This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the Scaling Snowpeak – Wii Version.

14.1 Goodies with the Spinner

After defeating Stallord, you’ll appear outside of Arbiter’s Grounds. Scale the area to reach the Mirror Chamber. As you walk forward, several Shadow Beasts will drop from a portal. Defeat the five beasts just as you’ve done before to create a warp point. Then use your spinner to climb to the top of the statue. With the spinner in place, spin rapidly, and the platform will lower, raising the broken Mirror of Twilight.

This will trigger a lengthy cut-scene where it talks about Ganondorf and how he was sentenced to death by the Sages. He used the power of the Triforce to break free and killed one of the Sages. Since Ganondorf was not able to be killed, the Sages used the Mirror of Twilight to banish Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm. Link and Midna then learn that the Mirror of Twilight has been broken into pieces and their next quest is to find the three remaining fragments.

NOTE: Everything else in this section is completely optional. To continue onward with the main quest, jump ahead to section 14.2.

Warp over to just outside Castle Town and then head to the west to the next area. As soon as the next area loads, at the fork in the road, turn to the north, to find a piece of land that connects the Great Bridge of Hylia and North Hyrule Field. If you didn’t do so already, use your bombs to blast the boulders that are blocking your way.

At the north end of this path, if you look along the wall, you will see some rails that you can attach to with the Spinner. Do so and ride the rails southward. There are parts where the rails end and you’ll need to jump across the gap to the other side to connect to other rails. At the end of the path, you’ll find a treasure chest, so go ahead and open it to get Piece of Heart #29.

Warp over to the Bridge of Eldin and travel northward, as if you were heading towards North Hyrule Field. Once you cross a small wooden bridge, jump off of Epona and look to the north to find some rails. Use the Spinner to glide down the rails and you’ll find a small circle of grass. Use Wolf Link to dig to find an underground grotto.

Inside you will find a trio of Stalfos. Knock them down and use bombs to defeat them. If you are short on bombs, there is a treasure chest here that contains some extra bombs. When all three have been defeated, open the treasure chest that appears to get Piece of Heart #30.

Warp over to Castle Town and enter the town. Run through town and then exit through the South Gate. Run across the bridge and down the first set of stairs, but not the second set with the fountain. Look around and you’ll see two pillars with a long thin archway between them. The one to the left (from where you entered) has a Clawshot target on the other side that you can attach yourself to. Do just that and then instead of climbing up, drop down and you’ll notice some spinner rails.

Use the spinner to attach to the rails and once you are halfway across on the rail, jump off and you’ll land near the treasure chest that is in the fountain area. Open up the treasure chest to get the Surprised Zelda Stamp.

14.2 Catch the Reekfish

Make your way back to Telma’s Bar back in Castle Town and you can speak with Telma and the Resistance group. If you talk to them and glance at the map, you will find that Ashei has traveled up to Snowpeak Mountain and it will be marked on your map.

Exit Telma’s Bar and warp over to Zora’s Domain. Exit the throne room and then jump down the waterfall. Swim down to the area at the west side of the map. Travel through the corridor to head west towards the Peak Province.

Once you arrive, you will find yourself in the snow filled region known as Snowpeak. Speak with Ashei who can be seen standing around and she tells a story of a beast that has come down to Zora’s Domain. She gives you a sketch of the creature and it is holding a red fish. You cannot progress deep into the Blizzard, so turn back and head to Zora’s Domain.

If you run around and show Ashei’s sketch to the Zora, they will recognize the red fish as a Reekfish. They also repeatedly state that seeing the picture reminds them of Prince Ralis.

Warp over to Kakariko Village and then enter the graveyard. Make your way to the back section of the graveyard where Prince Ralis can be seen kneeling down by the gravestone. Show him Ashei’s Sketch and he will recognize the reekfish. He mentions that they regularly can be found in Zora’s Domain, but they can only be caught with the proper bait. The Prince will give you the Coral Earring, which attaches to your fishing rod and will allow you to catch a Reekfish.

Warp back over to Zora’s Domain and jump down the waterfall. Prince Ralis suggested that a Reekfish can be found near the Mother-and-Child Rocks. Surface at the east side of the river and you’ll see the two large rocks sticking up from underwater. Toss out your fishing rod and wait for it to sink down into the water. Pull back and reel in a Reekfish.

The Reekfish gives off a strong stench. Transform into Wolf Link and use your senses to learn the Reekfish Scent. With the new scent now learned, make your way back to Snowpeak where you saw Ashei.

14.3 Navigating Peak Province

Back at Snowpeak, use Wolf’s Link senses and follow the Reekfish scent across the snow and ice. If you fall in the frozen water, you will be frozen and take damage, so be careful. On the other side of the lake you will meet some new enemies known as White Wolfos. They appear from beneath the snow and will dash towards you. For the most part, you can just avoid them.

Follow the path and once you reach the northwest part of the map, you will find a Poe Soul. This particular Poe is rare as it doesn’t matter the time of day, as it will always appear. This Poe is located just before where the scent goes up a wall and you have to go slightly around and then climb some small ledges.

Poe Soul #42: Along the path in Snowpeak, before climbing some small ledges.

Before climbing up those small ledges, there is still another Poe to get. Head east and you might see a lone tree off in the distance, on a cliff overlooking the ice floes you jumped across earlier. A Poe is floating next to it. This Poe will also appear regardless of whether it is day or night. Defeat it to get the next Poe Soul. There is an underground cavern next to this Poe, but we cannot do too much with it just yet.

Poe Soul #43: Next to a solitary tree southeast of the Reekfish path, on a cliff overlooking the ice floes.

Make your way back to the west end of the map and climb up along the ledges at the southwest part of the map. Continue scaling the area until you finally get out of the blizzard area and have some more visibility. There are a pair of trees nearby. Surrounding the closer tree is a dig spot for an underground cavern. You can enter if you’d like, but all that is in this particular cavern is some enemy Ice Keese and a Chu behind some bombable boulders.

Now that we are out of the blizzard, the day/night cycle has become relevant again. Next to the tree with the underground cavern, there is a Poe that will appear, but only at night time. Either wait until night time and defeat him, or come back later to defeat the Poe.

Poe Soul #44: At the higher area of Snowpeak, after getting out of the Blizzard. The Poe can be found floating near one of a pair of trees.

Continue following the scent of the Reekfish and it eventually runs into a wall of snow and it appears there is no way to get up. Use Wolf Link and dash right into the wall. This will create a small avalanche, and the snow will create a ramp for you to climb up.

Once you climb the ramp, follow the scent closely as it turns to the left. Run all the way into the distance where you will find a Howling Stone. (It is actually easier to see if you turn your senses off.) After successfully completing the song, the Golden Wolf will appear back at the Kakariko Village Graveyard. While we /could/ warp there right now, I would suggest waiting just a few moments until we open a nearby warp portal in this region to make getting back a lot faster.

Follow the scent as it wraps around the mountain. It eventually leads to a wall where Link can dig underneath to find a snow-filled cavern. Inside, transform back into human Link and climb the ladder. Watch out for the ice keese as you navigate this rather linear pathway. Climb the vines and exit the cavern.

Walk forward and you’ll be confronted by some shadow beasts. Defeat the three beasts just as you’ve done before and you will create a warp portal so you can easily warp back up to the mountain.

Before progressing onward, now is a good time to go learn that hidden skill if you’d like. It’s completely optional, so you can skip it or do it later if you’d like. Warp over to Kakariko Village and head over to the Graveyard.

Approach the Golden Wolf and you will once again be confronted by the Hero’s Shade. After assuring you have learned the Mortal Draw (remember that you have to sheath your sword and move close before you can use it, let go of Z-target and press A to sheath your sword), he will teach you the next sword technique, the Jump Strike. After locking onto a target, you can hold A to deliver a jump strike attack. This is honestly one of the attacks I use the least often, but it’s cool nonetheless. After learning the new attack, talk to Midna and warp back over to the Snowpeak Top warp portal.

14.4 Entering the Snowpeak Ruins

Run forward and speak with the giant Yeti named Yeto. Tell him that you are looking for something, and he finds that you are looking for the Mirror Shard. He tells you to follow him back to his house as he found a Mirror Shard. Roll into the nearby tree and a piece of ice will drop onto the snow. Jump on it and you can use it to slide down the mountain ahead. The path is rather linear and even if you hit a few things, you’ll be fine. Just be careful not to fall of the ledge towards the end of the path.

At the end of the path, you’ll jump off the piece of ice and see a large mansion. This is the Snowpeak Ruins and the location of the 5th dungeon. Before entering, turn back around and walk into the snow. Use Wolf Link to climb the nearby spiral snow hill. At the top of the hill, you will find a Poe Soul floating around. Defeat it and capture the Poe Soul. Then make your way over and enter the mansion.

Poe Soul #45: Found just outside of the Snowpeak Ruins. Climb the spiral snow hill to find the Poe Soul.