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The Painter is a character found in the center part of Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons. The Painter can be found near the water fountain at the center of town where he is painting a mural.

When Link first arrives in Horon Village, he can speak with the Painter. The Painter gives Link a clue about the Hero's Sword, which is located within the Hero's Cave near the Western Coast.[1] Throughout Link's quest, the Painter gives some other small tips of advice, such as the location of the Gnarled Root Dungeon within North Horon.[2] As Link completes portions of the game, the Painter often hints at objectives in the future, such as hinting towards the Eastern Suburbs after Link has completed the Gnarled Root Dungeon.[3]

Unlike most of the residents in Horon Village, the Painter seems immune to the changing seasons of the town. Regardless of the season, the Painter remains in his same location at the center of town, painting his mural.[4]


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