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This article is about the speed-increasing footwear item. For other sorts of boot, see Boot (Disambiguation).
In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ペガサスのくつ
France Française Bottes de Pégase
Spain Español Botas de Pegaso
Germany Deutsch Pegasusstiefel
Italy Italiana Calzari di Pegaso
Netherlands Nederlands Pegasus-laarzen
Russia Русский Пегасовы сапоги
South Korea 한국어 페가수스의 신발

The Pegasus Boots are a recurring item in The Legend of Zelda series.

A Link to the Past

"Pegasus Shoes
The Pegasus Shoes are a treasure which was passed down by the family of the wise men. Sahasrahla believes in Link and gives the Pegasus Shoes to him when he shows him the Pendant of Courage. Activate the power of the Pegasus Shoes by holding the A Button for one second. Release the Button when Link sprints off. Great distances can be traveled in a short period of time by using the Shoes.

Pegasus Shoes sprite from A Link to the Past

Referred to as the Pegasus Shoes in A Link to the Past, they are obtained from Sahasrahla after gaining the Pendant of Courage in the Eastern Palace. The Pegasus Boots allow Link to run/charge at high speeds. Link holds his sword in front of him while charging, which in turn allows him to do damage to enemies. Charging with the Pegasus Boots can be used for smashing rocks to open secret passages. The Pegasus Boots also have a less known property where Link can recoil off walls and solid barriers allowing him to back jump over pits. This is required for an optional room in Ganon's Tower and the GBA exclusive Palace of the Four Sword.

"This magic footwear has been handed down by the family of one of the Seven Wise Men. If you wear these shoes, you can run incredibly fast. You will get the Pegasus Shoes from the wise man Sahasrahla."

A Link to the Past Instruction Booklet

Link's Awakening

Artwork of the Pegasus Boots from the Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide
Pegasus Boots sprite from Link's Awakening

The Pegasus Boots are located in Key Cavern and have the same ability as they do in A Link to the Past. They are needed to break certain objects that must be tackled and can mitigate the effects of Vacuum Mouths.[1] Different items equipped at the same time affect the Pegasus Boots. For instance, the Roc's Feather and Pegasus Boots equipped at the same time allow Link to charge and jump a longer distance. Another combination is the sword and Pegasus Boots, which allows Link to damage enemies more than a normal sword slash. The Pegasus Boots are used to reveal and later separate the Slime Eyes.

Ancient Stone Tablets

The Pegasus Boots are found in the room immediately before the boss of Level 1 during Week 1. After Week 1, Level 1 is blocked by a Thief, who gives all the permanent items from Level 1 which the Hero of Light did not collect during Week 1 to the Hero in a Big Bag, including the Pegasus Boots if missed. They are required to enter Level 3, which is otherwise blocked by a pile of rocks, and Level 7, which is blocked by an otherwise-immovable gravestone.

While they function mostly as in A Link to the Past, the Hero can change direction while using the boots without slowing down.

Four Swords

The Pegasus Boots are found randomly throughout Four Swords. They have exactly the same ability as the Pegasus Boots in A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. Although, they are used in different ways such as running up steep slopes, defeating the boss of Talus Cave, and obliterating gel-like enemies that sometimes block Link's path.

Four Swords Adventures

The Pegasus Boots can be found on various item podiums in Four Swords Adventures. As in other games, it allows the Links to move more quickly. It can also be used to break certain barriers, charge into trees to reveal hidden items like Force Fairies, or knock Force Gems from ledges. It is also used in the Village of the Blue Maiden to disperse a crowd by charging into them.

When the Links upgrade it to Level 2 at a Great Fairy Fountain, the Pegasus Boots will allow the Links to run over holes.[2] This is required in some stages such as the Desert of Doubt.

The Minish Cap

Link and Ezlo using the Pegasus Boots

In The Minish Cap, the Pegasus Boots are received from Rem after waking him with the Wake-Up Mushroom. They are used to cross the Castor Wilds and reach the Wind Ruins.

A Tiger Scroll will give Link the ability to use a Dash Attack, which essentially just allows Link to use his sword while Dashing with both the Sword and Boots equipped.

A Link Between Worlds

Pegasus Boots icon from A Link Between Worlds

The Pegasus Boots are once again available to Link during his journey through Hyrule. They have the exact same ability as the Pegasus Boots in A Link to the Past. The Pegasus Boots are activated using the L button, just like in the GBA Version of A Link to the Past.

The Pegasus Boots can be acquired after encountering the Shady Guy outside the cave where the Zora Queen resides. After he runs off after bumping into you, he can be found just below Sahasrahla's House in Kakariko Village. If he notices you, he will run off, so you must use Link's Merge to sneak up behind him. After sneaking up behind him, he will apologize and give you the Pegasus Boots.

The Boots can be used to knock enemies back and destroy bushes. They can also be used to ram into a tree or monument, knocking down anything on top of it.



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