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Artwork of Nayru from Oracle of Ages


Oracle of Ages






Oracle of Ages
The Minish Cap
Hyrule Town

Nayru is the Oracle of Ages who appears in Oracle of Ages and The Minish Cap.


Oracle of Ages


Nayru appears as a young, wise, and serene woman who has one of the finest voices in all of Labrynna. She spends her days singing to both the humans and animals of the land, as well as occasionally playing her Harp of Ages. However, Nayru's true identity is that of the Oracle of Ages, which grants her the power to control the currents of time. Nayru has a close friend from her childhood, Ralph, who also serves as her protector and is always nearby.

Veran, after posing as Impa and manipulating Link, is able to gain access to Nayru and take control over her body. With the power of the Oracle of Ages, Veran gains the ability to travel back 400 years into the Past and wreak havok throughout Labrynna, thus affecting the events of the Present. One of Link's first objectives then is to not just stop Veran, but if possible, save Nayru as well. Eventually, Link is able to do so after a confrontation at Ambi's Palace in the Past. Shortly after, Veran assumes control of Queen Ambi's body.

After being freed from the clutches of Veran, Nayru returns home where she remains until the end of Link's quest. Once Link defeats Veran for the final time, Nayru warns him of problems in the land of Holodrum. Link then must travel to this land, where he eventually saves Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and ultimately, the final battles against Twinrova and the evil king Ganon.

The Minish Cap

Nayru is from a long line of Oracles from the Land of Labrynna. She can be found in the Happy Hearth Inn along with both Din and Farore looking for a house in Hyrule to move in to. By a series of Kinstone Fusions, Gorman begins to sell property in Hyrule Town, at which point Link is able to offer her a place she can live. Once Nayru is inside her new home, she offers to fill one of Link's Empty Bottle with Nayru's Charm, which temporarily cuts the damage he takes from enemies in half as well as turn Link's tunic blue.