Anju's Grandmother

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Anju's Grandmother

Anju's Grandmother, or Granny as she calls herself in her diary, is the Terminian counterpart to the Granny who owns the Potion Shop in Ocarina of Time. Another trait that connects her to her counterpart is the tiger emblem that is present on the back of her wheelchair. It is thought to symbolize the tiger-like cat her counterpart has in Ocarina of Time.

She is Anju's grandmother and the mother-in-law to Anju's Mother. She is the mother of Anju's father, Tortus, and will sometimes mistake Link for him. She also once taught Mayor Dotour as evidenced by her calling Link Dotour when he is wearing Kafei's Mask. She lives in the bedroom directly underneath Anju and her daughter-in-law's room. As shown in a diary entry, she fakes senility so she won't have to eat any of the food Anju makes because Anju is a terrible cook.

Granny loves to read stories and will read some stories to Link. These stories, which last for two or twelve hours, cause Link to fall asleep in the middle. This problem is solved by obtaining the All-Night Mask which allows Link to stay up and listen to the stories to the end. Link can listen to her stories on both the first and second day. On the third day, Granny won't allow it by saying that it's late and that she'll tell him a story tomorrow. Even when she is found at Romani Ranch on the night of the third day, she still says the same thing. As a reward for lasting throughout both of the tales, Granny gives Link two pieces of heart, one for each story. Doing this will also complete her section in the Bombers' Notebook.