Rusl and Uli's Daughter

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Rusl and Uli's Daughter








Rusl (father)
Uli (mother)
Colin (brother)

Rusl and Uli's Daughter is an unnamed character from Twilight Princess. Throughout the entirety of the game, Uli can be found in Ordon Village, where she is visibly pregnant with a child. During one of the first quests in the game, Uli will appear near the stream by her house, having lost her cradle. It is the same cradle that Uli used when her son Colin was a child, and she plans to use it for her daughter.[1] After retrieving it for her, she will give Link the Fishing Rod that Colin made for him.

She only makes one appearance in the game where she can be seen during the end game credits, sleeping in the Baby Cradle, wrapped in a pink blanket.


  1. "You have not seen a cradle come floating by here, have you? It is a baby's cradle made of finely woven tree bark... Oh, such a misfortune... How far could it have drifted, I wonder... What am I to do? I made that cradle when my first child was born, and I have cherished it all these years..." — Uli, Twilight Princess.