Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
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Nintendo Switch (free demo)

🌎 October 28, 2020

Nintendo Switch (full game)

🌎 November 20, 2020

Nintendo Switch (Expansion Pass "Wave 1 - Pulse of the Ancients")

🌎 June 18, 2021

Nintendo Switch (Expansion Pass "Wave 2 - Guardian of Remembrance")

🌎 October 29, 2021







Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a game released for the Nintendo Switch on November 20, 2020. It is co-developed by Koei Tecmo and Nintendo,[1] and produced by Yosuke Hayashi. It was announced with a video presentation on September 8, 2020. A free demo - featuring the two scenarios in Chapter 1, along with a number of challenges and quests - was released on October 28, 2020.

The gameplay follows that of the previous Hyrule Warriors games, with players executing flashy combo attacks in "one versus one thousand" style battles. The story takes place during the events of the Great Calamity, one hundred years before the present day of Breath of the Wild. It features multiple playable characters, including Link, Zelda, and the Champions.

A DLC Age of Calamity Expansion Pass was announced during the Nintendo Direct of February 17th, 2021.


Main article: Age of Calamity Story

As chaos spreads across the kingdom and Princess Zelda awakens her power to protect a wounded Link from the looming Guardians that have been corrupted by Calamity Ganon, the window in her study glows and a box stirs as it falls to the floor, revealing itself to be the Diminutive Guardian named Terrako rolls out. As it bears witness to the widespread disaster and catches on to Princess Zelda's desperate wish to protect everyone. At this, Terrako uses its power to open a Gate of Time, but as it did, a Guardian Stalker saw its intent and tries to destroy it, but Terrako jumps through barely unscathed as it travels to the past to set things right for Zelda's sake. However, the Malice from the Guardian pursues it with the intent of making sure that nothing is changed, and thus begins the tale of the decisive conflict over Hyrule's fate.



Main article: Age of Calamity Scenarios


Main article: Age of Calamity Challenges

"The power of the Guardian from the future has opened the path to a battlefield from another world! Travel there to tackle new challenges."

— In-game description

Challenges in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity are a series of scenarios set on cut-down versions of the main stages. Amongst other things, they reward Ethereal Stones on their first clear, unique items described as being from "otherworldly battleground[s]".


Main article: Age of Calamity Quests

"Complete quests in a region to contribute there. Work together with the denizens across the kingdom to grow stronger and fight against the Calamity."

— In-game description


Main article: Age of Calamity Characters




Main article: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass

An Expansion Pass was announced during a Nintendo Direct on February 17th, 2021, consisting of two waves to be released on separate dates for a single price of $19.99 USD. Preorders became available on May 28, 2021, and came with a new weapon and outfit for Link (Prototype Ancient Short Sword, Prototype Ancient Helm, Prototype Ancient Cuirass, Prototype Ancient Greaves).

Wave 1 - Pulse of the Ancients

Main article: Pulse of the Ancients

Wave 1 was released on June 18th, 2021, after being detailed during E3 three days prior. It adds the following content:

Wave 2 - Guardian of Remembrance

Main article: Guardian of Remembrance

Wave 2 was released on 29th October 2021 adding the following content:

  • New character vignettes
  • New story - Battle of Kakariko Village, Battle of Goponga Village, and more
  • Newly added stages - Coliseum, and more
  • Purah & Robbie (duo) and one more playable character
  • New battle skills for existing characters


Main article: Gallery:Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Announcement video, including the trailer and messages from Eiji Aonuma and Yosuke Hayashi
🌎 September 8, 2020

Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation (Japanese only)
Japan September 26, 2020

Treehouse Live presentation with gameplay
United States October 7, 2020


Announcement trailer

Champions Unite trailer

Untold Chronicles From 100 Years Past - Part 1 trailer

Untold Chronicles From 100 Years Past - Part 2 trailer

Untold Chronicles From 100 Years Past - Part 3 trailer

Unleash the Divine Beasts trailer

Launch trailer

Expansion Pass announcement trailer


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Also playable in demo


  1. "Unlike the previous Hyrule Warriors games, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was developed by working closely with the Zelda team in every step of the process." — Yosuke Hayashi, [3]