Impa's Naginata

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Impa's Naginata



defeat enemies


Impa's Naginata is a Legendary Weapon found in the Future World maze. It is the legendary form of the spear.

Impa's Naginata can be found in a golden chest within the dungeon leading to Hyrule Castle in the future. It is the weakest legendary weapon in the game, but can poison foes and heal the player.


The following is a list of information regarding Impa's Naginata.

Property Value
Range 2 spaces in front
Power 1
Ability Poison, heal per 5 enemies defeated

Most characters can wield Impa's Naginata, much like Fragarach and the Hylian Flail. Its powers are a combination of the Ruby Spear and Emerald Spear.