Village of the Blue Maiden

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The Village of the Blue Maiden is the second stage of Eastern Hyrule, a level featured in Four Swords Adventures. It introduces the Dark World and Moon Pearls.


When the Links arrive, they learn through the Tingle Times volume 2 that children in the village are going missing.[1] They are also greeted by an old man who reveals that their town is struggling and that someone who can sense Moon Gates could help them.[2] Kaepora Gaebora appears and tells the Links that the Four Sword gives them the power to sense Moon Gates.[3] Upon returning to the man, he gives them a Moon Pearl.[4]

As the Links explore the village, they learn about the Seeker's Guild, who are trying to discover what made the children go missing.[5] The Links join the guild and find the Secret Agents throughout the town, who reveal hidden messages said by the Mages. The message appears to reference the Shrine Maidens.[6]

The Links also find the Man Who Lost His House, whose home was accidentally spelled away along with his girlfriend Sweetie by Iris the mage. By finding Iris's Magic Book, Iris can return his house to normal.[7]

By going through a passage within the Man Who Lost His House's home, the Links can access the eastmost portion of the village. There they encounter two Shadow Links. Defeating them will return the village to normal and bring the children back from the Dark World.[8]


Shooting Gallery

In the west of the town is a shooting gallery. The mage within the building asks if the Links want to see if they have a connection to the Force Gems.[9] If they agree, the Links receive ten arrows to try and shoot the Force Gems and avoid the Octoroks. They keep any Force Gems that they hit. They can only play once, as the mage calls them greedy if they try again.[10]

Maze Game

Outside of the Seeker's Guild is a Moon Gate which leads to a maze game. The girl running it says they race all day because there are no adults and offers the Links to try to win some boots.[11] If they reach the Hide-and-Seek Boy at the end of the maze before 20 seconds are up, they will gain access to a house with the Pegasus Boots.[12]

Treasure Chest Game

A game in which the Links open treasure chests can be found in the Dark World in the north of the village. It is run by the Treasure Chest Shopkeeper. He offers to let the Links gamble 100 Force Gems to see if they win or lose more.[13] The Links can win 1, 100, 150, or 300 Force Gems within the chests. The shopkeeper only allows the Links to play three times before getting tired.[14]

Seeker's Guild

Main article: Seeker's Guild

The Seeker's Guild is a group of individuals run by The Leader who are investigating the disappearing children by following the Mages in town. Their headquarters are in the northwest of the village. Due to the missing children, many of the villagers are lined up outside of the headquarters. When the Links enter the building through a side passage, the Leader explains their mission and offers to let the Links join.[15] If they agree, he asks them to speak to the other secret agents.[16]

The other agents can be found throughout the village. Secret Agent One is just west of the Seeker's Guild building, just beyond the line of people trying to get in. Secret Agent Two is outside of the shooting gallery. Secret Agent Three is in the north of the village. Secret Agent Four is located in final door the red-roofed house in the east of the village. A man at the beginning of the headquarters' line also claims to be in the Seeker's Guild and is trying to prevent the mob of concerned parents from entering.[17]


Next to the Seeker's Guild is a shop. The woman who owns the shop is upset that the Seeker's Guild is getting so much attention, so she stands in line for her own shop and does not allow other customers in.[18] By teaming up, the Links can push her out of the way and access the shop to find a chest with a Moon Pearl. The customers are grateful, but they're worried the woman will block the door again.[19]

Force Tree

Next to the shop is a tree that according to a sign is the Force Tree.[20] Charging into it with the Pegasus Boots causes 80 Force Gems to pop out.

Missing House

FSA Man Who Lost His House.png

In the north of the village the Links can find the Man Who Lost His House who explains that his girlfriend Sweetie and his home all went missing after a fight with her.[21] If the Links find Sweetie in the Dark World of the east village, she will give them her Letter.[22] The Links can then deliver this to the Man Who Lost His Home, who will give them the Roc's Feather as thanks.[23] The Roc's Feather will allow the Links to find a Mage who claims Iris is his apprentice. He has Iris's Magic Book, which can be returned to her to put the house back to normal.[7]

Rest Area

There is a rest area in the eastern portion of the village. The Links must dig a hole outside of the house of pots to reveal a pathway to it. A nearby sign points to the rest area.[24] Inside the rest area are four switches. If the Links stand on all four at once, they receive 100 Force Gems and a Moon Pearl.

Red and Blue Girls

In the Dark World of the eastern village, there is a house in the northeast corner. Within the Links can find the Red Girl and the Blue Girl. If the Links says he wants to burn with the Red Girl's fiery passion, she will give him a Fire Rod.[25] If the Links say they want the Blue Girl's heart, she will give them a Heart Container.[26] Talking to one girl will cause the other to turn away and refuse to speak with them unless they deny the other girl's gift.[27][28]



There are quite a few inventory items found in the village. The Lamp is located in the east of the village inside of a house and is used to burn down tree stumps to access more buildings. The Pegasus Boots are won by playing a maze minigame in the Dark World with Hide-and-Seek Boy. They are required to break cracked blocks and break up the line outside of the Seeker's Guild. The Shovel is given to the Links by the Seeker's Guild leader after decoding the Mages' messages.[6] Bombs can be found in the northwest house of the eastern area of the village in the first door from the left, which are only necessary to bomb one cracked wall within the Red and Blue Girls' house. Roc's Feather is given to the Links by the Man Who Lost His House after giving him the Letter from Sweetie and is needed to jump over a pit. The Fire Rod is also an optional item given to the Links by the Red Girl if they choose her.

Moon Pearls

There are four Moon Pearls in the village. The first can be found by speaking to the old man at the entrance after revealing that Link can sense the Moon Gates.[4] Another can be found by speaking to a mage near the shooting gallery who gives them a pearl as thanks for freeing Vaati.[29] Yet another is located within the woman's shop in the northwest of the village after pushing her out of the way of her door. The final Moon Pearl is located within the rest area in the east of the village and is revealed after the Links stand on all four switches at once.

Blue Bracelet

A Blue Bracelet can be found inside of the long house in the Dark World in the north of the town. The Links must step on four switches at once to remove the blocks that are preventing them from accessing the treasure chests.

Heart Containers

One Heart Container can be found in a treasure chest a house at the end of the maze game. A second Heart Container can be received from the Blue Girl if the Links choose her over the Red Girl.


The Village of the Blue Maiden contains very few enemies. There are two Shadow Links, both wielding the Pegasus Boots. One appears in the north of the town, and another in the east. The only other enemies that can be found are the Octoroks that appear in the shooting gallery, which cannot actually be fought or killed.

The boss of the stage is two Shadow Links, who will go in and out of the Dark World. After defeating one of them, the second will transform into a specific colored Link and only that color will be able to fight him.



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