Maggie (The Minish Cap)

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Paige (Co-Worker)

Maggie is a character featured within The Minish Cap. She works alongside Paige at the Royal Hyrule Library where she is in charge of book returns. When Link first enters the Library, Maggie will recognize him as Smith's grandson.[1]

Maggie will ask Link to retrieve three of the checked out books that have not been returned. The first of which was checked out by Julietta and is known as A Hyrulean Bestiary. The second was checked out by Dr. Left, titled Legend of the Picori. The third and final book was checked out by Mayor Hagen, titled A History of Masks.

After Link has returned all three books to Maggie, he will be able to shrink down to Minish size and climb the books to meetup with Librari, allowing Link to acquire the Flippers.


  1. "Welcome to the library! Hey! Aren't you Smith's grandson, Link? Enjoy your browsing!" — Maggie, The Minish Cap.