Armos Titan

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This article describes cut content, game elements which were removed before the game was released.
Armos Titan



An Armos Titan is a beta enemy from an unreleased version of Twilight Princess. These massive warriors behave very similarly to Armos from Twilight Princess, as they will only start moving once Link has approached them. They also have similar designs on their body to that of an Armos. The weakspot of an Armos Titan is a jewel on their upper chest, which is again very similar to an Armos, whose weakspot is also a jewel, on its back. The Hero's Bow is theoretically the best weapon to use against these enemies. When an Armos Titan is killed, it appears to just stop, kind of like a robot running out of battery. After coming to a complete stop, they just stand there, like they were before Link approached it. Armos Titans can be fought using cheat codes. If this is done, Link can fight the Armos Titan. It will use its hands to hurt Link, but none of its attacks damage Link, which is likely the cause of the Armos Titan not being finished.