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Chudley is a character from Twilight Princess. He is the founder and owner of Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium, an unnecessarily expensive and classy store in Castle Town. He is snobbish and greedy, not letting you even enter his store unless your shoes are shined first.[1] His prices are extremely high, well above Link's maximum wallet size.

After Link donates enough money to Malo Mart in Kakariko Village, Malo buys the shop, forming the Castle branch of Malo Mart Castle Branch. Chudley remains the shopkeeper, but he takes on a completely new persona and is now known as Malver. He now wears vibrant colors and has a very cheerful personality where he is constantly dancing.[2]


When Link purchases the Magic Armor, Malver can clearly be heard saying Thank You, which is one of the early inclusions of voice acting in a Zelda game.


  1. "Well, having a customer in the store with shoes as filthy as yours can make our other clients uncomfortable. We hope that you will come back once you have found some more-polished footwear." — Chudley, Twilight Princess.
  2. "Welcome! Welcome to Castle Town Malo Mart! Buy it now, if you're smart! Pick and choose using [+][>]!" — Malver, Twilight Princess.