Chateau Romani

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Chateau Romani
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200 Rupees


Fully refills Link's hearts, Magic Meter, and prevents his magic from depleting


Chateau Romani is a type of milk that only appears in Majora's Mask. It is the specialty of Romani Ranch, and as a result, it is quite expensive.[1][2] It can be purchased in the Milk Bar for 200 Rupees and is kept in a Bottle.[3] Despite its high price, it is the most popular drink sold at the Milk Bar.[4]

Chateau Romani is said to be a source of Magic Power.[5][6] If Link consumes it, it will restore his magic power, heal his hearts, and prevent his Magic Meter from depleting throughout the whole three-day cycle.[7][8] It is extremely useful when fighting Twinmold or using the Fierce Deity's Mask. When Link plays the Song of Time and resets the days, the effects of Chateau Romani wear off.


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