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This article is about the character from Twilight Princess. For the Poe in Ocarina of Time, see Beth (Poe Sister).







Hanch (father)
Sera (mother)

Beth is a character from Twilight Princess. She is one of the trio of kids in Ordon Village that admire and look up to Link. She is the daughter of Hanch and Sera. Early on in the game, Beth admires Link for all the things he does but still has time to relax. She mostly plays with Talo and Malo, but calls them "idiots" and "brats" and thinks of them as immature.[1][2] She has a somewhat snotty attitude, not wanting to help her mom out with her store because it doesn't sell "girly stuff",[3] and wanting to go to Castle Town because there aren't any "good" clothes in Ordon Village.[4]


Beth has little to do with the storyline, but she is captured with the other children when King Bulblin attacks the village. Later on in his quest, Wolf Link learns the Youths' Scent, which leads him to Kakariko Village. Beth and the rest of the kids take shelter there with Renado in the Sanctuary, to escape the frightening monsters that dwell within the Twilight. Once the young hero has restored the light to Eldin Province, King Bulblin raids through the village as Beth stands helplessly in the way. Colin bravely pushes her aside and gets kidnapped at the consequence of his heroic actions. Despite her attitude, Beth seems to become close friends with Renado's daughter, Luda.


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