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1-4 Heart.png Ice Pick




Chilfos is an enemy found exclusively in Twilight Princess. They are humanoid enemies that appear to be made entirely of ice. They can be found within the Snowpeak Ruins and the Cave of Ordeals. There are one of the primary enemies fought in the Snowpeak Ruins, appearing fairly often throughout the dungeon.

Chilfos can be quite challenging as they can attack from both long and short range. From long range, they throw an ice spear at Link, which causes a quarter heart of damage. Furthermore, after throwing their spear, they can simply regenerate another one, meaning they have unlimited ammunition. At close range, a Chilfos uses its ice spear as a sword, using it to attack Link. Once a Chilfos has regenerated a spear, its health is regained, making it a bit more of a hassle to defeat.

At first, the best strategy to taking down a Chilfos is by using the Helm Splitter technique, which kills them in one shot. Also, Link can use Bomb Arrows. However, two hits are required to defeat them, so this may not be the best strategy in close range; for long range, however, Bomb Arrows are the best option. However, Link must be quick, as if the Chilfos regenerates its spear before Link hits it with a second Bomb Arrow, the Chilfos' health is regained, requiring another two shots to kill it. Furthermore, there is a way in which Link can kill a Chilfos with one Bomb Arrow: this requires the hero to hit the Chilfos after it has thrown its spear at Link, but before it has generated another one.

Once Link has gotten the Ball and Chain, Chilfos become much easier to kill, as one hit from the Ball and Chain will kill them. Also, in the room in which the Bedroom Key is hidden, Link can use the Ball and Chain to destroy the ice clumps on the ceiling; if he doesn't, these clumps with transform into Chilfos once Link walks up to them. This strategy makes this room much easier to clear.