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Hyrule Castle
inside chests


Damage enemies

Used by


The Dagger is a weapon in Cadence of Hyrule that either Cadence or Zelda can wield. If the player chooses to start the game as Zelda or to wake her first, the Dagger can be found inside Hyrule Castle, along with Din's Fire and Nayru's Love. If the player wakes Link first, Zelda will already have the Dagger when she becomes playable. The Dagger is functionally the same as the Short sword.


The following is a list of properties of the Dagger.

Property Value
Range in front
Power 1
Ability None

The Dagger, like the Short sword, deals one point of damage per hit to the enemy directly in front of her. The dagger can be enhanced with obsidian, ruby, titanium, or emerald to make it more powerful.

After Link gets the Kokiri Sword, Zelda and Cadence get the Jeweled Dagger, a weapon that has the same amount of power as the Kokiri Sword.