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Baris is a character from The Minish Cap, found within Mama's Cafe in Hyrule Town. He owns the house with the robot on the roof in the town, and owns the Phonograph. If Link shows him the Carlov Medal, Baris will open his house, allowing Link to obtain the last Piece of Heart found in the game.

Baris can be found relaxing in Mama's Cafe for much of the game. Baris enjoys leisurely sitting around and drinking tea.[1][2] Baris much prefers tea as he is not a coffee drinker.[3] He is a self-proclaimed laid-back, easygoing kind of guy with not a care in the world.[4]

Link is able to fuse a Green Kinstone with Baris at various points in the game. As it is a Green Kinstone fusion, it is not set to a specific treasure chest, but instead, one of the many possible treasure chests.


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