Legendary Weapons

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Legendary Weapons are unique late-game weapons in Cadence of Hyrule. They can be found in Hyrule Castle and Future World. While some of them can be wielded by almost anyone, others can only be wielded by certain characters.

Most of the Legendary Weapons are found in Future World, and have unique powers. There is one Legendary Weapon for every type of weapon in the game. Collecting all eight weapons unlocks the achievement Eight Sharps.


There are eight Legendary Weapons in Cadence of Hyrule.

Weapon Characters Strength Powers Location
Kokiri Sword Link, Shadow Link 4 none Future World
Jeweled Dagger Zelda, Shadow Zelda, Cadence 4 none Future World
Fragarach Link, Shadow Link, Zelda, Shadow Zelda, Cadence 2 penetrate armor/shields, hits up to 3 adjacent enemies Future World
Impa's Naginata Link, Shadow Link, Zelda, Shadow Zelda, Cadence, Impa 1 poison, heals after defeating five enemies, 2 range Future World
Hylian Flail Link, Shadow Link, Zelda, Shadow Zelda, Cadence 2 knockback, wide range Future World
Caladbolg Link, Shadow Link 3 2 range, no shield Hyrule Castle
Royal Rapier Zelda, Shadow Zelda 3 2 range with lunge (uses stamina), -1 strength against adjacent enemies Hyrule Castle Throne Room
Eli's Greatshovel Cadence 2 hits up to 3 adjacent enemies, digs, +1 strength per dig Future World Castle