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Hanch (husband)
Beth (daughter)
Link (pet)

Sera is a character from Twilight Princess. She is the co-owner of her shop, Sera's Sundries, which is the only shop in the Ordona Province. She owns it alongside her husband and her daughter. Sera is a rather large woman, although has more pride and respect than one could imagine. This is shown when, after giving Link a Bottle with Milk, she says that after using the milk, Link can reuse the bottle and not just throw it away.[1]

In her shop, there are six photographs. Four are of her cat and the final two are of Beth.


Link first encounters Sera when he is looking to buy the Slingshot. However, he is not able to purchase it just yet, as Sera is distressed about losing her cat. She explains to Link that she previously scolded the cat, thus why it ran away. Link finds the cat hanging out by the small pond of water to the back of Jaggle's House. After Link has caught a fish using the Fishing Rod, the cat quickly runs back to the shop, reuniting with Sera. As thanks for returning her cat, Sera rewards the young hero with a free Bottle filled with Milk. Sera now returns to selling items in the shop, which enables Link to now obtain the Slingshot.



  1. "I've been meaning to thank you if I saw you. And now I will! Thank you so much, [Link]! Phew... Finally, I can get back to work in peace..." — Sera, Twilight Princess.