Remote Bomb (The Minish Cap)

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This article is about the item from The Minish Cap. For the Sheikah Slate Rune from Breath of the Wild, see Remote Bomb (Rune).
Remote Bomb
Remote Bombs.png




Swapping Bombs & Fusing Kinstones with Gentari


Detonates on command


The Remote Bomb is a special type of item present within The Minish Cap, being created by the Minish named Belari who is located in a house just outside of the premises of the Minish Village; the only way to obtain these unique explosives is through fusing Kinstones with Gentari sometime after Link has obtained the Bombs. After Link successfully fuses Kinstones with the Minish Elder, outside of the village Belari is suddenly struck with inspiration and proceeds to finish his invention, and once the young hero comes and speaks with this Minish inventor, Link is able to swap between these new Bombs and his normal Bomb whenever he wants to.

Unlike the normal Bombs, these new remote controlled explosives can only be set out one at a time as the command button that was used to place them out must also be used to detonate them, and while this may seem like a major downfall it also makes these Bombs great weapons against enemies who move around a lot such as the Darknuts encountered later on in Dark Hyrule Castle for Link can just continue setting them down while he avoids getting attacked and then detonate them whenever he sees fit.