Rafton's House

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Rafton's House
Rafton's House Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison de Rafton (Rafton's House)
Spain Español Casa de Rafton (Rafton's House)
Germany Deutsch Maros Haus (Rafton's House)
Italy Italiana Casa di Zatton (Rafton's House)

Rafton's House[1] is a location found in the South Shore area in Oracle of Ages in the Past. It is the home of Rafton, a young man who lives all by himself. The house is situated at the southern tip of the South Shore, bordering the Sea of Storms. The interior of the house is two screens long, yet is fairly empty. There's a bed and nightstand on the far left, bookshelves along the top, and a small pool of water to the far right.


Cheval Rope

Rafton's House plays a part in the main quest of Oracle of Ages. Link needs to come here multiple times in order to reach Crescent Island, where, according to the Maku Tree, the third Essence of Time lies.[2] If Link enters the house after completing the second dungeon, the Wing Dungeon, he can talk to Rafton. Rafton introduces himself, telling Link that his dream is to make fine rafts that can sail the seas.[3] Unfortunately, he needs a rope that won't decay in water; he simply can't find any.[4] However, he does mention that a man named Cheval on the east edge of town is working on such a rope, but has not finished yet.[4] With this new information, Link can head to his next location: Cheval's House.

After Link has acquired the Cheval Rope from a grave in the Yoll Graveyard, he can head back to Rafton's House. Rafton immediately notices Link has the Cheval Rope,[5] and identifies it as such.[6] Rafton tells Link that with that rope, he can finish his raft, and thus asks to have it.[6] After Link gives Rafton the rope, Rafton offers Link the first ride on his finished raft.[7] However, he tells Link that Link with have to find the Island Chart first, as going out to sea without one is an invitation to disaster.[7]

Heading out to Sea

Once Link has acquired the Island Chart from Tingle, he can return to Rafton's House to find that Rafton has completed work on the raft.[8] With some last minutes instructions on how to operate the raft from Rafton,[9] Link sets off in search of Crescent Island. On Crescent Island the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto, awaits Link.

Trading Sequence

This location also plays a part in the trading sequence. If Link returns to Rafton's House after completing the third dungeon, Rafton reveals to Link that recently he's been thinking of joining a raft race, but has yet to find a decent oar to use.[10] Link is then given the option to give Rafton the Magic Oar he received from Maple.[11] If he decides to give him the Oar, Rafton says he likes it, saying it looks like a toy.[12] In exchange, Rafton gives Link the Sea Ukulele, saying that lazily playing the guitar while gazing at the moon is so nice.[12]

If Link decides to not give Rafton the oar, he tells Link that he'll have to row by hand.[13] If Link revisits Rafton's House, Rafton simply says, "Hey! Are you workin' hard?"[14]



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