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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Rafton
Spain Español Rafton
Germany Deutsch Maro
Italy Italiana Zatton

Rafton is a character who appears in Oracle of Ages.


Before Link can set sail towards the third dungeon on Crescent Island, he must obtain a few necessary items to make the trip. Rafton, who lives south of Lynna Village in the Past, builds a Raft for Link to sail there if he has brought the Cheval Rope, which Link must obtain from Cheval's Tomb in the Present.[1] Once Link brings Rafton the Cheval Rope, he begins work on the Raft, but also sends Link to get an Island Chart so that he can navigate the waters to Crescent Island.[2][3] This Chart can be obtained from Tingle in the Forest of Time.[4]

Later in Link's adventure, he obtains one of the last items in the Trading Sequence, the Magic Oar, from Maple once he trades her the Touching Book. Link can take this Magical Oar to Rafton, who wants to use it to be able to enter a raft race.[5] In exchange, Rafton gives Link the Sea Ukulele, which can then be traded to the Old Zora for the Broken Sword.[6]



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