Gor Liggs' Son

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Gor Liggs' Son
Gor Liggs' Son after having Hot Spring Water tossed on him.









Gor Liggs' Son is a character from Twilight Princess. He is the son of the Goron Elder, Gor Liggs. For much of the game he can be found sitting on the ground just outside of Castle Town. He hopes that someday somebody will come along and fix the bridge.[1]

His son, Gor Liggs' Grandson, can be found near the south gate of Castle Town. Early in the game he is concerned about his father, as he is just sitting outside of Town and is not responsive to his son. He's scared that his father might be like this forever unless something is done.[2][3]

Link can donate rupees at Malo Mart in Kakariko Village to help get the bridge built, making it much easier to travel from Castle Town to Kakariko Village. Gor Liggs' Son needs to travel back home for supplies, but he still just lays near the bridge, exhausted.[4] If Link speaks with Gor Liggs back in Kakariko Village, he will give him some Hot Spring Water to douse his son in.[5]

Link will then appear in Hyrule Field, just outside Kakariko Village and he needs to carefully make his way to Gor Liggs' Son. When he arrives at the bridge, Gor Liggs' Son recognizes the springwater and asks Link if he can throw it on him.[6] After Link does so, Gor Liggs' Son will jump up, fully rejuvenated. So much so that he'll immediately roll towards Kakariko Village, and immediately come back, carrying some Hot Spring Water.[7] Gor Liggs' Son will drop a Piece of Heart for Link on his way back.

From that point forward, Gor Liggs' Son will reopen his shop in Castle Town, near the south gate. He is thankful for all of Link's help, and is willing to sell it to him at a discount for only 20 rupees.[8] After this, Link can now purchase Hot Spring Water and give it to the Goron in South Hyrule Field, which rejuvenates him, allowing him to break the boulders.


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