring.

After Link defeats Goht and the spell cast over Snowhead dissipates, he will be able to go visit Medigoron. Along with selling Powder Kegs, Medigoron is in charge of training new users of the bomb as well. Wearing the Goron Mask, Link will be able to take the powder keg license test, the assignment being clearing the boulder in front of the Goron Racetrack. Link will be given a powder keg with a very long fuse, and will be asked to transport the bomb out of the cave and across the village. When Link succeeds in doing so, he can return to Medigoron for his first powder keg which is on the house.

After Link is powder keg trained, he can return to Medigoron in springtime (or winter with fire arrows) to buy a powder keg off of Medigoron for 100 rupees. Even though Medigoron seems to be the authority on these large explosives, his asking price is inflated. With the ability to carry powder kegs, Link can locate the goron in Clock Town's bomb shop to buy powder kegs for 50 rupees. Medigoron may be the chief, but the price isn't right as long as he can be outdone by the more accessible and cheaper goron in the Bomb Shop.
Mikau-Model.png MikauDescended from ancient Zora heroes, Mikau was the guitarist for the famous Zora band, the Indigo-Go's. He was roommates with Tijo, the drummer, and he had jam sessions with Japas, the bassist. He had a close relationship with Lulu, the band's singer, and was angry when he was told by Evan that the eggs she had laid were stolen by the Gerudo Pirates. Evan told him to go find the eggs before the concert they were to have at the Carnival of Time, but before he left, Evan told him where to get bottles in order to hold the eggs when he found them. Mikau went to race the Beaver Brothers to get the bottle they had, but unfortunately he lost against them and didn't get the bottle.

He then went and infiltrated the Pirates Fortress, but unfortunately did not succeed in getting the eggs back. The pirates left him floating in the waters of Great Bay and near death. After Link finds him and helps bring him back to shore, he manages to summon enough strength to tell Link what happened in the form of a song. He asks Link to heal his soul to which he obliges. After seeing an image of himself with Lulu and his band, his body fades away and in it's place is the Zora mask which allows Link to turn into a Zora and use Mikau's abilities.
Monkey-Model.png MonkeyThis particular monkey is found tied up in the Deku Palace being falsely accused by the King of kidnapping the princess. He begs and pleads with the Deku people to go and help the princess who is being held at Woodfall Temple before it's too late, but they ignore him. It isn't until after some of his brothers ask Link after they see him help Koume by telling him about their brother's plight.

Link reaches the Monkey by sneaking around the palace guards that are in the garden surrounding the palace. Once he goes and talks to the monkey and learns that he went with the Princess to try and discover the reason for the swamp's poisoned water and that the princess was then taken by the boss of the temple during their search, he is convinced that it's innocent and Link shall learn the Sonata of Awakening from him. The King, the Butler, and the guards overhear the tune being played on Link's instrument which instantly makes the monkey look more guilty since the song he taught Link is one that the Deku only knew. Due to this, the King commences the monkey's punishment by lowering him repeatedly into a pot of boiling water while the guards and the king dance.

The monkey is later freed by the orders of the Princess when she is rescued and returned to the palace via Link's bottle. He forgives the King for his hastiness and is grateful to Link for helping the princess. At the end of the game during the credits, he is found standing with the Deku Royal Family and their guards in the Deku Palace.
Moon-Child-Odolwa.png Moon ChildrenThe game Majora's Mask takes an unexpectedly tranquil turn after Link gets sucked into the moon. The interior of a moon is a peaceful meadow, with children frolicking around a tree. These children are the Moon Children, or Lunar Children, and they are naive, playful kids, with some dark undertones. Each of the Lunar Children can be found wearing a mask from a previous boss fight, save one. All the children want to play with Link, and their game of choice is Hide'n'seek. However, each one will ask Link for masks before and after the game. Giving them any masks is strictly optional, but it is the requirement to get the Fierce Deity's mask, the best mask in the game.

Each game of Hide'n'seek is played in an arena of their choosing. Each arena is a challenge in its own way, and finding the Lunar Child can be difficult. Each child, after being found, will ask for as many masks as he asked for previously. For example, the Odolwa child will ask for one mask before, and ask for one mask after. Each subsequent Lunar Child (in order that Link defeated their masks.) will ask for one more mask before, and one more mask after. In all, the children will ask for all 20 masks, and If Link hasn't collected them all, he won't be able to receive the Fierce Deity's Mask.

One Lunar Child seems to stand out from the crowd running around the tree. Sitting on the trunk of the tree, a Lunar Child wearing Majora's Mask will sulk while the others play. If Link speaks to him, he will challenge Link to a fight. If Link has also given 20 masks away to the other children, he will give Link the Fierce Deity's Mask, telling to him that they are playing good guys and bad guys, and Link is the bad guy. He will teleport Link to face Majora, and finally face Link's greatest foe.
Mr-Barten.png Mr. BartenMr. Barten is the owner, bartender, and sole employee of Clock Town's only exclusive milk bar, Latte. Latte is open from 10pm to 6am every night, and only those wearing membership identification are allowed in. If Link obtains the Romani Mask from Cremia, he will be able to enter, and also will be able to purchase milk from Mr. Barten. Mr. Barten sells two kinds of milk, Romani Milk, and Chateau Romani, the highly treasured and very pricey premium milk. Romani milk comes in two servings, and each serving replenishes a portion of Link's health. Chateau Romani, on the other hand, gives Link unlimited magic for the rest of the three day rotation, and is worth the price at 200 rupees. Mr. Barten never fails to please in his bar, and is actually a very kind and polite person for somebody who runs such an exclusive establishment.
Mutoh-Model.png MutohMutoh is the stubborn, hot-tempered carpenter leader in charge of constructing a tower in South Clock Town for the Festival of Time. His carpenters work vigilantly on their assignment, but Mutoh has other tasks to tend to. In the mayoral office, Mutoh argues for continuing on schedule with the Carnival of Time, against Captain Viscen and his soldiers. Mutoh is the only one in town who isn't quite sold on the fact that the Moon is doomed to fall, and he fights fiercely to keep the Carnival on track. If Link does not resolve their argument with the Couple's Mask, Mutoh will win the argument, only by threatening to tell Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife, of the attempts to cancel the carnival. On the final night, Mutoh stands in front of his finished fireworks tower and harasses the moon. Even though he is basically staring the moon in the eyes, he refuses to budge. However, he does exit as shown in the scene after Link defeats Majora that he ironically fled the city with Captain Viscen and his soldiers.
Poe-Collector-MM.png Poe CollectorThis mysterious character is the Terminian counterpart to the Poe Collector found in the house right of the gate to the Market in Hyrule during Link's adult years. The Poe Collector first appears at the top of the ledge leading to Ikana. He tells Link that he will not let him pass until he brings a certain mask. That mask is the Garo's Mask, which Link can get from the Gorman Brothers if he races against them and wins. Once he sees that Link has the mask, he believes that Link may be able to save the lost souls that are found in Ikana. He allows him to pass and summons a tree next to him that Link can use his Hookshot on to get on top of the ledge. Afterwards he disappears and he reappears later on in two different places.

One of the places is at the Spirit House which is located on the top of Ikana Canyon and near the dried-up river bed(or river depending on whether or not Link brought the water back). There he hosts a mini-game where Link must fight and defeat the four Poe Sisters during a set time. After completing the task, Link will obtain a Piece of Heart. The second place he is found can be located after Link obtains the Light Arrows and this place would be the Secret Shrine which is found at the foot of Ikana Canyon's water source. This time around he has Link facing the four mini-bosses from the dungeons he entered who all wish to have a rematch with him. In order to get to fight all of the mini-bosses, Link must have a certain amount of hearts which varies for each individual one. Once Link has beaten them all, he is given another Piece of Heart and thanks to Link's efforts, the Poe Collector can finally move on.
Oceanside-Spider-House-Resident.png Oceanside Spider House ResidentIf Link clears the Oceanside Spider House before the first night ends, a young man will make his way into the entrance. If Link speaks with him, the young man will ask Link to give him the property, for he is looking for somewhere to take shelter before the Moon falls. In exchange for the house that Link just purged, the man will give Link the Giant Wallet which holds 500 rupees. If Link clears the house after the first day, he will give Link a gold rupee instead. This stranger really should have cleaned out the house himself if he wanted it, but the Giant Wallet is well worth the trouble for Link.
Old-Lady-From-Bomb-Shop.png Old Lady from Bomb ShopThe 'Old Lady from Bomb Shop' is an unnamed character who helps run the Bomb Shop with her son in West Clock Town in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is of similar height to Link and is depicted as a frail and elderly woman who shakes as she stands much like other elderly characters of the game. She is also one of the twenty characters who have an entry in the Bombers' Notebook, however she can only ever be seen outside of the Bomb Shop at 12am on the first day. She is also believed to be a firm believer of the Four Giants being the guardian deities of Termina.

The part that the Old Lady plays in the Bombers' Notebook is quite simple and abrupt in the sense that it can be completed in a matter of seconds. The Old Lady will arrive in North Clock Town at precisely 12am on the first day and will be carrying a large blue bag that is nearly as big as her. As she approaches the area occupied by the postbox, the prancing thief Sakon will then knock her down and attempt to make off her with her bag leaving her stunned on the floor and screaming at the culprit. One swing from Link's sword is enough knock the bag out of Sakon's hands, he will then begin to prance towards the gate and disappear into the gloom. Once you have completed this task, the Old Lady will take back her bag and thank Link for his efforts by rewarding him with the Blast Mask. She will then disappear off to the Bomb Shop while saying, "Thank you. Since he didn't make off with them, I can finally stock Bomb Bags at our shop. Maybe I'll put 'em out tomorrow. Well, thanks for helping me. Take care..." This indicates that Link will now be able to restock.

The Blast Mask acts as a substitute bomb, which can be handy when bombs are scarce. However, as the mask is strapped to Link's face it will of course cause him damage, unless Link uses his shield while blasting the mask.Also, the day after saving the Old Lady from Sakon, you will be able to buy an efficient up-grade to your bomb carrying capabilities by purchasing the Big Bomb Bag allowing Link to carry up to 30 Bombs at any one time. If you now talk to the Old Lady she will say. "A nice fella helped me out, so we can finally sell Big Bomb Bags! Once again the Giants are looking out for me!" This quote proves that the Old Lady is in fact a believer of the giants and hails the help that she received back to them, although forgetting that it was in fact the person she is talking to that saved her.

However, if Link allows Sakon to escape then the Old Lady will be bitterly disappointed and once begin walking back to the Bomb Shop. If this occurs it goes down as a failure in the Bomber Notebook and Link will not be rewarded with the Blast Mask. The next day she'll express her disappointment in not being able to sell the Big Bomb Bag which was cruelly taken from her. She'll also announce her shock at such a seemingly innocent person turning out to be so deceitful.

Alternatively, if Link attacks Sakon with a projectile such as an arrow or the Hookshot, the Bag of Bombs explodes viciously. It will also lead to Sakon's demise as he will immediately disappear from Clock Town and will no longer be viewable dancing in Ikana Canyon for the remaining three days. The aftermath to this scenario concerning the Old Lady and the Big Bomb Bag remains the same as if he had stolen it from her.

Her body and clothes heavily resemble that of the Old Lady seen in Hyrule Market Town during Link's childhood in The Ocarina of Time.
Oni-Link.png Fierce Deity LinkIf Link collects all 20 of the regular masks, and gives all of them to the Lunar Children, Link will receive the Fierce Deity's Mask from the Majora Lunar Child right before the Final Battle. When Link puts on the mask, he will take the form of a tall warrior-god, whom was encased in the mask. In this form, Link wields a double helix sword which requires both hands. The sword also has the ability to shoot sword beams, granted Link has enough magic. It is never explained who was the Fierce Deity, or where the mask came from. The only information given about the mask is from the Majora Lunar Child, who seems to be undermining Link's confidence, and is not the most trustworthy of sources. The name Oni Link comes from the Japanese translation. Directly translated, Fierce Deity Link would be "Ogre Link". However, due to cultural differences, American and British audiences know the rarest form in the game as Fierce Deity Link.
Pamela.png PamelaPamela is a little girl who lives in the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon. Her father is a paranormal researcher, so they moved from their home in Clock Town to live in Ikana Canyon. Nothing is known about her mother, but she seems very mature for her age and constantly looks after her father while he conducts his dangerous research on ghosts. When her father investigates the Gibdo-infested well and comes back cursed, Pamela tries to look after him. She locks him in the closet in their basement to hide him from the Gibdos who start patrolling outside, telling her to bring him. Whenever someone tries to open the door, Pamela screams at them to leave them alone, mistaking them for a Gibdo.

Once Link's restored the river and the waterwheel-powered music box begins to play once more, the Gibdos are driven away. Pamela will run from Link if he tries to approach the house, but he can trick her into leaving the house for a brief time (during which she will peer into the well) and sneak inside the house. If he tries to hurt Pamela's Father, she will stop him and ask him to leave them alone, but if Link cures her father with the Song of Healing, she will run to hug her father as he's turned back to normal. Unable to remember what happened to him while cursed, he asks what he's been doing, to which Pamela simply tells him he was having a nightmare.

Later if Link comes back to visit, Pamela thanks him for helping them, but tells him to keep it a secret from her father. She's also worried that if her father sees Link's strange power, he will surely want to research it, so she doesn't want Link to meet her father. She immediately apologizes for saying such a thing. She says once her father's calmed down, she'll try to convince him to stop researching dangerous Ikana Canyon and come back to Clock Town.
Pamelas-Father.png Pamela's FatherPamela's Father is a supposedly famous paranormal researcher who is found living in the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon with his daughter Pamela during the events of Majora's Mask. He studies supernatural phenomena like fairies and ghosts, and even asks Link if he can conduct research on Tatl. He and his daughter used to live in Clock Town before moving to Ikana to research ghosts. Pamela's Father considers himself to be the expert on ghosts and claims no one in the world knows more than he does. He is somewhat reckless, much to his daughter's worry, and occasionally gets into trouble.

When Link first arrives in Ikana Valley, the scientist is actually cursed, transforming into a mummified Gibdo. He had attempted to investigate the Gibdo-infested well and as a result was afflicted with his current condition. His frightened daughter keeps him in a closet in the basement and locks the door to the house in an attempt to keep him away from the Gibdos who roam outside the house claiming that her father is one of them. When Link restores the river flow, the water-wheel on the Music Box House begins to spin and play its song once more. The song itself is called Farewell to Gibdos, and was discovered by Pamela's Father during his research. The song drives away Gibdos, as the name implies, and when it begins to play the Gibdos surrounding the house retreat into the earth. With the Gibdos gone, Pamela occasionally leaves the Music Box House, and while she's gone he can sneak into the basement and encounter Pamela's Father in his cursed form. Pamela will come and stop Link from attacking him, but if Link plays the Song of Healing, it will cure him of the curse and revert him back to a human. Link leaves him and Pamela alone as they share a heartwarming hug, gaining the Gibdo Mask created from the curse for his efforts.

Unable to remember what happened to him during the time of his curse, Pamela's Father continues with his research. Link can ask him about the pictures of a Gibdo and Garo Robe on his wall and he will tell him about those creatures. If Link speaks to him wearing one of the transformation masks, he will say his "Ghost Radar" is reacting fiercely and ask if Link will stay so he can research him.
Part-Timer.png Part-TimerUnlike his polite, friendly co-worker, the Part-Time employee of the Trading Post is an arrogant, self-centered jerk. After 10pm, he takes over the store, which has the exact same selection as before. The Part-timer is very self-absorbed, and is overall just not pleasant. He wishes to find a girlfriend and get married and also is apparently part of a band. He is also a fan of the Indigo-Go's and says that he is going to their concert in town.

While he is not working, the Part-Time worker can be found in East Termina Field, near the Observatory, sitting in a tree trying to get some rupees out of it. He helps Link in no way besides selling his goods and bugging the crap out of him.
Pierre-Model.png PierrePierre is a wandering scarecrow in search of "pleasant music". He is the Terminian counterpart of the scarecrow of the same name that is found near Lake Hylia during Link's childhood years and in certain areas all across Hyrule during his adult years in Ocarina of Time. The scarecrow can be found on the first floor of the Observatory and in the Trading Post in West Clock Town.

When Link talks to him, he can teach him the Scarecrow's Song which is a song that the Hero makes up himself. The song has a total of eight notes and they cannot be the notes that are used for the songs that are vital to Link's quest. Pierre remembers this song throughout the whole three day cycle, but upon Link's return to the past, Pierre forgets it and Link must teach it to him once again. After making up a song to use, it can then be used to help Link reach areas that he cannot get to normally. To do this, Link will see Tatl fly off and turn blue at certain areas. Link can then play the Scarecrow's Song thus making a scarecrow appear where Tatl was located. Link can use his Hookshot afterwards on the scarecrow and bring himself to its location.

Pierre is the one who tells Link about the different ways to play the Song of Time in order to alter the flow of time differently than just going backward in time. By playing the Inverted Song of Time, which is the notes played backwards, Link can slow down time which is very useful since he has a limited amount of time. With the Song of Double Time, which is the first three notes of the song played twice, Link can travel forward in time by 12 hours. Pierre has the same effect as this version of the Song of Time and it can be activated when and if Link decides to dance with him.
Postman-Model.png PostmanThe Postman is the hard-working mailman of Clock Town. He is the Terminian counterpart to the Running Man in Hyrule and is also one of the people who has an entry in the Bombers' Notebook. The Post Office, which is located in the top portion of West Clock Town near the exit to Termina and Southern Clock Town is his place of business and where he makes his home. Most of the time he is seen either running around Clock Town taking care of the mail or in the Post Office training.

At 9am on all three days, the Postman will come out of the Post Office and begin his schedule by picking up all the mail that has been put into the mailboxes. He starts at the mailbox located in Southern Clock Town near the Eastern Clock Town exit and then heads into Northern Clock Town and goes from there around the city clockwise collecting mail. Afterwards he returns to the Post Office at 12 pm and takes a nap for an hour. If Link talks to him, he will either make a comment about his schedule or about how many letters were in the mailboxes. After his nap, he sets out to deliver the letters he received for that day. When he returns home, he will begin training himself to count mentally to ten seconds which he says is quite difficult to do. (This always happens on the First Day, but may or may not happen on the Second Day if certain situations aren't met. On the Third Day this mini-game doesn't occur.) He will give Link the opportunity to try his hand at it. If Link decides to try, he will see a timer appear that will show how many seconds it has been, but it will soon disappear after at least 2 seconds. One way to be able to see the timer during the entire time would be to wear the Bunny Hood which will startle the Postman into allowing you to see it. If Link fails at stopping at exactly 10 seconds, the Postman will give him the option to try again but at the cost of 2 rupees. If Link succeeds he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.

The Postman plays a big role in reuniting Kafei and Anju by being the one who delivers the messages that the two send to each other. On the First Day he is seen delivering the letter that Kafei put in the mailbox that morning. The Postman leaves to give Anju the letter at 1pm. Upon receiving the parcel she demands to know where he got it to which the Postman refuses to tell. On the Second Day, if Link mails the letter Anju gave him during the meeting he has with her at the Stock Pot Inn, the Postman goes to deliver the letter to Kafei at the Laundry Pool. These two things show that he knows where Kafei's whereabouts are and that he may have promised Kafei to not reveal his location.

The Postman is a man who is vigorously dedicated to his schedule which causes some trouble in his life due to the impending moon's fall. He wants to leave town and take shelter with the other townspeople, but finds himself unable to do so due to it not being written in his schedule. He tries to force himself to flee by writing himself a letter (this only happens if Link did not deliver the letter to Kafei for Anju) and goes to deliver it at midnight on the Second Day. Even then he finds it hard to flee unless it becomes his priority to do so. It isn't until Link receives the Priority Mail from the Curiosity Shop man that Kafei wrote for his mother that gives him his ticket out. (Although this depends on whether or not Link goes and gets the letter from the Curiousity Shop man if he is doing the Kafei/Anju quest and decides to take it to the Postman instead of delivering it himself.) On the night of the Third Day, Link finds the Postman kneeling on the ground looking noticeably distraught about what to do. When Link gives him the Priority Mail, he immediately gets up, realizing the letter's importance and goes to deliver it to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar. Once there, he gives the letter to her and she frees him from his schedule by telling him to leave and go seek shelter. In thanks to Link for helping him he gives him the Postman's Hat and flees town, glad to be finally free. After this happens, it completes his section in the Bombers' Notebook. At the end of the game it shows him returning to Clock Town.
Young-Zelda.png ZeldaThe Princess of Hyrule and the last person Link sees before leaving Hyrule. She only appears in a flashback that Link has once he regains back his Ocarina from the Skull Kid. In that flashback, it shows that gave Link the Ocarina of Time as a memento of their time together and re-taught him the Song of Time stating for him to play that song if anything bad were to happen to him. She believes that she and Link shall meet again.
Professor-Shikashi.png Professor ShikashiShikashi is a kind and wise astronomer who can be found in the Astral Observatory, and the Terminian counterpart of a nameless man from Ocarina of Time. Referred to as "the telescope guy" by some of the Bombers, Shikashi has allowed them to use his Observatory and the path leading to it as their hideout. The Observatory itself is located in Termina Field, the Bombers' entrance is in East Clock Town. Professor Shikashi has been interested in the moon since he was a child, telling Link he should also develop his interests while he's young. Now he spends his days gazing up at the moon with his telescope. He keeps a Moon's Tear, a type of lunar rock which fall from the Moon's eyes, which he named himself.

Shikashi allows Link to use his telescope. He also comments that Link has much better manners than his "mischievous friend" from the other day. Clearly referring to the Skull Kid, he says that he threatened to break Shikashi's astronomy instruments.
Receptionist.png ReceptionistThe Receptionist is a young, green-haired woman with freckles who is found at the Mayor's Residence in Clock Town. She stands behind a desk that is situated between the doors to the Mayor's Office and the Drawing Room in the lobby. She directs the visitors and those who have appointments with the residents to their respective offices.

She is seen at her desk during the first two days. Afterwards on the Third Day she isn't seen behind her desk or anywhere else in Termina. It is thought that the reason she left was to go take shelter from the moon. She isn't seen anywhere else after this.
Romani.png RomaniYoungest of the two Romani Ranch sisters, Romani is a young child who does not realize what fate is going to befall Termina soon. Named after the ranch she was born on, Romani tends to refer to herself in third person and is very courageous for her age. She is training herself with her bow in order to keep "them" , ghosts who appear every year before the Carnival of Time, away from the cows so they won't steal them. Should Link help her with this task, she will be safe from "them" and won't be found in an amnesiac state on the following days after the attack.

She wishes to be seen as an adult in her sister's eyes and if certain conditions are met, this wish will be fulfilled as her sister allows her to become an adult by giving her Chateau Romani and making her a mask on the night before the moon's fall. She doesn't fully understand her sister's reasoning behind this though due to her not knowing what will happen at sunrise.
Rosa-Sisters.png Rosa SistersThe Rosa Sisters are twin dancers who are a part of Gorman's Troupe which is set to perform during the Carnival of Time. Judo is the name of the sister in the red dress and Marilla is the name of the one in the blue. The two sisters have an entry in the Bombers' Notebook but it only takes up one slot.

Judo and Marilla Rosa spend most of the their time working on a dance to perform. During the day they are found wandering around in the Stock Pot Inn with Judo walking upstairs, downstairs, in the upstairs hall, and lobby; Marilla walks around in Troupe's room. Both of them are contemplating about what to do about their dance. They want to add more to it without having it become too boring and they cannot change the song either due to it's composer, Guru-Guru. They are also upset at the idea that they might have to perform their dance without having seen the stage and not having a rehearsal.

At night on the First and Second Day, they can be found practicing what they have made up of their dance so far and they don't want to be bothered. On the Third Day they are nowhere to be found since Gorman and the Troupe left Stock Pot Inn after Gorman discovered that their performance was canceled.

After Link obtains the Kamaro's Mask from the spirit of Kamaro, he can use it to help the sisters in their dilemma of trying to figure out their dance. By performing in front of the sisters while wearing the mask at night on either of the first two days, it helps them figure out what moves to perform and they take Kamaro's dance as their own. In gratitude, the twins deem Link to be their master, give him a Piece of Heart, and ask for him to come to their performance. After this is done, it completes their entry in the Bombers' Notebook. If this is done before the Second Day, Link will find the two girls sitting on a bed in their inn room looking upset.

At the end credits, they are seen performing their dance perfectly using the moves taught to them by Link on the stage at the Milk Bar. A guard, the same one that watched them during Link's tutorial, is present and is watching the performance. They are also seen dancing to the music that the Indigo-Go's are playing during an earlier scene in the end credits.
Sakon-Model.png SakonSakon is the Terminian counterpart of a suspicious-looking man who is seen running in and out of merchant stalls in the Hyrule Castle Market. His Terminian form is basically the same except this time he's a bit more devious in what he steals. Described by one character as a "prancing man with a grinning face", Sakon has caused some havoc in a few Terminians lives; most noticeably those of the Bomb Shop Owner's mother and Kafei; as well as by relation the Bomb Shop Owner and Anju. He attemps to steal (and does successfully steal if Link does not interfere) the Bomb Shop Owner's mother's bomb bags shortly after midnight on the First Day. Link can retrieve the bomb bags back by slicing at him with the sword and he can also murder him if he causes the contents of the bag to explode by means of a bomb, arrow, or the hookshot. Although if Link kills Sakon, he will be unable to obtain the Blast Mask from the Old Lady in return for stopping him from stealing them. In addition if Link either kills or stops Sakon from stealing the bags, he cannot do the Kafei and Anju sidequest.

If Sakon successfully steals the bomb bags, he will be seen selling them to the Curiosity Shop Owner on the night of the Second Day. He tries to bargain with the owner to get a high payment for the stolen bags but ends up getting only 50 rupees which is a lot less than what he asked for which leads him to think that the owner is unfair in his pricing. He steals Kafei's wedding mask, the Sun's Mask, as Kafei (in his child form) was headed to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town in order to get her to reverse the curse. This causes Kafei to go into a forced exclusion from his family and fiance until he retrieves back the mask. Kafei eventually does find where Sakon's hideout is and follows him there, but must wait until he returns since he is the only one who knows how to open the door. When Sakon returns to the hideout at 6pm on the Final Day, Link and Kafei hide behind a nearby rock and wait for him to unlock the door. Once the door is fully open, Kafei and Link go inside and Kafei goes to retrieve his mask only to activate Sakon's security system which consists of a series of switches and doors and a conveyor belt that leads to a hole. Using teamwork and speed, both Kafei and Link are able to stop the mask from falling into the hole. If they fail, Sakon will be happy and declares his security system to be "impenetrable."

Sakon can be found running around in circles on the lower part of the valley in Ikana Canyon. If Link talks to him he will attempt to steal Link's sword by asking him to let him see it. After Link gives him an answer, Tatl will glow red with anger and attack Sakon which forces him to reveal some information to the Hero about the two people living atop Ikana Canyon.

Sakon doesn't appear much except for in certain sidequests or scenes in the game. He doesn't appear in the ending credits either so it is uncertain what happened to him.
Sharp-Model.png SharpSharp is the Terminian counterpart of the Sharp that haunts Kakariko Village's graveyard in Hyrule. He is found in the cave that is the source of the water that used to run next to the Music Box House, but due to his curse, the river has dried up and made the Gibdo-ridding music stop playing. When Link enters the cave for the fist time, he appears and asks him what business does he have in a land like Ikana. Sharp decides that Link's reason for being here is to die and begins to play the Melody of Darkness that he composed. The song slowly drains Link of his life force as the notes are being played. Link attempts to play the Song of Healing, but he finds that it is unable to make Sharp stop playing the music.

It isn't until Link goes to the Ikana Graveyard and finds Sharp's brother, Flat, being guarded by an Iron Knuckle. Upon defeating the warrior, Flat's spirit appears and tells Link how he ended up there. After Sharp sold his soul to the devil, Sharp imprisoned Flat under the Ikana Graveyard and had him guarded. Flat teaches Link the melody of the Song of Storms, the only song that can soothe Sharp's spirit.

Link returns to the cave and once again meets Sharp. Link plays the Song of Storms on his ocarina and upon hearing it, Sharp realizes that this brother had wrote this song to help him. He reveals that he wished to revive the Royal Family, which he and Flat were composers for. This wish may be the reason why he sold his soul. The song breaks the curse upon him and in thanks, he tells Link of a way to enter the Stone Tower Temple by means of visiting the King of the Royal Family of Ikana. He moves onto the afterlife after telling Link this information which effectively removes the curse that was on the water in the cave and allows Ikana River to flow once more and cleanses the area of the Gibdos by means of the Music Box House.
Shiro.png Shiro (Majora's Mask)In the easternmost end of Termina Field, right before the entrance to Ikana Canyon, a seemingly empty ring of rocks lies below the cliff with the one eyed fellow sitting upon it. Inside the ring, an invisible Clock Town guard sits on his butt and waves his spear in the air while calling out for help. Using the Lens of Truth, you can look into the ring to find Shiro, the saddest soldier in the Clock Town Guard. Shiro doesn't think very highly of himself, and he puts himself down frequently, referring to himself "as impressive as a stone".

Shiro explains that you are the first one to notice him, and that he has been calling for help for what has been years. He continues on to ask you for medicine to make him feel better. If you give him Red Potion or a Blue Potion, he will become visible, and get on his feet. In his gratitude he gives you the Stone Mask, which grants the power of invisibility he was so happy to get rid of. Along with the Stone Mask, he promises you that he will try to stand out, regardless of the fact that he is in the middle of nowhere.

Shiro is an entry in the Bombers' Notebook, and it refers to him as the "Inconspicuous Soldier". Acquiring the Stone Mask is the only event he has in the Notebook, and the event can be completed at any hour on any day. The sitting soldier in the back alley in Ocarina of Time shares his same model.
Swamp-Shooting-Gallery-Manager.png Swamp Shooting Gallery ManagerThe Swamp Shooting Gallery is one of the two Shooting Galleries that is present in Termina. This shooting gallery is located in the swamp left of the giant tree that is seen on Link's way to Woodfall Mountain and it is run by a manager who speaks with an accent and is the Terminian counterpart of the Castle Town Bazaar Owner. In this shooting game it differs from the one in Clock Town due to there being moving targets and that a certain amount of points are given to Link when he hits particular enemies: Mad Scrubs give him 30 points, Guays give him 60, and Small Deku Scrubs and Wolfos give him 100.

In order for Link to play and obtain the prizes for winning the game, he must pay 20 rupees and cannot be wearing a mask since it is against the manager's rules. The first prize he can obtain can be either the Big Quiver or a Giant Quiver depending on whether or not he has won the Big Quiver at the Clock Town Shooting Gallery. To get this prize he must have a score of at least 1,500. Once he beats that score, he can try to get a perfect score in order to obtain the second prize: a Piece of Heart.
Swamp-Spider-House-Man-Cursed.png Swamp Spider House ManA man who is found at the Swamp Spider House located in Woodfall and has been cursed by the house's inhabitants, the Gold Skulltulas, due to his greed. Sometime before he entered the building, he encountered a strange person who gave him the Mask of Truth and told him that with this item he could find a great treasure inside of the house the Link found him in. He left with his dog to go search for the treasure, but upon entering the house, found himself cursed and became a Skulltula due to the greed he has. The only way to lift the curse is to kill the thirty Gold Skulltulas that roamed deep inside. The man couldn't bring himself to do this due to the curse.

When Link came along, and entered the house, the man pleaded for the young hero to help him reverse the curse upon himself. Link complied with the man's request and ventured further into the house and diligently searched for the Gold Skulltulas that laid inside. Upon vanquishing all thirty of them, the curse dissipated and transformed the man back into his true form. When Link returned from his victory over the spiders, the man rewarded Link for his efforts by giving him the Mask of Truth that the mysterious man gave him. Link could use this mask to see into the thoughts of animals and the stones that are found scattered across Termina, the Gossip Stones. When using the mask on the man's dog, Link finds out that the man's eyes are always filled with greed.
Swamp-Tourist-Center-Guide.png Swamp Tourist Center GuideThe Swamp Tourist Center Guide is the man who runs the building found in the beginning of the swamp in Woodfall. He shares certain physical characteristics, but also has some differences, with the Swamp Shooting Gallery Manager who is found outside the swamp. The physical differences between the two would be that the guide has no sideburns or a beard that starts directly under his lips. He has what appears to be a hat on his head and some glasses or goggles covering his eyes. Lastly he has a ring on both of his ring fingers.

The Guide runs the Pictograph Contest and when he meets Link for the first time he asks if he has a picture to show him. When he realizes that Link doesn't have a picture and doesn't know what he is talking about, he directs him to the other side of the building where Koume is in order to receive the Pictograph Box and to take the boat cruise in order to be officially allowed into the pictograph contest (this can only happen if Koume is helped in the Woods of Mystery). Link can obtain a Piece of Heart from this contest if he gives the Guide a picture of the Deku King or Tingle.

If Link gives him a picture of Tingle, he will discover that he is the Guide's son and that he is ashamed of son's obsession with fairies and believes that it is due to him spoiling him too much when he was young that made him become who he is now.
Swordsman.png SwordsmanOn any day, Link can make his way to West Clock Town to meet the Swordsman. The swordsman says he is a brave warrior, and is fearless of even the moon. He has a stern demeanor, and can be hard on Link. He sits cross-legged and upon a small stage, waiting for worthy customers. He offers two types of training: a novice training course for one rupee, and an expert course for ten rupees. The novice course will introduce Link to the regular sword controls and how to use them. The expert course, on the other hand, is more of a challenge. During the course, 10 logs will come up from the floor. Link can destroy them anyway he wants to, but in order to get a perfect score of 30, Link must use the jump attack on all ten of them. If Link gets a perfect score, the Swordsman will recognize Link as a master and give him a piece of heart.

On the final night, Link can find the Swordsman in his shop, curled up weeping, and saying that he doesn't wanna die. It turns out that his tough guy image was just a facade. What a surprise.
Tael-Model.png TaelThe younger brother of Tatl and a friend of Skull Kid's. He helps his sister and Skull Kid ambush Link at the beginning of the game and flees with them. He gets separated from his sister as he was leaving with the Skull Kid and is not seen again until after the three days are up. Once Link and Tatl finally catch up to them on top of the Clock Tower, he quickly tells them how to defeat the Skull Kid and stop the moon from falling. In retaliation to this, the Skull Kid hits him.

Tael knows that something is wrong with his friend and knows that it's the mask that is causing him to do the terrible things that he is doing to Termina. He is more timid and innocent when compared to his sister and can't stand up to his friend's abuse towards him. Although this changes a bit when after Link finally summons the Four Giants to help them. He wants to help Link in stopping Majora's Mask due to him being tired of running away from everything. Tatl stops him and decides to go in his stead instead.
Tijo.png TijoTijo is the drummer for the Indigo-Go's, and the roommate of the late Mikau. Compared to his other bandmates, Tijo has the least involvement with the story or with any special item gathering. What Tijo can contribute to Link's mission is his knowledge. Tijo knows some of Lulu's secret. He says that the reason a curse has befallen Lulu is because of trouble at the Great Bay Temple and the reason why Lulu is affected by that is because of her role as being a descendant from the guardians of the Temple. Otherwise, Tijo just practices his drums, playing the Cave Song from A Link to the Past. All in all, Tijo just states the obvious by saying that Link will have to clear the Great Bay Temple in order to restore Great Bay.
Tingle-Model.png TingleThe first incarnation and appearance of this infamous character, Tingle is a strange, dancing, 35-year-old man wearing green tights vaguely similar to Link's. He is obsessed with fairies, a trait that has caused him to be estranged by his father, the Swamp Tourist Center Guide, who tells him to act his age (which Tingle has no interest in doing, but nonetheless sells maps to help him). He can be found floating in the sky with a balloon in many regions of Termina, and Link can pop the balloon to bring him falling to the ground. When Link speaks to him, Tingle asks him if he's a forest fairy. When Link says yes, Tingle says he thinks he's the same as him, claiming to be the very reincarnation of a fairy. Even at the age of 35 he has yet to have a fairy come to him, he tells Link, and says that Link is lucky to have a fairy, and that they should be friends. Tingle agrees to sell Link maps cheap as a sign of their friendship, giving him the cheapest price for the maps of the area in which you speak to Tingle. Tingle's magic words (that he created himself) are "Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!", which seem to allow him to bring out his balloon once more.

If Link speaks to Tingle again while in a different form or wearing a different mask than he met Tingle with, he will only recognize Link because of his fairy and realize that his appearance is because of magic. During the game's ending, Tingle can be seen throwing confetti at Anju and Kafei's wedding.
Toto.png TotoBehind every great band, there is a great manager, and the Indigo-Go's are no different. Toto, the band's manager, has the task of making has way to Clock Town to cancel the Festival of Time performance. The reason for the cancellation is due to Lulu's mysterious voice loss. Toto can be found in the mornings in the Town Hall, speaking with Madame Aroma, the committee chair for the Festival of Time. News of the cancellation hits nobody harder than Gorman, who visits in on Madame Aroma only to find out that his troupe's performance has been canceled.

During the night, Toto can be found in Milk Bar, where he has decided to organize yet another musical group. Only this time the group consists of four Links, in each of their forms. In order to play, Link must speak to Toto, and depending on which transformation mask Link is wearing, he will send him to a different part of the stage, and give him a different musical part to play. On the other side of the Bar, Gorman will complain about the racket every time Link adds a part. If Link uses all his masks, and fills the stage with various transformations of himself, he will play "The Ballad of the Wind Fish", the old Indigo-Go's standby. Upon finishing the piece, Gorman will burst into tears, and speak of how that song inspired his venture into show business. In gratitude, he will reward Link the Circus Leader's Mask. Toto is good at what he does, and what he does is organize musical talent.
Clock-Town-Shooting-Gallery-Manager.png Town Shooting Gallery ManagerHe is the Terminian counterpart to the Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery manager. His shooting gallery is located in East Clock Town near the South Clock Town exit. If Link wants to play the mini-game, he must pay a fee of 20 rupees. The rules regarding the gameplay are that he must hit the red octorocks which give him points to his score. He must not hit the blue octorocks or they will take some time from the limited amount he has.

When Link beats the high score of 39 points, the manager gives him a larger quiver to hold more arrows. After getting a perfect score of 50 in the game, the manager will reward him with a Piece of Heart.
Treasure-Chest-Shop-Manager.png Treasure Chest Shop ManagerIn East Clock Town, Link can go into the treasure chest-shaped building, and inside he can hope to win glorious prizes. The manager who runs the shop is a purple-haired sweetheart, who can be found dozing off on the job. The objective of her game is to get to the treasure chest as fast as possible. At a glance, it looks pretty easy, there is nothing standing between you and the chest. However, some of the blocks in the floor will rise up, and block Link's path towards the treasure. Link must navigate around these blocks, finding which one won't rise up in order to get the treasure. The treasure will be different in each form, be it Deku, Goron, or Zora, along with what she charges Link. The only one really worth paying for is Goron Link, it is 30 rupees, and the reward is a Piece of Heart.
Turtle.png TurtleOn the edge of Zora's Cape, right next to the Owl Stone, Lulu can be found looking out to the sea. After Link learns the New Wave Bossa Nova, he is able to help her and her spent voice. But once Link plays the song for Lulu something unexpected happens. The inconspicuous island out in the sea rises up to reveal a Giant Turtle! Not much is known about the turtle who lives off of Zora Cape, but he seems to have a guardian role for the Zora people. He is also the only means of transportation to get to the Great Bay Temple. Once awakened, the turtle will tell Link to jump on his back to hitch a ride to the Temple. Link can get onto him by using the Hookshot on one of the trees growing out of his back.

After Link clears the temple, the turtle will thank him for his effort, and tell Link that he must resume his slumber. He also comments that he can only do so much to reverse the coming doom of Termina, due to the bidding of the gods.
Twin-Juggler.png Twin JugglersThe Twin Jugglers are a part of Gorman's troupe of entertainers. They are lighthearted comedians who can take any problem in Termina and make a pun out of it. The Jugglers can be found in always in East Clock Town, spending their days juggling outside of the Honey and Darling shop and the Stock Pot inn, and at nights inside their room on the top floor. They say it is their job to be upbeat and positive while everyone else is afraid of the coming apocalypse. Their jokes range from the falling moon, to the kidnapping of the Deku Princess.

The Twin Jugglers are the only performers in Gorman's troupe without any entry in the Bombers' Notebook, and do not have anything that Link can obtain from them, except their lame puns. The twin jugglers leave town before the final day, and cannot be found afterward.
Zubora.png ZuboraZubora is the shrewd blacksmith from Mountain Village. While Zubora doesn't really do any of the physical labor, but he does to the talking and business. He is the kind of guy who offers Link coffee, and never follows up. He is the brains in his relationship with Gabora, the loud, incomprehensible, but gigantic blacksmith. Zubora can temporarily and permanently improve Link's sword. For 100 rupees, Link can give his sword to Zubora for a night, and on the next day expect to receive the Razor Sword.

The razor sword can double Link's attack power, but only for 100 hits. After that, the sword will return to the Kokiri sword, and his attack power will return to normal. If Link wants to make this sword upgrade permanently, he will need a bottle of Gold Dust. After Link defeats Goht, and spring returns to the Snowhead area, Link can win this gold dust as a prize for first place in the Goron races. When Link gives the gold dust along with the Razor Sword, Zubora will agree to reforge the sword again, this time free of charge (Zubora keeps some of the gold dust for himself). The next morning, Link can return for the Gilded sword, a sword well worth the trouble. Zubora is only in it for the business, but the upgrade Link can acquire from him is invaluable.
Hand.png ???A prime example of Nintendo's odd and sometimes sick sense of humor, ??? resides in the toilet of the Stock Pot Inn. From 12am to 6am every night, ??? will stick his hand out of the toilet. If Link engages with him, ??? will beg for paper, and only paper.

In order to help this poor soul, Link can give him either any title deed, or any letter, as long as it is paper. After he receives the paper, ???'s hand will reach back down into the toilet, and flush it. For helping him, ??? will give you a piece of heart. Before he gives it to you, he explains that he got it when somebody dropped it down there.

Many things don't add up about ???. In a game known for its mysteries and depth, there is a never an explanation to how a man got stuck in the Stock Pot Inn toilet, why he hasn't escaped, and why he wanted paper. The mysteries and depth of Majora's Mask make the game a true masterpiece, and ??? stays true to this pattern.

The Bombers' Notebook has the mysterious hand marked down as ???. Not even the Bombers' Notebook has a reason to the madness, as it states that details are unknown. The heart piece is the only event in the Notebook in order to get the happiness sticker.