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Melari is a Minish blacksmith who lives at the very top of Mt. Crenel at Melari's Mines in The Minish Cap. He is more than happy to fix Link's broken sword while he explores the dungeon that is also located at the top of Mt. Crenel, the Cave of Flames.[1][2] Afterwards, he gives Link the Picori Blade. He then directs Link to the Elemental Sanctuary in the Hyrule Castle Garden.[3]. Melari lives together with his seven apprentices.

Link is able to fuse a Red Kinstone piece with Melari which causes a bean stalk to emerge atop Mount Crenel.[4] This leads to Link acquiring a Piece of Heart as well as 160 Rupees.


  1. "Green clothes? And an odd hat?!? Sir! Might you be young Link? I am Melari, master smith. I hear you want me to reforge the sacred sword and help break a curse. I'll be needin' the old sword, which holds the power of the elements, first. Show me that broken Picori Blade! I love all this adventure, what with the rescuing of princesses and such. I'd be happy to reforge this thing into a brand-new sacred blade for you." — Melari, The Minish Cap.
  2. "It'll take me a while to rework your sword. In the meantime, you should track down the missing elements. One of them should be in the mine the humans dug. It's not far from here." — Melari, The Minish Cap.
  3. "Once you infuse it with the power of the elements, it will become a sacred blade! The forest elder no doubt told you this part, but... If you want to infuse the sword, you must go to the elemental sanctuary. The sanctuary is a strange realm, trapped between two worlds. It is the bridge between the Minish world and the human world. The doorway to the sanctuary opens only once every hundred years! You'll find that door hidden within Hyrule Castle. Once the blade has been filled with the power of the four elements, you should be able to break the curse on your princess. I know you can do it. After all, you made short work of that human mine. Let me tell you about a shortcut you can use to get down from the mountain. You'll find it right in front of the entrance of the mine you just explored. Just follow that, and you'll be down in no time. Good luck!" — Melari, The Minish Cap.
  4. "I have an old Kinstone piece that I dug up somewhere around here. Do you want to fuse Kinstone pieces? Oh, yeah! Maybe later" — Melari, The Minish Cap.