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The Flail is a weapon in Cadence of Hyrule. All non-DLC characters except Yves and Octavo can wield it, and Shadow Link and Shadow Zelda can also wield it. Skull Kid's Goron Mask used the Flail as a weapon.


The following is a list of properties pertaining to the Flail.

Property Value
Range wide*
Power 1
Ability None
*reaches two spaces to either side directly in front of the player.


Like all base weapons in Cadence of Hyrule, the Flail can be infused with various Resources to make it more powerful. Once infused, the player can infuse the weapon with a different Resource if desired (this only works on tier 1 and non-glass tier 2 weapons, Glass and Legendary Weapons cannot be infused).

In Future World, the player can find the Hylian Flail, which has extra knockback.