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Librari (brother)

Gentari is the wise elder found within the Minish Village in The Minish Cap. His brother is Librari who resides in the Royal Hyrule Library in Hyrule Town. It is possible to fuse Kinstones with Gentari.

Link first meets Gentari in his quest to reforge the Picori Blade. Gentari informs him this task will require seeking out and obtaining the four elements.[1] Gentari informs Link Festari knows the location of the Earth Element.[2] Gentari unblocks the path to the Minish Woods for Link to travel after Link learns the tongue of the Minish by obtaining a Jabber Nut. If Link successfully collects the Earth Element, Gentari prods him forward to Mt. Crenel where Melari resides who can allegedly repair the Picori Blade.[3] There is a banner portraying the four elements behind Gentari.


  1. "Ah, yes. And you've come here now to have the blade reforged? If you want the blade reforged, you will need the four elements. These are the crystalline forms of the energies that fill our world. Only by infusing the blade with these energies can a new blade be forged. Here, give me your map. I can mark where these elements can be found." — Gentari, The Minish Cap.
  2. "The Earth Element can be found in the shrine to the north of Festari's abbey. Speak with Festari. He will show you the path to the shrine's entrance. Go with caution. Evil creatures have lately made their home in our shrine. Return to me at once after you have found the Earth Element." — Gentari, The Minish Cap.
  3. " So! You have found the Earth Element! You are blessed with much courage and strength for one so young. If your conviction holds strong, head to Mount Crenel. There, you will find a man named Melari. Among all the Minish, there is no one more able to repair your sword. If you ask him, he will surely reforge the broken Picori Blade. I shall send word to him in advance. Travel safely. You are brave, but there are many evils now in the world." — Gentari, The Minish Cap.