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Nintendo Direct
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Nintendo Directs are pre-recorded online presentations, made available simultaneously on and on Nintendo's YouTube and Twitch channels. The presentations began in Japan and North America with the first edition on October 21, 2011 , before later expanding to versions for Europe, Australia, and South Korea. They vary by region - for instance, the Breath of the Wild Definitive Edition release was announced only in the Japanese version of the September 23, 2021 Direct. Usually, there is one associated with E3 (c. June), which leads into a "Nintendo Treehouse" live broadcast, which replaced Nintendo's traditional live press conference.

There are several subseries of Directs - for instance, Cadence of Hyrule was announced in a "Nindies Showcase" (later replaced with "Indie World"), and the DLC for it was announced in a "Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase".

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