Final Day

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Final Day

The Final Day, sometimes known as the Third Day, is a playable period in Majora's Mask. It is the third and final of the three days that Link has to prevent the Moon from crashing into Clock Town and destroying Termina, beginning at 6:00 AM and ending at 6:00 AM the next day.

Most of the citizens are now fully aware of the Moon's threat, and the majority of them are evacuating from Clock Town - however, the guards are forced to stay in Clock Town to protect the gates, and some citizens such as Mutoh are ignorant to their impending fate. During the night, when the Carnival of Time is being held, most of the shops in Termina are now closed, and Clock Town is a bleak, desolate ghost town - most of the citizens have evacuated to Romani Ranch, though most realize they won't be safe from the blast. The sky is a sickly green colour (in Majora's Mask 3D, it is instead mostly clear with a few purple highlights and green horizon), and Clock Town gains a unique, fast-paced and desolate theme. There are also random earthquakes as the Moon draws closer to Termina.

At 12:00 PM, the Carnival of Time begins, and the in-game clock is replaced with a timer, counting down the remaining six hours before the Moon lands. During this time, a bleak, ominous theme plays in all areas of Termina, overriding the normal music (except in dungeons), and the clock tower bell will begin tolling every 10 Terminian minutes - it will begin ringing every 5 Terminian minutes at 5:00 AM, and every 3 Terminian minutes at 5:30 AM. If Link does not play the Song of Time to reset the three-day time loop, the Moon will crash into Clock Town when the timer reaches zero, obliterating Termina and its inhabitants in an inferno. Link will be caught in the blast as well, but is saved by the Happy Mask Salesman, who comments that Link has met with a terrible fate before playing the Song of Time. If the time loop resets this way, Link will lose all progress made in the previous three-day cycle.

Link cannot use the Song of Double Time, dance with Pierre, or listen to Anju's Grandmother stories on this night.

Final Day

Clock Town

  • Like the other days, the Final Day has its own unique version of the Clock Town theme that plays. At night there is no music until 12 PM, where the song "Last Hours'" plays instead.

Termina Field

Milk Road

  • If it was not exploded in the days before, the giant rock blocking the access to the ranch will be gone.
  • If Link has not completed their past sidequests, both Romani and Cremia will contemplate the Moon. If completed, they will have a conversation about being an adult. Anju's family stays inside their house, except Anju herself, who is waiting in Clock Town.



Great Bay


  • Kafei can be seen on the east side of the river, standing behind a rock and waiting for Sakon so he can recover the Sun's Mask.