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Bremor is one of the Carpenters that appear within Majora's Mask and The Minish Cap.

Majora's Mask

Bremor first appears as a member of the Carnival Committee in Majora's Mask.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, each of the Carpenters has his own distinctive look with Bremor having spiky hair.

Early in the game after Link first visits Hyrule Castle, Bremor and the rest of the Carpenters can be found in North Hyrule Field. If Link tries to speak with Bremor, he simply states that it is creepy that all these monsters just appeared out of nowhere.[1]

For much of the game, Bremor is nowhere to be found. However, after Link fuses Kinstones with Farore, Gorman will appear near a house in southeast Hyrule Town. After talking to Gorman and then renting out that house to Farore, Nayru, or Din, Gorman will then appear at the west end of Hyrule Town. He is looking to build a house near the vacant lot, at which point in time, Bremor will then appear, right next to the Post Office. Link is able to fuse a Red Kinstone with Bremor, which will trigger Mutoh, the leader of the carpenters, to be inspired to build a good-sized house in just a few minutes.[2]

After Link enters a building and then exits, the house in Hyrule Town will be half built. After entering a building for a second time and exiting, the house will be complete and available for Gorman to rent out. At this point, Bremor is nowhere to be found for the remainder of the game.


  1. "Creepy... It's like all these monsters just appeared out of nowhere..." — Bremor, The Minish Cap.
  2. "I'm feeling really motivated now! I could probably build a good-sized house in a matter of minutes!" — Mutoh, The Minish Cap.