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King Bulblin is a character and a major enemy who appears in Twilight Princess, being one of Zant's most loyal followers.[1] He is the King of the Bulblins, and is also the only major enemy that Link fights more than once, four times in fact. He is a very large Bulblin, about three times as big as the regular ones, and his Boar is extra large too. He owns a horn, which can summon Shadow Beasts, and sometimes a very large hammer, which he uses in battle against Link.

King Bulblin kidnaps Ilia and the other Ordonian children at the beginning of the game, and Link witnesses it inside the Ordon Spring. Later in the game, he takes Colin for a second time. Link saves Colin from the Bulblin King, and knocks him off the Bridge of Eldin.

King Bulblin is a very tough enemy, and despite being knocked off two bridges (Bridge of Eldin and the Great Bridge of Hylia), and slashed by the sword many times; he does not die. In fact, he never truly dies in this game. The last time Link defeats him, he essentially tells Link that he is stronger than Ganondorf and that he himself follows the strongest side. He then gives him a Small Key. This was surprising, because before this, he has not talked, and it was unknown that Bulblins could talk.



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