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Imp Poe


Wolf attacks


Imp Poes are a specific kind of Poe found exclusively in Twilight Princess. Unlike Poes in other games, Imp Poes can only be fought when Link is in his wolf form and using his senses. To defeat an Imp Poe, strike it twice with a regular attack or once with Midna's Charge Attack. Once the Imp Poe is down, finish it off with a Fatal Blow and steal its soul.


The first Imp Poe that Link encounters in Twilight Princess, is on his quest to revive the gravely injured Midna. While looking for an entrance to the Castle Town Sewers, Wolf Link comes across a secret passage in Jovani's House within Castle Town. Inside Link defeats the Poe and is asked by Jovani to break the curse set on him by hunting the remaining Poes across Hyrule. However, they only appear during the nighttime in the main overworld.

In the Arbiter's Grounds, Link meets four different Poes, called Big Poes. These are stronger than normal ones and all have to be defeated in order to progress. When Link has collected 20 Poe Souls, he can give them to Jovani in exchange for a Bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears. If Link manages to collect all 60 Poe Souls and deliver them to Jovani, he can get 200 Rupees from Jovani's cat, Gengle, each time he speaks to it. Now the curse set on Jovani lifts meaning he returns to his original state.


Imp Poe # Location Description
1 Jovani's House Found on the way to the Castle Town Sewers, hovering above a mountain of gold.
2 Sacred Grove In the area where Link fought Skull Kid, there's boulder. Blow it up with a Bomb and kill the Poe.
3 Lake Hylia Cavern In one of the rooms with a Lantern in the center, near the beginning
4 Lake Hylia Cavern In one of the rooms with a Lantern in the center, near the end.
5 Lake Hylia Cavern In the final room, where there is a Piece of Heart and this Poe.
6 Lake Hylia At the bottom of the high tower to the east (Wii), only at night.
7 Lake Hylia In the southernmost area there will be a Poe hovering around at night.
8 Lake Hylia On the small island in the far west (Wii), and only at night.
9 Lake Hylia Use Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl and immediately back a complete U-turn. There is a platform that has a Poe at night.
10 Isle of Riches Use Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl and fly to the square island beside Fyer's Cannon, called the Isle of Riches. On the second platform from the bottom there is a Poe at night.
11 Upper Zora's River On the southern platform at night.
12 Zora's Domain Follow the ramp on the west (Wii) side, and at the top is a Poe.
13 Zora's Domain On the east (Wii) side there is a ledge that Link can use Midna's Jump to reach higher ledge. Follow the path and there will be a Poe in the path.
14 Graveyard Push the first tombstone on your left (Wii) and the Poe will appear.
15 Kakariko Village Graveyard Right in the middle of the graveyard at night.
16 Kakariko Village Hovering around the destroyed Storehouse above the bomb shop.
17 Kakariko Village Follow the ramp up from the Storehouse and beside the Lookout Tower will be a Poe at night.
18 Death Mountain On the way up the mountain, there will be a Goron who will offer to give Link a ride up the cliff. Accept but instead of aiming up, aim to the right. Climb up and there will be a Poe floating around at night.
19 Kakariko Gorge Cavern In the Cavern in the deepest room there is a Poe, at night or day.
20 Kakariko Gorge Beside the tree on the raised platform in the middle of the area. Only at night.
21 Hyrule Field In the Hyrule Field found in the Faron Province, right in the middle area at night.
22 North of the Great Bridge of Hylia In the area north of the Great Bridge of Hylia, there are some boulder high above that can be destroyed with a Bomb Arrow. behind them will be Clawshot targets. Follow the path of them which will lead to a Poe at night.
23 East Hyrule Field In the East (Wii) Hyrule Field area, at the southern section with all the ruins there will be a Poe at night.
24 South Hyrule Field In the area south of Castle Town, there will be a Poe on the flight of stairs there at night.
25 West of Castle Town Exit Castle Town on the west (Wii) side and immediately there will be a Poe on the bridge at night.
26 Faron Woods In the area with the Purple Fog, follow Midna as a Wolf with the special Jump and continue until you reach an area that is circular. At night, there is a Poe hovering around.
27 & 28 North Hyrule Field If you enter North Hyrule Field from East Hyrule Field, stay true and soon enough you will a circle of grass that has no grass in the middle. Use your sense and dig as Wolf Link. Inside, there will be Deku Babas and two Imp Poes.
29 North Hyrule Field In North Hyrule Field on the bridge in the center at night.
30 Gerudo Desert As soon as you enter, turn to the south and run over to the small rock platform. Around this area will be a Poe at night.
31 Gerudo Desert In the far northwest (Wii) there will be a Peahat tree-thing that you can Clawshot up to. Turn right and run all the way to the area that has three skulls in a circle on the floor. At night there will be a Poe floating about.
32 & 33 Gerudo Desert In between the three skulls from the previous location is an underground cave. Inside there are two Imp Poes.
34 Gerudo Mesa After warping to this area, there will be a Poe high above at night. Can't miss it.
35 Gerudo Desert Right before you enter the next area at the far north spot, turn right (Wii) and follow the path. At the end will be a Poe lingering at night.
36 Bulblin Fortress After defeating King Bulblin and escaping from the flaming area, you will appear in a turn area. Immediately turn back and return to where you fought King Bulblin. At night there will be a Poe in this area.
37 Just outside the Arbiter's Grounds. In the area just outside of the Arbiter's Grounds, there is a Poe on the side corridor beside the door.
38, 39, 40, & 41 Arbiter's Grounds All four of these Poes are found inside of the Arbiter's Grounds. Sniff the Poe Scent and use it to find all of the Poes in the area. These are the only Poes required to complete the game.
42 Snowpeak On your way up Snowpeak, you will pass through two large rocks that are close together. Directly on the other side to the right is a Poe, only at night.
43 Snowpeak While you are following the Reekfish Scent, there will come a time when the smell goes up a cliff, and Link must turn right (Wii) and follow the ramp that leads back to the trail. At the top of the ramp, turn right instead of left and follow the path to a Poe hovering beside a lone tree, only at night.
44 Snowpeak Following the Reekfish Scent will eventually lead you to a fork in the road. Turn left (Wii) and there will be a Poe hanging out on the first tree in the area.
45 Just outside of the Snowpeak Ruins In the area just outside of the Snowpeak Ruins, there is a spiralling hill that Link can traverse to the top. At the top is a Poe at night.
46 Snowpeak Ruins In the first room of the dungeon. Floating in the center. Can't miss it.
47 Snowpeak Ruins In the first room, there are Armored Statues that can be destroyed with the Ball and Chain. After it has been destroyed, an Imp Poe will appear.
48 Snowpeak Ruins In the room directly above the kitchen, there is a large wall of ice that when destroyed reveals a Poe hiding behind it.
49 Cave beside the Snowpeak Top After warping to the Snowpeak Top area, enter the cave to the north. Eventually you'll enter an area that has two ice chunks on both sides. The one on the right (Wii) hides an Imp Poe.
50 Sacred Grove In the area that Link chases Skull Kid around, there is a spot where he can swim through a waterfall and climb a ledge which leads to a Poe.
51 Sacred Grove In the area with the Pedestal of Time only at night.
52 Temple of Time In the room with the scale, on top of the high platform.
53 Temple of Time In the large circular room with the elevator, there is a gate to the right (Wii) side that can be opened or smashed to reveal a Poe behind it.
54 Sacred Grove In the Sacred Grove in the past area, there are two Owl Statues on either side of the staircase. One hides a Piece of Heart, and the other an Imp Poe.
55 Hidden Village In the Hidden Village on top of one of the balconies at night.
56 City in the Sky In the room with all the moving Peahats, there is a small island to west (Wii) that houses an Imp Poe.
57 City in the Sky In the outdoor room above the main room of the dungeon, there is a platform on the west (Wii) side that has a chest and an Imp Poe floating around.
58 Cave of Ordeals On the seventeenth floor.
59 Cave of Ordeals On the thirty-third floor.
60 Cave of Ordeals On the forty-fourth floor.