Know-It-All Birds

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Know-It-All Birds

There are ten Know-It-All-Birds who live in a hut at the far west end of Lynna City. With the ability to speak fluently with other humans, each bird has information that helps Link throughout his journey. They teach Link about subscreens, saving his progress, maps, mystical seeds, the hero's skill (spin attack), shield tactics, bombs, items, the different ages, and the Essences of Time (although the one offering information on the Essences actually knows nothing about them at all).

The Know-It-All-Birds come in four different colors: green, blue, yellow, and red. Equally, there is also a Know-It-All-Birds Hut located in the land of Holodrum, each bird there offering the same information as in Labrynna, except having information on the seasons instead of the ages. It is unknown if these are the same birds in both lands.