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The Link's Awakening Trading Sequence is a trading quest in Link's Awakening. It involves 14 items that must be given to various characters around Koholint Island. All items up to the Stick are required to get into Kanalet Castle and complete the main storyline, but after that it is entirely optional. The Magnifying Lens is a required item in order to read the book in the library that gives the correct path through the Wind Fish's Egg. Technically, you can get through the Wind Fish's egg without the Magnifying Lens by guessing the path or if you know one of the seven set paths already. However, this Magnifying Lens also allows you to get one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Boomerang.


Yoshi Doll Sprite.png

Item: Yoshi Doll

Available: After acquiring Sword

The Yoshi Doll is the first item in the Trading Sequence. It can be found in Mabe Village in the Trendy Game Shop. Play the Trendy Game for 10 rupees and snag the Yoshi Doll that is sitting on the counter.[1]

Ribbon Sprite.png

Item: Ribbon

Available: After acquiring Sword

The second item in the Trading Sequence is the Ribbon. It can also be found in Mabe Village and can be acquired very early on in the game. It can be traded for the Yoshi Doll with Mamasha. She will tell Link that her baby is crying and she needs something to calm it down, claiming that she tried to win the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game Shop with no success.[2] When she notices the doll, she asks for it, and in return she offers the Ribbon.[3][4][5]


Item: Dog Food

Available: After acquiring Sword

The next item is the Dog Food and can be found at the house with BowWow, near the center of Mabe Village. Enter the small dog house on the right side and speak with CiaoCiao. She will ask to trade for the Ribbon because she is in need of accessories.[6] In return, she gives Link the Dog Food.[7]

Link's Awakening - Bananas.png

Item: Bananas

Available: After acquiring Sword

The fourth item in the Trading Sequence, the Bananas, can be acquired by trading with Sale, a crocodile that lives in a small house on the Toronbo Shores. His home is located just north and east from where Link first found his sword on the beach. Sale collects canned food, and therefore he is very happy to see the Dog Food.[8] He gives Link some Bananas in exchange.[9]

Link's Awakening - Stick.png

Item: Stick

Available: After acquiring Power Bracelet

The Stick is a required part of the Trading Sequence. On Link's way to Kanalet Castle, he is stopped by a broken bridge. However, a Monkey by the name of Kiki is standing nearby, complaining about being hungry.[10] If Link offers him the Bananas, he is very excited and calls his Monkey friends to help build a bridge.[11] After they are done, Link will collect the Stick that they left on the ground.[12]

Link's Awakening - Honeycomb.png

Item: Honeycomb

Available: After entering Kanalet Castle

After Link has entered the Kanalet Castle, Tarin will appear standing beside a tree, located just southwest of the castle and east of Mabe Village. He asks to borrow the Stick that Link has and uses it to whack away at a beehive that is attached to the tree.[13] The bees will chase Tarin off the screen, and leave behind the Honeycomb.[14]


Item: Pineapple

Available: After acquiring Pegasus Boots

The next item in the Trading Sequence can be found in the Animal Village, in the house at the southeast part of town. Inside, Chef Bear declares that he has run out of ingredients.[15] When Link allows him to use the Honeycomb in his food, he gives Link a Pineapple in exchange.[16]


Item: Hibiscus

Available: After acquiring Pegasus Boots

The eighth item in the Trading Sequence can be found on the Tal Tal Mountain Range area. After Link reaches the mountain, he will see Papahl waiving down at him. After going through the first cave that he finds, Link will be able to meet up with Papahl. He asks Link for food because he is so hungry.[17] Link can give him the Pineapple, and in exchange Papahl gives Link a Hibiscus.[18]

LA Letter.png

Item: Letter

Available: After acquiring Pegasus Boots

The Hibiscus can be traded for the Letter with Christine, a goat woman who can be found in the Animal Village.[19] She is located in the building near the north-east part of town, second from the right. She says that she loves flowers and Hibiscus are her favorite.[20] In return for the Hibiscus, she asks him to deliver a letter for her to Mr. Write.[21][22]

Link's Awakening - Broom.png

Item: Broom

Available: After acquiring Pegasus Boots

The Broom is given to Link by Mr. Write once he receives Christine's letter. Mr. Write is located in his house, just north of the Mysterious Forest. Exit the forest to the northwest and jump over the gap to enter the home. When Mr. Wright opens the letter, he finds that a photograph is included, but it is not of Christine, but rather, Princess Peach.[23] Mr. Write appears to be oblivious and gives Link the only item he has – the broom – as thanks.[24][25]

Fishing Hook-LA.png

Item: Fishing Hook

Available: After acquiring Pegasus Boots

Grandma Yahoo is located in Mabe Village, just south of where BowWow can be found. She has been in need of a new broom and is excited when Link brings her one. In exchange, she gives him the Fishing Hook.[26] She states that she found the Fishing Hook when she was sweeping by the river bank.[27] If this objective is not completed until very late in the game, Grandma Yahoo will relocate over to Animal Village.

Link's Awakening - Necklace.png

Item: Mermaid's Necklace

Available: After acquiring Flippers

Link can find the Fisherman under a bridge in Martha's Bay who is in need of the Fishing Hook. He promises to give his next catch if Link gives it to him.[28] He ends up catching the Mermaid's Necklace from the water.[29]


Item: Mermaid's Scale

Available: After acquiring Flippers

The next item in the Trading Sequence, the Mermaid's Scale, is received from the mermaid after Link returns her missing necklace.[30] She can be found swimming around in Martha's Bay, just north of Catfish's Maw. She allows him to take a scale from her tail.[31]

Magnifying Lens Sprite.png

Item: Magnifying Lens

Available: After acquiring Hookshot

One of the final items in the Link's Awakening Trading Sequence is the Magnifying Lens. On the land just south of Martha's Bay, there is a Mermaid Statue. This statue can be reached by traveling south and west of Animal Village and using the Hookshot to cross the gap. Link can place the Mermaid's Scale in the Mermaid Statue made by Schule Donavitch in order to reveal a secret passage.[32] The first room appears to be empty at first, but after obtaining the Lens, many enemies appear. The Lens allows Link to see things he couldn't before, such as the Secret Zora in Animal Village, the Secret Goriya at Toronbo Shores, as well as reading the book the Library.[33]

LA Boomerang Sprite.png

Item: Boomerang

Available: After acquiring Hookshot

Located on the Toronbo Shores, walk just to the east of where Link first found his sword on the beach. There is a wall here that can be blown up with a bomb. Now that Link has the Magnifying Lens, he can use it to see the Secret Goriya that is found within the cave. The Goriya trades Link the Boomerang for almost any item Link has assigned to the B button.[34][35] He can also come back at any time to trade back or trade with a different item.[36] In the Nintendo Switch version, Link is able to purchase his item back from the Goriya at the cost of 300 rupees.


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